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Flat Or Low-Sloped Roofing To Keep Your
Bellevue, WA, Home Strong And Safe

RoofSmart Offers Custom Roofing Solutions
To Fit Your Needs

Are you looking to protect your Bellevue, WA, home from rain and leaks? With a low-angle pitch and a wide surface area, flat or low-sloped roofing can offer superior protection. We all know how tough the weather can be in our area – so whether you need a complete roof replacement or repairs, the professionals at RoofSmart offer reliable services to suit your needs.

Our advanced solutions will safeguard your property from water damage and preserve its structural integrity. We use the latest products and technology to ensure a long-lasting, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing outcome.

RoofSmart can quickly assess your roofing needs and provide a low-angle roof tailored to fit your home’s requirements. Depending on your roof type, we recommend a reliable and cost-effective roofing system designed for maximum durability. With an A+ rating on BBB and over ten years of experience in the industry, you can trust us to deliver high-quality results.

A Wide Selection Of Flat/Low-Sloped Roofs

From completely waterproof surfaces to single-ply membranes, we offer a variety of flat roofs to meet your specific needs. Each type has unique benefits and features that will ensure your roof is ready to provide reliable performance for years to come. Our top-of-the-line products include:

PVC Roofing

Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, comprises two layers – the base layer and the top layer – fused with plasticizers, making it waterproof yet lightweight enough to be installed on low-slope surfaces.

With hot air-welded seams, PVC roofs create a watertight seal that will protect your home from water damage. They also offer superior energy efficiency compared to other roofing types as they provide excellent insulation properties.

TPO Roofing

TPO stands for thermoplastic olefin, a single-ply membrane that provides excellent thermal stability and strength even in extreme weather conditions. It can offer superior resistance to UV radiation, wind-driven rain, hail damage, and blistering temperatures.

Plus, the roofs come in various colors to choose an aesthetic look that suits your preference while offering excellent performance over time.

Walkable Roofing

Walkable roofing systems can level up your home’s outdoor living space by adding functionality to your rooftop deck or patio area. With a watertight vinyl membrane, this roof offers superior protection against storms and non-skid ‘tread’ surfaces safe for foot traffic, making it perfect for recreational activities like yoga or sunbathing on sunny days.

Additionally, walkable roof decks often come pre-painted with colors that match your home’s aesthetic plus, they require minimal maintenance, such as occasional sweeping or hosing down with water if necessary.

SmartMatch Needs Analysis Leaves No Room For Error

During a free in-home consultation, our knowledgeable project managers conduct a detailed assessment to ensure the best solution for your specific needs and budget.

Our SmartMatch™ Needs Analysis includes in-depth design consultation, an extensive inspection of your current roof’s condition, attic ventilation and attic insulation analysis, bathroom ventilation analysis, chimney evaluation, and outdoor/yard evaluation to determine the number and type of trees in the vicinity.

Egghead Installation To Ensure Quality

Due to their shape, flat/low-sloped roofs shed water slowly and, if not installed correctly, can cause a buildup of moisture that results in rot and mold. Our egghead roofers understand how critical their proper design and installation can be and provide impeccable finishes every time.

With attention to detail and accuracy, we have 100% control over the quality of craftsmanship that goes into your roofing project. Our master roofer will perform a post-installation inspection. This includes carefully examining the nailing pattern and placement, flashing details at eaves, valleys, siding, skylights, chimneys, and more.

TripleGuard Warranty For The Lifetime Of Your Roof

RoofSmart’s TripleGuard™ Warranty grants you lifelong protection for all of the premium roofing products used on your home, safeguarding against any possible material defects as long as you live in it.

The warranty also includes a lifetime workmanship warranty, ensuring that any installation-related issues will be taken care of by us – something that most other roofing companies don’t offer.

Finally, our 100% money-back guarantee offers an unbeatable contingency plan. Customers can receive full reimbursement for their roofing investment if something goes wrong.

RoofSmart Ensures Seamless Flat/Low-Sloped
Roofing Installation In Bellevue, WA

With several awards and certifications backing our work, RoofSmart is your trusted source for quality flat/low-sloped roof installation in Bellevue, WA. Our RCAW-licensed roofers have the training and expertise to provide a beautiful roofing solution that meets your needs.

We also offer free in-home consultations, which will help you make a more informed decision about the best roofing solution. Contact us today or call (206) 487-4877 to schedule a visit.

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