TripleGuard Warranty

Our TripleGuard™ Roofing Warranty Provides
You With Pure Peace Of Mind

A Lifetime Workmanship Warranty, A Lifetime Material Warranty…
And A 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

Here is the honest truth: Most Greater Seattle homeowners don’t know what’s ACTUALLY covered by their roofing warranty.

Sure, many roofing warranties are advertised as “25 Years,” “50 Years,” or even “Lifetime.” But squint a little harder at the fine print, and you’ll see all kinds of exclusions and loopholes:

  • Probably the warranty is prorated, meaning the protection decreases over time
  • Others require you to pay a “trip charge,” no matter what the problem is
  • And many roofing warranties simply don’t cover labor—it’s “defective material only”

At RoofSmart, we don’t play those games. Our TripleGuard™ Roofing Warranty provides unmitigated protection—FOR LIFE.

Lifetime Warranty Stamp

Lifetime Material Warranty

We install premium roofing brands that have the premium material warranties to match. Our high-end roof options boast warranties that provide GENUINE protection for as long as you live in your home.

No fine print. No loopholes. No runaround. If you experience a material-failure problem with your new roof, just call us. We’ll work with the manufacturer to make things better than right.

Lifetime Workmanship Warranty

Most roofing warranties cover only the materials. That means if you experience an installation-related issue, you’re on the hook. That’s a problem since almost ALL roof failures are due to installation mistakes.

When you choose RoofSmart, you won’t have to worry. Our egghead installation ensures you meticulous, done-RIGHT roof replacement that’s backed by a true Lifetime Workmanship Warranty.

The terms are simple—if we did it wrong, we fix it. It doesn’t matter when the issue occurs… your cost WILL be $0.00.

100% Money-Back Guarantee (Yes, Really!)

Last but not least, our TripleGuard™ Warranty provides you with the ULTIMATE contingency plan…

RoofSmart’s systems are manufactured, designed, and installed according to strict specifications and are audited by local, city, and federal building code officials for the quality and installation of your chosen solution. Your new system will be installed by our own professionals to exacting best-in-class standards and you carry all the privileges and benefits of workmanship and quality that stem from that.
We are so sure you’ll love the way we work, we guarantee a resolution up to and including your money back, if we fail.
. End of story.

Let’s be clear: We’ve installed hundreds and hundreds of roofs since 2011… and we’ve never had to use our money-back guarantee. Our preoccupation with premium quality eliminates the risk of a non-fixable problem from happening.

But still… isn’t it nice to know your new roof is protected by the DEFINITIVE “insurance policy”?

Read Our TripleGuard™ Warranty Terms Right Here, Right Now

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