Seattle Sports Team Owner Goes BIG On Their Roof + Rooftop Deck

January 28, 2024
Case Study

We Made This Roof Look 10 Times Better AND
Put The ‘Party’ Back In Their ‘Party Deck’

But It Wasn’t An Easy Project. It Was
One That Required Roofing
Expertise And SMARTS.

Nestled within the vibrant and bustling heart of Seattle is the Queen Anne neighborhood, which boasts some of the best residential architecture the city has to offer. We’re talking architecture that dates back to the horse-drawn carriage and electric cable car days of the turn of the last century.

Around this time, many mansions were built that maintained the ornate, gingerbread Queen Anne style of architecture, which helped cement the name of the neighborhood itself.

Today, this architectural complexity and beauty can be seen in old and new Queen Anne homes alike. And with this architectural complexity comes complex modern residential roofing challenges. Roofing challenges that require more than just a standard replacement but custom design and craftsmanship.

So when RoofSmart was called out to replace the composition roof and ‘party deck gone lame’ of one of Seattle’s professional sports teams owner… we knew we had our work cut out for us.

Not only was the roof intricately designed, but the access to it was also very tight, which added to the challenge and complexity.

But we were well up to the challenge – so here’s how we did it, and here are the breathtaking results.

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Before and after of metal roof replacement in Seattle

From Classic To Metal (Roofing, Not Rock)

While this Queen Anne home’s composition roofing was technically fine, the homeowners were driven by a vision for a modern and sleek aesthetic to complement their classic architecture.

And so began the journey to transform the existing composition roof into a resilient, cutting-edge standing seam metal roofing marvel. A task that, while complex, is the type of job we LOVE to embrace with enthusiasm.

Composition roofs – while popular and practical – lack the distinctive edge and durability a metal roof can offer.

However, swapping composition for metal isn’t merely about removing one and installing the other. It involves understanding the structural nuances of the house, making precise measurements, and crafting custom-cut metal pieces that fit like a glove.

And in a historic neighborhood like Queen Anne, where most homes have intricate architectural detail – the challenge only amplified. And the customers are very discerning.

The RoofSmart team approached this transformation with a meticulous eye for detail, beginning with carefully stripping the old composition roof taking care with the surroundings.

Each shingle was removed and disposed of responsibly, ensuring minimal environmental impact (standard practice at RoofSmart). Following this, we set about crafting the metal roof by painstakingly cutting each piece of metal to ensure a bespoke fit for this unique home.

The transformation was thorough and touched upon every detail.

We redid the cap flashings – breathing new life into the chimney cap and revamping the railing.

The skylights were reimagined to seamlessly integrate with the new metal roof – adding to the home’s aesthetic and functionality.

We also gave careful attention to the home’s rainwater management, changing out the existing gutter system and adding a gutter guard.

The results were not just visually impressive… but promised robust longevity.

But our work didn’t stop at the roof.

From Drab To Fab… Check Out What
We Did To Their Rooftop Deck

You see in Seattle, rooftop decks are very popular. Great for a big-time party and gathering space where yard space is minimal. And the current deck they had was made of bland and prone-to-leak elastomeric coating. Also known as rubber paint. It also just looked plain bland and uninviting.

Not smart. It always leaks.

So in order for the deck to be utilized as an inviting social space once again, major work would need to be done.

So here’s what we did:

We implemented a fully adhered PVC membrane for superior waterproofing. To further enhance its appeal and durability, we added pedestals and adorned them with IPE (Brazilian Walnut “Ironwood”) floating deck tiles, a fitting crown for this beautiful Queen Anne home.

We could rattle on about this but, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Which in this case, is most definitely true.

Take a look for yourself.

Ready To Enhance Your Seattle Home – Both
Aesthetically And Functionally?

If you need help with your Seattle area roof and deck and want to be enhanced by the true NERDS in roofing, call us at RoofSmart for a free estimate today!

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