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We Install The “Big 3” Composition Roofing Brands
In Greater Seattle

Owens Corning. GAF. CertainTeed. We’ve Got Them All…
And The Experts To Help You Pick The Right One.

When it comes to composition roof installation, we do things a little differently from most Greater Seattle roofers. Instead of forcing you to buy one brand, we offer the industry’s Big 3: Owens Corning, CertainTeed, and GAF.

Why does that matter? Aren’t all composition roofing brands basically the same?

Yes and no.

There are plenty—and we mean plenty—of low-quality roofing brands out there. The kind that fails fast and just doesn’t last.

Those are the brands we DON’T offer.

The ones we do offer share all the features you want from your new roof: robust warranties, premium leak protection, amazing style, and more. There are, however, certain key differences among the individual products these brands offer that may make one better for your tastes and needs. We perform our SmartMatch™ Needs Analysis during your free quote to determine which to recommend for YOUR home, and why.

Bottom line: The last thing we want to do is restrict your choices and give you anything less than EXACTLY what you want. We believe you should have OPTIONS—and that’s precisely what we offer.

After all…

It’s your roof. It’s your money. It’s your home. Therefore, it’s your RIGHT to get the best possible solution for your roof replacement project. It all starts with expert advice from an egghead.

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Owens Corning Total Protection Roofing System Greater Seattle Roofsmart

Owens Corning® Composition Roofing

Total Protection Roofing System™

Owens Corning’s Total Protection Roofing System offers Greater Seattle homeowners stunning beauty and incredible warranty protection. Owens Corning breaks down their roofing system into four categories:

#1: Seal

This two-part protection helps keep moisture away from your roof deck and consists of the following:

  • Ice & Water Barrier: Prevents damage associated with rain, ice dams, and shingle blow-off.
  • Synthetic Underlayment: A water-shedding barrier that guards against damage from wind-driven rain.
#2: Defend

Owens Corning shingles add a strong yet beautiful layer of defense to your home. The Total Protection Roofing System is comprised of three types of shingles:

  • Starter Shingles: These lock your primary shingles in place and ensure an effective seal along the eaves and rakes.
  • Shingles: Owens Corning offers a wide-ranging selection of beautiful shingles, including the popular TruDefinition® line.
  • Hip & Ridge Shingles: These shingles protect areas vulnerable to high winds WHILE adding stylish dimension to your roof.
#3: Breathe

Attic ventilation is vitally important, and Owens Corning treats it that way by offering top-quality ventilation solutions:

  • Intake Ventilation: Appropriate ventilation helps create a balanced flow where warm, humid air is constantly replaced by cool, dry air.
  • Exhaust Ventilation: This helps manage attic temperature and humidity to protect the components of your roof from heat and moisture damage.
#4: Comfort
Owens Corning offers several blow-in insulation options to increase the efficiency and comfort of your home. These attic insulation options meet current Department of Energy standards and can help you save big dollars on your energy bills.

Gaf Lifetime Roofing System Timberline Shingle Greater Seattle

GAF Composition Roofing

GAF Lifetime Roofing System

GAF’s Lifetime Roofing System is one of Greater Seattle’s best-selling roofs for a reason: It’s the total package of beauty, durability, and efficiency. Here are the components of the Lifetime Roofing System:

Leak Barrier
Stop ice dams and wind-driven rain in their tracks with high-end leak barrier protection. GAF offers several leak barrier products, including a fiberglass-reinforced underlayment that self-seals around nails.
Roof Deck Protection
Shield your roof deck from moisture infiltration with GAF’s line of top-notch roof-deck underlayment solutions. One of the most popular is Tiger Paw™, a special UV-stabilized polypropylene underlayment that lasts longer than conventional synthetic underlayment.
Starter Strip Shingles
GAF’s special precut starter strip shingles include factory-applied Dura Grip™ adhesive. This creates a cleaner appearance and locks your shingles in place during even the strongest winds.
Lifetime Shingles
GAF manufactures the industry-renowned Timberline® roofing shingle, as well as several gorgeous designer shingle lines. No matter what style you choose, you get shingles built to withstand Mother Nature’s worst.
Attic Ventilation
GAF knows the importance of attic ventilation. That’s why they have one of the most wide-ranging selections of state-of-the-art ventilation solutions of any roofing manufacturer.
Hip & Ridge Cap Shingles
GAF hip and ridge cap shingles protect vulnerable areas of your roof… and they do it with style. These shingles defend against leaks at the hips and ridges while creating additional depth and dimension to your roof.

Certainteed Integrity Roofing System Greater Seattle Roofsmart

CertainTeed Composition Roofing

Integrity Roof System®

CertainTeed’s Integrity Roofing System is another one of Greater Seattle’s most popular roofing solutions. It comes with best-in-class lifetime warranty protection and is made up of the following components:

Waterproofing Underlayment
CertainTeed’s waterproofing underlayment solutions provide incredible protection against moisture penetration. One of the company’s premium solutions is WinterGuard®, a composite underlayment material with unmatched adhesion and elasticity.
Moisture-Resistant Underlayment
A second layer of moisture defense is DiamondDeck® High Performance Synthetic Underlayment. DiamondDeck is 100% synthetic and scrim-reinforced, which provides far superior dimensional stability than standard felt underlayment.
Starter Shingles
Starter shingles work with your “main” roofing shingles to provide a consistent appearance and enhanced performance. With CertainTeed Starter Shingles, your roof will be protected against hurricane-level winds.
Roofing Shingles
CertainTeed manufactures the heaviest architectural shingles on the market. Their premium lines of shingles include Grand Manor®, Highland Slate®, and the ultra-popular Landmark® series.
Attic Ventilation
CertainTeed has developed a wide-ranging selection of attic ventilation solutions: ridge vents, rolled ridge vents, intake vents, and more. You get ventilation that’s fully optimized for YOUR specific needs.
Hip & Ridge Cap Shingles
CertainTeed offers six lines of hip and ridge cap shingles. No matter which you choose, you get superior adhesion, unrivaled leak protection, and the perfect finishing touch to your roof’s appearance.

Composition Roofing FAQ

Q: Why Do You Offer Multiple Composition Roofing Brands?
A: Because there is no “one size fits all” roofing solution that’s right for every homeowner. So instead of offering just one brand like most roofers, we offer the top three: Owens Corning, CertainTeed, and GAF.
Q: What, Exactly, Is A Composition Roofing Shingle?

A: It’s a type of roofing that goes by many names. If you want the geeky, technical term, it’s an architectural, asphalt composition roofing shingle with laminated fiberglass layers.

That’s a mouthful, so people typically use pieces of this description when talking about composition roofing. These names you probably do recognize:

  • Asphalt shingle roofing
  • Architectural shingle roofing
  • Laminated shingle roofing
  • Fiberglass shingle roofing

TomAYto. TomAHto. Whatever you want to call it, the important thing is choosing a quality BRAND of composition shingle roofing… and having it installed by passionate experts.

Q: What Is The BEST Roofing Brand: Owens Corning, CertainTeed, Or GAF?

A: Whichever one best matches your tastes and needs, competently installed. It’s really that simple.

The truth is that you CANNOT go wrong with any of these brands. We offer them all because, while they’re all top quality, each one has its own specific strengths and style. During your free consultation, we’ll perform our SmartMatch™ Needs Analysis to pinpoint the optimal solution for YOUR home.

Q: What Kind Of Warranties Do Composition Roofs Have?
A: The brands we offer carry the best warranty protection in the country. Our premium options boast warranties of 50 years… and some are even valid for a LIFETIME.
Q: Is There A Price Difference Among Owens Corning, GAF, And CertainTeed?
A: All three are priced roughly the same—within about 10% of each other. Since these brands have different lines of shingles and products, the actual cost is more so determined by the quality level of all the other components of your design, that with us, you choose.
Q: Why Choose RoofSmart For Composition Roofing Installation?
A: We’re the Greater Seattle roofing company that does more than install pretty new shingles. We go “under the hood” to check for —and fix—any hidden issues that many roofers miss.

To see exactly what that entails, head over to our “Egghead” Installation page or view our SmartSeries case studies.

Other Types Of Roofing Materials

In addition to composition shingle roofing, we also offer the following premium roof-replacement solutions:

  • Metal Roofing: Get a 100% custom, lifetime-lasting metal roof from Greater Seattle’s unrivaled metal roofing authority (us!).
  • Flat And Low-Sloped Roofing: We install top-notch PVC, TPO, and walkable roofing for flat and low-sloped residential roofs.
  • Specialty Roofing: Have a one-of-a-kind roof project in mind? We’re the roofing contractor that can bring your vision to life.

More Roofing Info

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  • SmartSeries Case Studies: Read true stories of how we roof smarter than the average home improvement company.
  • Financing: Explore our financing to see how you can get a premium composition roof—for monthly payments that fit comfortably with YOUR budget.
  • Why Us: We’re not your average roofer—we’re Greater Seattle’s passionate, detail-obsessed roofing nerds. See how this translates into top quality for YOU.