When Do I Need To Replace My Roof?

October 10, 2022

You May Need To Replace Your Roof Based
On These 5 Signs

Roof Repair vs Replacement? Learn What The Experts
Look For When Deciding

When surveying your roof, you may notice some things that led you to Google: “roof replacement cost in Seattle.” Your concerns may be warranted, but it’s best to research the matter first.

Some issues might only call for a simple repair, whereas other roof damage may just signify general wear and tear. Then there are issues that warrant a complete roof replacement – whether they’re noticeable defects or circumstantial facts such as age and the type of shingle. 

Let’s take a closer look at five common signs that indicate your Seattle roof might need to be replaced.

1. Age Of Your Roof

If your roof is more than 20 years old, you may need to consider roof replacement for your Seattle home– but let’s take a closer look at the specifics regarding roof aging.

3-Tab Asphalt Shingles May Indicate The Roof Is Old

3-tab or strip shingles were a popular choice for older homes but had been declining in popularity as homeowners began finding architectural shingles a better overall option.
That said, 3-tab shingles are still being installed on homes, just not at the rate they used to be.

If 3-tab shingles are currently installed on your roof, it could indicate they’re getting to an age that requires a replacement. They quite often have wind blown shingles too, so missing roof tabs is a good indication that you should give your roof some attention!

2. Shingle Health

If your roof is aging as outlined above and shows any signs of the following, it may be time to budget for the average roof replacement cost in Seattle.

Granular Loss In Gutters

When we say granular, we’re referring to the gravel/sand that sticks to the adhesive of the shingle – the “grainy part.” The part with the colors that you actually see.

When you begin to find granules here and there in your gutter systems, it isn’t always cause for immediate alarm – but the level of granules deposits should be monitored once you begin to notice them shedding.

If you begin to find excess amounts of granules and notice bald spots on your roof – it may be time to consider a roof replacement.

Piling Or Disintegration Of Shingles

Piling can result from shingles falling off their lower layer of adhesive or be traced back to a poor installation.

Either way, if you see piles of singles in the lower portions of your roof, this is a major sign the roof needs to be replaced.

Another sign that the roof will need to be replaced soon is if the shingles themselves are disintegrating. As mentioned above, this disintegration could lead to large deposits of granules in the gutters.

Cracked Or Warping Shingles

Along with disintegrating and piling shingles, if you begin to notice warping at the edges or cracking, this may indicate the need for a roof replacement.

We urge more patience with this, however, as they may be able to be repaired instead of beginning an entire costly roof replacement in Seattle. It depends on how widespread the issue is. It’s a good reason to call us for an assessment.

Remember, though, that even if you are simply repairing any curled, cracked, or damaged shingles, the cause must have come from somewhere or some factor that could indicate a roof needing to be replaced.

3. Moss And Other Growth

Another common sign to look out for is moss growths – which is especially a concern in the very moist and rain-heavy Seattle area. If you try to just clean the moss off to cut down on the cost of your Seattle roof replacement, it won’t address the damage that has already occurred to the integrity of your roof.

Not only are moss and other growths – such as black streaks – extremely destructive to your roof, but they can also indicate mold inside your attic. This will most surely call for mold remediation at a minimum, and a roof replacement as an ultimate solution.

4. What Are The Neighbors Doing?

Not that we encourage “keeping up with the Jones’,” but another indication of needing to replace your roof is if you notice other neighbors replacing theirs

The simple logic behind this isn’t to be a copycat, but rather – the surrounding homes in your subdivision were likely built the same year as your home and have encountered the same weather conditions. 

So the next time you see your neighbor replacing their roof – and if you’re comfortable enough with them – ask them what they found in their research of roof replacement costs in Seattle and how much their project is costing them!

5. Solar Panels

Solar is undoubtedly an excellent long-term cost-cutting solution, especially in Greater Seattle. Solar panels need the right roof to be attached to, however! If you are considering solar panels, it’s essential to consider replacing your roof before the solar panel installation. 

Metal Roofing

You may be wondering what kind of roof to install with solar panels, and the answer is quite simple and straightforward – metal roofing.

Here are three reasons why:

  • With metal roofing, solar panels can have specialized mounts that attach to the metal, meaning your roof will not suffer any damage from their installation.
  • As we’ve already covered, moss and other spores love dark and damp places to grow. Underneath a solar panel is a perfect spot for these colonies – but with a metal roof, this is entirely avoided!
  • Metal roofs will never need to be replaced, which is vital given that solar panels would significantly complicate and add cost to any future roof replacements.

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