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100% Custom Metal Roof Replacement That Lasts For LIFE.

Want a “forever” roof on your Greater Seattle home? Choose metal roof installation from RoofSmart.

Metal roofing is hard to do. It’s even harder to do WELL. When done right, metal roofing is beautiful and lasts a lifetime… maybe two! When done wrong, metal roofing can be an unsightly and leaky disaster.

Unfortunately, many Greater Seattle roofers don’t have enough experience with metal to guarantee you quality results. Most do maybe one metal roof every few months. MAYBE.

At RoofSmart, we’re installing a metal roof virtually EVERY DAY.

We’re the area’s go-to authority for metal roofing—it’s that simple. The crew in charge of your project has decades of combined experience specifically in metal roofing. They’ve mastered the complexities of metal roof installation. That means when you choose us, you leave NOTHING to chance.

Your new metal roof will be 100% customized for YOUR home. The style. The color. The cut. Everything is custom-ordered and manufactured. The result: You get a professionally finished work of art that lasts for LIFE by a metal roof specialist.

Metal Roofing Types And StylesMetal Roofing FAQ

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Metal Roofing Types And Styles

Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Looks Fantastic. Lasts For LIFE.

Metal Roofing Greater Seattle Standing Seam Roofsmart

Quality standing seam metal roofing can easily last a lifetime. It holds up to anything Mother Nature throws at it—high-speed winds, pummeling hailstorms, torrential downpours, brutal blizzards, and more. It’s also fire-proof, rot-proof, insect-proof… and even rust-proof!

Because of its design, standing seam metal roofing can easily shed snow and rainwater. It can also come with a UV-reflecting coating that resists solar heat and reduces your energy use.

Plus—when done correctly—standing seam metal roofing looks fantastic. It comes in a wide variety of colors, and the concealed fasteners create a clean, beautiful look.

Bottom line: If you want a lifetime-lasting roof that requires ZERO maintenance, standing seam metal roofing is THE right material.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing Benefits:

  • Lasts for life
  • Maximum weather resistance
  • Fire-proof, rot-proof, and rust-proof
  • Clean, beautiful appearance
  • Energy-efficient UV-reflective coating

Replica-Shake Steel Roofing Shingles

Beautiful Wood Looks. No Wood Hassles.

Metal Roofing Greater Seattle Shake Roofsmart

Let’s face it: With the amount of rain Greater Seattle gets, wood shake may not be the best roofing material you can put on your home. That’s why we offer replica-shake steel roofing shingles—a solution that allows you to get the beautiful look of wood shake… without the wood-related hassles.

You won’t have to worry about warping, rotting, or splitting—steel shake shingles eliminate all the durability issues of wood. Plus, the thick profile of our steel shake shingles creates a shadow line that makes them indiscernible from genuine wood shake!

Finally, you can achieve that one-of-a-kind wood shake look for your roof… and have it last for LIFE.

Replica-Shake Steel Roofing Benefits:

  • Elegant wood looks; none of the wood maintenance
  • Lasts for life
  • Fire-proof, rot-proof, and rust-proof
  • Maximum wind and impact resistance
  • PVDF finish reflects sunlight and reduces energy use

Replica-Slate Steel Roofing Shingles

More Durable And Affordable Than Stone.

Metal Roofing Greater Seattle Slate Castle Gray Roofsmart

Replicate-slate steel roofing shingles look exactly like real slate… but without the exorbitant price tag, durability issues, and HEAVY weight of stone. The look, but without the structural engineering!

The unique design of our replica slate shingles forces water from rain or melting snow straight into your gutters. And the specially crafted thick profile and shadow lines replicate the look of genuine slate with mirror-image authenticity.

The truth is that slate is great. But for maximum durability and value, it can’t beat our replicate-slate steel roofing shingles.

Replica-Slate Steel Roofing Benefits:

  • Amazing stone looks—without the durability, cost, and weight issues
  • Lasts for life
  • Fire-proof, rot-proof, and rust-proof
  • Maximum wind and impact resistance
  • PVDF finish reflects sunlight and reduces energy use

Copper Metal Roofing Greater Seattle Roofsmart

Copper Metal Roofing

In Demand For Thousands Of Years. (Literally.)

If you’re looking for a true classic, nothing tops a copper metal roof. Copper is what the Romans used to cover the roof of the Pantheon… in 27 B.C.! Today, it’s used heavily in Europe on many historical structures.

What gives copper roofing such staying power? It looks amazing, for one. Copper has a distinct appearance that transforms any home or building into something truly special. It’s also a lightweight metal roofing material, which creates less stress on your home.

A unique feature of copper roofing is that it can be soldered. This means the roof and wall flashings, as well as the joints at the gutters, will have a weather-tight connection.

And of course, copper comes with the durability benefits that metal roofing is famous for. It lasts for life. It’s fire-proof. It withstands the strongest winds and storms. Plus, it’s energy efficient and completely recyclable.

Copper Metal Roofing Benefits:

  • One-of-a-kind elegant curb appeal
  • Lasts for a lifetime. Or 5 lifetimes.
  • Fire-proof and highly weather-resistant
  • Can be soldered to create a weather-tight seal all around
  • Energy efficient

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Metal Roofing FAQ

Q: How Long Does A Metal Roof Last?
A: When installed correctly, metal roofing can easily last a lifetime… maybe two! If durability and lifespan are important to you, metal is THE roofing material you want on your home. Bar none.
Q: Is Metal Roofing Better Than Composition Shingle Roofing?

A: It depends on your definition of “better.” Metal roofing does last longer than composition shingle roofing, AND it requires less maintenance. It’s also a better material if you have a low-sloped roof.

Metal is, however, more expensive upfront than composition shingles. As such, the best roofing material is different for every homeowner.

If you’re unsure which roofing material is right for YOUR home, get in touch. During your free quote, we’ll perform our SmartMatch™ Needs Analysis to determine the exact right roof for your needs, tastes, and budget.

Q: How Much Does A Metal Roof Cost In Greater Seattle?
A: On average, metal roof installation costs about 2x more than composition roof installation. This is because A) metal roofing materials are more expensive and B) metal roof installation is more complex. Only genuinely experienced and skilled craftsmen can pull off metal roof replacement RIGHT.
Q: Is A Metal Roof Loud When It Rains?
A: Really, no more than composition shingle roofing. Studies show that the difference in decibel levels is undetectable to the human ear. Therefore, rain won’t sound any louder with a metal roof on your home.
Q: Does A Metal Roof Attract Lightning?

A: Nope. It’s a myth that metal attracts lightning. If anything, lightning is most attracted to tall objects with a direct path to the ground (trees, for instance).

In reality, metal is the BEST roofing material to have on the 0.5% chance lightning strikes your home. Metal is not flammable, so it won’t catch fire from a direct strike or a spark from a nearby fire. It’s as lightning-proof a roofing material that there is, and the gutter system will ground it.

Q: Does Metal Roofing Rust?
A: No, not with today’s rust-resistant coating technology. At RoofSmart, we also offer fade-resistant coatings on our metal roofing so that your roof looks as good decades from now as it does the day after installation.
Q: Is A Metal Roof Environmentally Friendly?

A: Yes. Metal roofs are made with a substantial amount of recycled metal. And a metal roof itself is 100% recyclable. There’s also no better choice to be solar ready, as solar panels will clip on rather than penetrate your roof.

Not only that, but high-quality metal roofing is made with special materials that reflect sunlight and lower your energy usage. Plus, metal roofing lasts a LONG time, so you won’t need to reroof your home (and thereby utilize more resources) ever again.

Q: What Are The Different Types Of Metal Roofing?

A: Standing seam is the most well-known type of metal roofing. But today’s metal roofs can also authentically replicate the beautiful looks of shingles, shakes, and slate. Copper is also an in-demand metal roofing material because of its exceptional appearance and weatherproofing features.

At RoofSmart, we offer all of the above. With our metal roofing selection, it’s easy to get the ultimate combination of beauty AND brawn.

Other Types Of Roofing Materials

In addition to metal roofing, we also offer the following premium roof-replacement solutions:

  • Composition Shingle Roofing: We provide an unmatched selection of composition roofing from the industry’s “Big 3”: Owens Corning, GAF, and CertainTeed.
  • Flat And Low-Sloped Roofing: We offer premium, long-lasting PVC, TPO, and walkable solutions for flat and low-sloped residential roofs.
  • Specialty Roofing: Have a unique roofing project in mind? We’re the roofer that can execute your vision with first-class quality.

More Roofing Info

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  • SmartSeries Case Studies: Read real-life stories of how we’ve solved homeowners’ roofing issues that other companies didn’t.
  • Financing: Investing in a metal roof doesn’t have to “break the bank.” Our financing can secure you comfortable monthly payments.
  • Why Us: We’re not your average roofer—we’re Greater Seattle’s passionate, detail-obsessed roofing nerds. See how this translates into top quality for YOU.