Our Ironclad Promise To Customers

April 29, 2024

We Make An Ironclad Promise To Customers

You’ll Get The RIGHT Roof At The Right Price
With “Down To The Tiniest Detail” Service

There are many roofing companies throughout the Greater Seattle area. However, only the roofing nerds at RoofSmart offer you an ironclad promise. We swear the following:

  • We’ll make sure you receive the right roof
  • We’ll inspect beneath your old roof to assess the support structure
  • We’ll install a new roof and make repairs with gold-standard attention to detail

When we are done, you’ll have the precise roof you need and want. The roof deck, joists, and framework will be sturdy and durable. And your new roof will remain attractive, functional, and trouble-free for decades.

To achieve this, we inspect the current roof and address any issues down to the smallest detail.

Each part of the promise is essential.

The Three Important Parts Of The Pledge

Our promise has three sections, and it’s crucial that we honor each portion to ensure your complete satisfaction. Failure to achieve any portion means we’ve let you down.

This simply isn’t acceptable. We are guided by unwavering core principles, such as integrity, excellence, and quality materials.

Every member of our team knows that failure isn’t an option. They’re trained from their date of hire to do absolutely everything to make sure your job is done right, done quickly, and done to your satisfaction.

For instance, we’d never recommend you opt for roof replacement when all your home really needs is a few areas of roof repair. If the rest of the roofing materials are in good condition and firmly anchored, we will only ever recommend replacing the missing shingles.

The EXACTLY-Right Roof

You deserve the precise roof you need and want, so we developed the SmartMatch™ needs analysis to identify it for you. At the initial consultation, our representative collects information from you that helps us determine your needs, preferences, budget, and other important factors.

We use that data to provide a true needs assessment. This analysis tells us how much roofing work your house needs, which materials you prefer, whether we must follow HOA covenants, and what your budget is.

We can then custom-design a roof that meets all your specs, complies with neighborhood rules, and fits within your budget. You never have to worry about whether we’re overstating your needs or only recommending a roof type since that’s all we sell.

Nope. You get the exactly right roof. Always.

A Superb Support Structure

Some roofers – out of inexperience or naivete – will slap a roof on top of any disaster. The roof deck could be bowed and the joists full of rot, but the workers don’t realize they have to check and see.

Installing shingles onto a rotted framework could lead to a shortened roof lifespan, shingle loss, roof leaks, and property damage.

By comparison, at RoofSmart, our full-time roofers are experienced enough that we’d never install a pristine new roof onto a deteriorating support structure. Before providing an estimate, we always look beneath the top roof layer to see what lies there.

If the decking or joists are in bad shape, we’ll add that to the estimate to ensure a top-quality new roof. On the other hand, if the support structure is solid, we’d never try to coax you into replacing it.

Persnickety Project Management

Finally, our roofers – and particularly our project managers – pay tremendous attention to detail. They notice any slip or flaw down to the tiniest matter.

If a shingle is crooked or a nail is out of place, they’ll spot it and insist that it be fixed. If something doesn’t comply with the terms of our quote, they’ll never let you see it.

It’s not just a part of their job – it’s who they are.

In fact, that’s one of the reasons we hired them.

We went looking for the fussiest, choosiest, most detail-oriented people we could find – and we put them in charge. That’s how we can make our ironclad pledge about providing service down to the smallest detail.

We know who runs our teams, and we know how picky they are.

So, if you need help with your Seattle area roof and want to work with a roofing company that offers an unbreakable pledge of quality and precision to clients, contact RoofSmart today to request a free consultation.

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