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Greater Seattle’s Roofing Contractor Born From Pure Passion

How Nerdy Industry Outliers Created A Different, Smarter Kind Of Roofing Company

Does it matter how a Greater Seattle roofer actually FEELS about roofing?

We know… kind of a weird question. But when it comes to the quality of your roof replacement, it’s an extremely important one.

Why? Because a lot of roofing companies just go through the motions. There’s no passion. There’s no enthusiasm. It’s all about getting the job done as fast as possible to collect the check as fast as possible.

It’s why so many roofs develop problems shortly after they’re installed. Too many companies simply don’t take the time to do things RIGHT. And it’s YOU, the homeowner, who suffers

Roofsmart Started In 2011 To “Fill The Void”

Company CEO Jim Singleterry worked in home improvement long before he started RoofSmart.

Prior to starting RoofSmart, Jim spent many years in the gutter-protection sector. This gave him an up-close-and-personal view of the average homeowner’s roof… and what he saw wasn’t pretty.

Literally 90% of the roofs he came across were done wrong. Insufficient attic ventilation. Improper flashing. Incorrect shingle installation. You name it, Jim saw it—A LOT.

After a while, the prevalence of poor roof installation got to Jim. He’d seen enough. So in 2011, he decided to create a different kind of roofing company. One that took the time to treat roof installation with the care and acuity that it required—and that Greater Seattle homeowners DESERVED.

That company was RoofSmart.

Assembling The Nerd Dream Team

Jim knew he couldn’t create a first-class roofing company alone. He had to surround himself with like-minded people who share his passion for A) doing things right and B) helping others.

He knew exactly who to call.

First was John Campopiano. Jim and John worked together for several years at a well-known gutter-protection company. John is a wizard when it comes to running the financials and day-to-day internal operations of a company. He was the perfect fit to be RoofSmart's Chief Financial Officer.

Next was Nestor Martinez. Jim met Nestor through John in the early 2000s. Nestor is a craftsman with a renowned reputation in the Greater Seattle home-improvement community. Just bringing him on board as our master installer attracted top talent to come work for us!

A Smarter Roofing Company; A BETTER Roofing Company

To this day, we roof with the same passion and attention to detail we did when we opened in 2011.

If anything, our passion for providing excellent roof replacement has GROWN over the years. Every thrilled customer adds to our unbridled enthusiasm for helping homeowners by giving our all to the job.

So… does it matter how your roofer FEELS about roofing?

If you want THE best possible results and experience, then yes. It absolutely does.

Meet Our Team Leaders (A.K.A. The “Alpha Nerds”)

Jim Singleterry – CEO

When you think of the average roofer, I’m probably not what you have in mind.

Why? Because I’m an out-and-out NERD.

When I was a young kid, I was an insatiable bookworm. In high school, I LOVED advanced science and math classes. And in college, I studied computer science.

Like I said—a total, unrepentant nerd.

So… why would you take advice from me about your roofing project?

Because an obsessive nerd is EXACTLY who you want your roofer to be.

A Nerd… But With A Builder’s Background

I grew up the son of a builder. My dad started building homes as a foreman in 1971 in California. When I was six years old, I was “voluntarily” included in his projects.

I was entrusted with tasks suitable to a six-year-old’s skillset (passing my dad a hammer, sweeping floors, etc.). As I got older, I helped my dad with more and more elements of the home-building process.

After high school, I got away from the home improvement industry for a while. I went to Washington State University (WSU) and earned a computer science degree in 2001.

I entered the workforce after college, landing a job relating to my degree. Shortly after I started, I realized something: I hated being cooped up in a room all day.

To my surprise, I was pining for that liberating, free feeling of being on a construction jobsite.

So I went back to my home improvement roots.

Too Many Roofing Problems; Not Enough Roofers

In 2006, I started working for LeafFilter® (now the largest and most successful gutter guard company in the world).

Since gutters and roofing are closely connected, I got a firsthand view of the MANY, MANY roofing problems homeowners experienced. It seemed that every time we’d go add gutter protection to someone’s home, we’d find all kinds of issues with their roofs. The conundrum was that we (LeafFilter) would find all of these issues and often had no competent, reliable roofer to recommend.

By 2011, I’d encountered this problem so many times that I said, “You know what? I’ll be that competent, reliable roofer.”

“If You Can’t Find The Right Roofer, BE The Right Roofer”

In 2011, I became a licensed general contractor in WA and OR. I started my roofing company and called it RoofSmart™. I named it that to reflect how we approach roof replacement: with the competency, integrity, and value you deserve from your roofing contractor.

From the start, RoofSmart was equipped to deliver on these promises. During my time at LeafFilter, I was blessed to be able to learn from some of the biggest names in Greater Seattle roofing (Patriot Roofing, Guardian Roofing, State Roofing… great companies one and all). Those lessons are the foundation on which RoofSmart was built.

Gutters, like many other aspects of a home, play a BIG part in the overall quality of your roof. Roofing isn’t just about installing pretty new shingles. It’s surprisingly in-depth and requires substantial technical knowledge to get it RIGHT.

That’s the kind of roofing in which RoofSmart specializes.

Bottom Line: Nerds Do Roofing BETTER

When I started RoofSmart, I surrounded myself with fellow eggheads (you can read their bios below). We all bring our unique strengths to the table, and this synergy is why RoofSmart has become Greater Seattle’s trusted roofer.

Though I didn’t appreciate it much at the time, today I’m grateful for the experience of working with my dad when I was a kid. Because of my “nerdish” personality and builder’s background, I take a uniquely scientific approach to roof replacement.

And—as countless Greater Seattle homeowners can tell you—that’s the exact type of person you WANT working on your roof.

John Campopiano – CFO

When I was young, I swore I’d NEVER be a roofer.

I grew up in the blazing heat of Las Vegas. My dad was a roofer, and I started helping him install tile roofing when I was a teenager. It was extremely hard work, and it turned me away from roofing for GOOD.

Or so I thought.

After high school, I went to business school. I got into the corporate world and became a pharmaceutical sales rep. I soon discovered the job wasn’t the right fit for my personality. (Let’s just say there were certain aspects to the work that didn’t mesh with my values.)

So I left that industry and became a restaurateur… and I was good at it! I had multiple locations that performed really, really well.

In 2011, I sold my restaurants and got back into roofing. Why? It turns out, those early days of working on roofs with my dad had a way bigger impact on me than I thought. There’s just something rewarding about helping people improve their home lives.

As of today, I’ve worked on over 5,000 roofing projects. I love being part of a phenomenal team that shares the same passion for roofing that, it turns out, I do.

It’s funny. I once swore I’d NEVER be a roofer. Now, I can’t imagine being anything else.

Nestor Martinez – Master Installer

I’ve been in construction since I was 12 years old, when I started helping my dad (a contractor) build homes.

When it comes to home improvement, I’ve pretty much done it all. Foundations. Framing. Carpentry. And, my personal favorite, roofing.

Not only do I love roofing, but getting the job done right is baked into my DNA. It’s why I’m in charge of RoofSmart’s Production Department. I get to make certain that we’re delivering the kind of quality and expert work that our reputation is built on.

For me, “good enough” doesn’t cut it. If even the smallest installation detail is off by the smallest amount, I have my installers go back and make it perfect. No exceptions.

Transforming people’s homes is one of the most rewarding parts of my life. And as much as I love that, I love my family even more. I have four wonderful children and the best wife a guy could ask for. In my spare time, I love hunting, mountain biking, and rodeos. But my favorite non-roofing activity? Dancing with my wife.

I look forward to working with you on your roofing project.

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