Need To Know What Roofing System Is Best For Your Home?

December 15, 2023

Need To Know What Kind Of Roofing System Is
The BEST Option For Your Seattle-Area Home?

Then Don’t Bother With Salespeople Posing As Roofers…
When RoofSmart Can Give You REAL Answers

Are you a King County resident who could use an honest, professional company to help you understand what replacement roofing system is the absolute…BEST option for your home?

And not just in terms of performance or aesthetics, but at a price that meets your budget and provides sleep-well-at-night warranty coverage?

Tip: Don’t Bother With Average Roofers

They Won’t Have A Wide Enough Range Of Expertise

What you’ll run into is, essentially, salespeople with roofing crews they subcontract out to do the actual work.

A telltale sign is they come to your home and give you just one option. They want you to invest in the type of roofing system THEY prefer. No customization. No wiggle room on any particular feature. It’s just this one brand or this one type of roofing, regardless of what they discover during their crude inspections.

Meanwhile, RoofSmart Guarantees A Perfect Fit

Through Our SmartMatch Needs Analysis & Versatile Options

What is this SmartMatch Analysis all about? It’s our fancy way of saying we have the expertise and take the time to REALLY inspect your King County or greater Seattle-area home and give you the details…in black and white…with zero nonsense.

Is it free? You bet. Here’s what’s involved from the bullet-point view:

  • Design consultation with a friendly, knowledgeable project consultant.
  • Comprehensive inspection of your current roof’s condition.
  • Attic ventilation and attic insulation analysis.
  • Bathroom ventilation analysis.
  • Chimney evaluation (if applicable).
  • Outdoor/yard evaluation (to check out your trees).
  • Cost assessment to determine the best solution for your budget.

If you’ve already gotten a bid from a lower-quality contractor or roofer, then that list above should tell you the caliber of quality our roof replacement quotes come in. By the time our analysis and conversations with you have ended, you WILL know what roofing system, down to the finer details, is…BEST.

Best for you and your personal tastes. Best for your home and its needs. And best for your budget!

It’s guaranteed, and that helpful information only costs you a little time. Time enough for our specialists to get down to the bottom of things and report their findings. Here’s some recent feedback we got from a local named Leslie to help drive this point home:

A heartfelt Thank You for the excellent roof replacement job! At the outset of this roof journey, we had to take, our RoofSmart specialist did a thorough job of checking the roof…inside and out. He was honest about what needed to be done and was considerate throughout the whole process. Their professional integrity was greatly appreciated. Every member of the roofing crew was respectful, hardworking, and efficient. Done in 2 1/2 days, garage and house. Many thanks again to all of you!

Ready For The Roofing Answers You Need?

Reach Out To RoofSmart – Where We Do Roofing Smarter

If you’re in our Greater Seattle Service Area (we’re based out of Auburn), simply reach out and connect with our passionate roofing team. You can call us at (206) 487–4877 or use our website’s easy Contact Us form to schedule a free SmartMatch analysis or ask general questions. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with your roofing needs soon.

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