The Best Way To Fight Inflation Is To Act Before Prices Rise Even More

June 20, 2022

Our Easy Financing Options Can
Help You Beat The Hikes

Let’s face it – the inflation that’s crushing Seattle homeowners isn’t going away any time soon. And few commodities have been hit harder than lumber, asphalt, and labor: the lifeblood of the roofing industry.

How much has an average car price changed in a few years? Do you predict those going to lower levels?

The simple fact is that the cost of your new roof will be more in 6 months than it is today, and the price you get today will very likely never be seen again. While inflation may eventually come back to normal levels, it won’t reverse. Ever.

Three Benefits Of Replacing Your Roof NOW

Waiting to act can be prudent in some instances, but when it comes to replacing your roof, waiting is rarely a cost-effective answer.

  1. Preventing Additional Costs

    The only way to solve your roof problems before damage begins to show in your home is by getting annual inspections by roofing professionals.

    Despite this great advice, the number one reason folks get a new roof is leaks inside the home. The problem with roof leaks is that the damage to the rest of your home can be extensive by the time you notice them.

    If you notice water spots on your ceilings or walls, replacing your roof right away can save you from spending thousands on structural repairs to your home to mitigate mold or other water damage.

  2. Increasing Energy Efficiency

    In the not-so-distant past, builders didn’t give much thought to the energy efficiency of roofs. They’d slap in some venting (maybe) and call it a day.

    At RoofSmart, our experts treat each roof as an individual puzzle and look for the best methods to vent that roof and place those solutions into the roof design. They consider environmental factors, roof shape, and the area beneath the roof to develop the best way to make your roof dry and happy for decades to come.

    A properly situated and vented roof also makes the rest of your home more energy-efficient by allowing warm air to escape rather than being forced into the upper levels of your home.

  3. You’ll Get The Best Price

    As we said, lumber and asphalt are commodities and subject to the whims of the market. Once upon a time, that simply meant that our costs moved up and down but stayed within a certain range, which allowed us to offer a fair price without worrying about those fluctuations.

    But now, our costs can rise dramatically in as little as a month, and turn yesterday’s fair price into a massive loss today.

    We will always offer Seattle homeowners the most bang for their buck, but that number now changes every other month or so and seems to never go down.

    We hate this at least as much as you do, but we’ve no choice but to accept this new reality.

    So, during this era of upheaval, the best price you will ever see is the one you see today.

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Financing Has Never Made More Sense
Than It Does Today

We’ve been told all our lives that saving up for something is always the best answer, but everything has changed over the last year or so and that adage no longer applies to reality.

Every day that goes by, your money loses buying power. By the time you reach your savings goal, that money won’t be half what you need to achieve your dream.

Inflation is moving so quickly that it regularly outpaces the cost of financing.

So, taking on a low-interest loan is now a great way to beat inflation. You lock in the cost of your project, you retain the buying power of your money, and you get to ease a large and expensive project into your budget with little to no pain.

And best of all, you get the project you need when you need it instead of allowing it to damage your home further while you save up.

Whatever You Decide – Deciding Now Is Key

Whether you choose to pay it off with cash, go with a short-term zero-interest loan, or use a longer-term low-interest loan, deciding NOW will save you hundreds, possibly thousands over deciding later.

If you need a new roof and want it built by the best in the business, call RoofSmart today for a free estimate.

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