If You Knew What Meeting Building Code Meant –
You’d Understand Why We Always Aim Higher

July 18, 2022

Reaching For The Least Acceptable Quality
Is A Race We’re Happy To Lose Every Time

Any true craftsman in the Seattle area knows that meeting the local building code is never enough.


Because they know what most homeowners don’t – that building to code is about minimum safety, not quality. A roof built to code is a roof that won’t fail suddenly and will do its job for a reasonable amount of time before it inevitably begins to fail.

If we worked with that metric in mind, there’d be no way we could offer our Triple-Guard Warranty – making us just like the rest of the roofers around town.

New Construction Always Meets Code –
But Rarely Homeowner Expectations

Most of the roofs we replace are on homes that were built less than 18 years ago.


Because they were built to code – and no further.

We get it. When you’re building 150 homes, saving a couple of grand here and a few hundred there can add up. The builders aren’t doing anything illegal per se, but the results are telling.

Replacing a major element of your home more than a full decade before your mortgage is paid off is probably not your idea of quality – and we agree.

And the only way to give you the quality you want (and we demand!) is to treat building codes as what they are – the minimum allowable standard – and exceed them every step of the way!

No Magic – Just Sky-High Standards

To be clear, the local building codes will give you a roof that is safe and trustworthy for years – just not many of them.

Since our goal is to give you a roof that will last the rest of your life, we must pick up the slack left by the industry standards.

That slack isn’t so much in the procedures laid out in our laws but in the quality of the materials deemed acceptable. And these substandard materials lead to the minimal expectations that we flatly reject.

One example would be the boots used to protect your roof in areas around the vent pipes in your roof. A standard boot that satisfies local building code is made of neoprene and costs roughly six bucks. The step up from there is the same boot but with a metal base.

Each will protect your roof perfectly well for anywhere from 10 to 15 years before they begin to fail.

At RoofSmart, that’s just not acceptable.

We use a silicone boot that clamps around the pipe to prevent movement and will last as long as your roof, which is guaranteed for life.

While these silicone boots cost ten times as much as the neoprene boots, they guarantee you’ll never have to deal with structural damage from hidden leaks around your pipes. NEVER.

And we treat every portion of your roof with the same care. Simply put, if we use a material, you can bet it’s the best quality available.

But using superior materials is only half of the story.

Ceaseless Attention To Detail

Since there are a great many manufacturers of roofing materials, each with their own set of procedures for their products, building codes can only be so detailed. This reality is one of the reasons that building codes are based on the bare minimum rather than best practices.

So, an installer can follow the code to the letter and still do a horrible job installing a roof. If they look to the codes rather than a manufacturer’s recommendations, your warranty (and the roof’s longevity) could be in the dump way too soon.

At RoofSmart, we always follow the recommendations that come with the products we install for two main reasons:

  1. The manufacturer knows what is required for their product to perform as advertised.
  2. Their recommendations invariably exceed the standards within our local building codes.


So, when we do a roof replacement, we check every last detail to ensure they are correct before moving to the next step.

And when we’re finished – we check them again.

The result of all that effort is thrilled customers who enjoy life-long peace of mind.

If you need a new roof for your Seattle area home and want it installed by a company that leaves the meager industry standards in the dust, call us at RoofSmart for a free estimate today!

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