“Egghead” Installation

Roofsmart Greater Seattle Our Installers Are Employees

“Egghead” Roof Installation For Greater Seattle

We Roof Smarter. We Roof BETTER.

Let’s face it: Any roofing contractor in Greater Seattle can install a pretty new roof on your home.

The giant national companies. The local companies. The dudes you find on Craigslist who work for pennies on the dollar. All of them can nail some nice-looking shingles.

But here’s the thing: Literally 90% of roofing issues occur in the places you can’t see… and literally 90% of roofers don’t take the time to address those issues.

RoofSmart is different. We’re Greater Seattle’s roofing eggheads, and we’re utterly OBSESSED with technical “under-the-hood” details most roofers ignore.

Our Installers Aren’t Just Eggheads… They’re Actual EMPLOYEES

We’re the rare roofing company whose installers are employees—NOT subcontractors. This allows us to have 100% control over the quality of craftsmen who will replace your roof.

And trust us: When it comes to who we hire, we’re PICKY.

We look for individuals who share our passion for providing homeowners with high-end roof replacement. The kind of people who “geek out” over technical concepts and details. If someone doesn’t have total, unconditional love for the craft, they won’t be a good fit at our company. It’s just that simple.

6 Examples Of Our “Egghead” Roofing Installation

Here’s the bottom line: If your roofer addresses the symptoms of your problem but not the source, your new roof WILL fail exactly like your old one did.

With that in mind, here are a few critical details we address that most roofers don’t, won’t, or can’t…

#1: Attic Ventilation

Attic ventilation is a delicate balancing act. If your attic’s ventilation isn’t correctly optimized for YOUR home, you’re going to experience all kinds of problems. Mold. Mildew. Rot. Even higher energy bills!

Roofing Greater Seattle Poor Attic Ventilation Roofsmart

Example of poor attic ventilation

Attic ventilation is an issue with about 9 out of every 10 roofs we inspect. That’s why we take the time to assess your attic and determine the proper ventilation setup.

#2: Roof-Gutter Handoff

Most gutters are installed too high on Seattle homes. This creates a “ski jump” effect, where the water has to leap from the roof to the gutters.

Roofing Greater Seattle Leak From Poor Gutter Handoff Roofsmart

Leak due to poor roof-gutter handoff.

That gap between the roof and eaves is a vulnerable point for leaks. So when we install your new roof, we ensure your roof-gutter handoff is seamless. No “ski jump.” No leak there. No water damage.

#3: Bathroom Ventilation

A big reason for moldy attics is improper bathroom ventilation. When you flip on your bathroom fan, the humid air may be getting stuck in your attic instead of going out through the roof.

Roofing In Greater Seattle Incorrect Bathroom Ventilation Roofsmart

Bathroom ventilation with nowhere to go.

We check your bathroom’s ventilation to confirm it’s connected to an exhaust vent that runs to the OUTSIDE of your home. If it’s not, we correct the issue to prevent that humid bathroom air from being trapped in your attic.

#4: Chimney Integrity

Chimneys are a disaster area—especially chimneys with siding. Many are rotted inside due to poor flashing. This can create serious rot inside your walls.

Roofing Greater Seattle Found Bad Chimney Chase Roofsmart

Damaged chimney due to poor flashing.

We assess your chimney’s integrity to determine its condition. If there’s an issue, we explain it in detail and recommend the right course of action.

#5: Reframing When Necessary

On occasion, a roof is in such bad shape that it requires structural changes to the framework. We’re one of the few roofers with the knowledge and skill to tackle this type of challenge.

Roofing Greater Seattle Reframing The Roof Roofsmart

Reframing a rotted roof.

For examples of some reframing jobs we’ve performed, explore the following SmartSeries Case Studies:

Simply put—we handle the “tough stuff.” In fact, those are our favorite projects!

#6: Components Under Your Shingles

It goes without saying, but we also use the highest quality components in both the places you can and can’t see.

For composition shingle roofing, we install ALL officially branded products that make up our roofing systems. For metal roofing, we utilize high-strength custom steel with premium finishes to resist fading. For flat/low-sloped roofing, we offer premium PVC and TPO materials that last for decades.

Roofing Greater Seattle Components Under Shingles Roofsmart

We focus on ALL the “hidden” details.

No matter what kind of roof you need, we install superior under-the-shingle materials. Underlayment…. roof decking… flashing… EVERY component of your new roof gets the “5-star” treatment.

Master Roofer Post-Installation Inspection

To ensure your roof is replaced flawlessly, our master roofer (a.k.a. our ULTIMATE roofing nerd) Nestor Martinez performs a meticulous post-installation inspection.

Nestor scrutinizes every detail to make certain they’re all 100% right. Until he’s satisfied, we’re not done. Here are a few things he inspects…

  • Nailing pattern and placement
  • Flashing details at eaves, valleys, siding, skylights, chimneys, etc.
  • Workmanship around detail areas, like skylights and patios
  • Proper clean up

Want Your Roof Replaced RIGHT? Choose The “Eggheads”

Our encyclopedic knowledge, factory-authorized installers, and obsession with detail guarantee you more than pretty shingles. When you choose RoofSmart, you get a roof that’s built to last and performs at its absolute peak in every conceivable category.

Bottom line: We roof smarter… therefore, we roof better.