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Meet Our Owner Jim!

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Meet Jim Singleterry, the Visionary Roofer and CEO of RoofSmart, whose journey in construction began in 2006, driven by a deep-rooted passion for roofing and construction. Despite earning a Computer Science degree in 2001, Jim’s commitment to excellence led him to establish RoofSmart™ in 2011. At RoofSmart™, Jim is dedicated to providing customers with competence, integrity, and exceptional value. Holding general contractor licenses in Washington (WA) and Oregon (OR), he upholds a commitment to top-tier service.

Recognized as an authority in gutter guards, Jim’s expertise extends beyond RoofSmart™ as he evaluates various products independently, ensuring impartial advice. In 2020, he sold his interest in the independent gutter cover company and now focuses exclusively on RoofSmart and consulting. Clients range from venture capital firms to being an expert witness for various attorneys. And the occasional best-selling book!

Jim’s illustrious career includes partnerships with leading roofing companies like Patriot Roofing, Guardian Roofing, and State Roofing, enriching his industry insights. Committed to ongoing education, RoofSmart™ aligns with esteemed organizations such as the NRCA, RCAW, and BBB.

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Empathy and Understanding in Business

In 2024, Jim’s chapter, “Loss, Gratitude, And Building Trust Along The Way,” played a pivotal role in the success of the book “Empathy and Understanding In Business.” Co-authored with Chris Voss and other professionals, the book achieved #1 best-seller status in Direct Marketing and Sales, as well as #1 New Release in four distinct categories.

As the Visionary Roofer, Jim Singleterry brings vast expertise, dedication to excellence, innovation, and trust-building. Clients can expect personalized engagement, meticulous project approaches, and unparalleled roofing solutions. Explore the world of RoofSmart™ with Jim Singleterry, where competence, integrity, and visionary leadership redefine the roofing experience.