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Roof Replacement From The Experts
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Your home’s roof is essential. It’s not quite as easy to replace as a broken microwave or stove. Staying on top of maintenance, repairs, and general upkeep will have your roof functioning perfectly for years to come.

But what happens when your roof becomes damaged, ages out, or is no longer functioning properly? Well, that’s where the roofing nerds come into the picture.

We can quickly determine if your home is in need of a full roof replacement or simple repairs. Unlike other home contractors, we never push additional services on our customers unless we truly feel they are necessary.

Our love of all things roofing and our desire to help every West Seattle, WA homeowner with their roofing struggles is just one contributing factor that truly makes RoofSmart the industry nerds.

Our Impressive Roofing Material Lineup

When you choose RoofSmart, you are given many options when it comes to your home’s roof. Each of our roofing material options is a viable solution in its own right, but only one is the PERFECT choice for your home. Hopefully, we will be the ones to help track down that perfect roof once and for all!

Composite Roofing

Composite roofing, a.k.a asphalt shingle roofing, is the most popular roofing material in the entire United States–-West Seattle homes included.

Instead of offering one single shingle manufacturer, we compiled the absolute best names in the industry to give homeowners a choice when they decide to work with us. Composition roofing is highly durable, weather-resistant, affordable, and has an average lifespan of 25 years.

Metal Roofing

The days of horrendous metal roofs are over! We have taken over the metal roofing space in Washington by changing how homeowners view them. We bring an architectural approach with metal roofs to make them aesthetically pleasing. Although metal roofs are quite common in West Seattle, having a metal roof that looks immaculate is much rarer.

Metal roofs take extreme patience and precise measurements; one wrong cut or mishandled section can ruin the entire curb appeal. Our metal roofs are 100% custom-built for your home with specially designed options such as copper roofing, metal tiles, and standard seam metal roofing.

Wood Roofing

Wood roofs have been utilized all over the world seemingly since the conception of the traditional homes we know and love today. And they aren’t going anywhere any time soon! Homeowners love the aesthetic appeal and unique character traits of a wooden roof, even if maintenance can be a real burden on the wallet.

Tile Roofing

We offer traditional tile roofing constructed from some of the most durable materials on the market today: cement, clay, and stone. We even offer a tile that is made from metal and composite solutions that replicate the traditional tile look with added durability and curb appeal.

Walkable Roofing

For homes with balconies, patios, or walkways that need to protect what is below them, we offer walkable roofing for West Seattle homes. Walkable roofs utilize highly-durable waterproof vinyl membrane underlayment that is not only going to protect the inhabitants below but is completely safe for everyday use such as lounging, sunbathing, or reading a nice book.

Walkable roofs can be built to replicate beloved looks such as wood, cement, stone, or marble to match the design of the rest of the home.

Roofing For Flat & Low Slopes

When it comes to homes in the West Seattle area that have a flat or low-slope roof, your options are a bit more limited than traditional sloped roofs. We offer two high-quality rubber roofing options: PVC and TPO rubber. Rubber roofs are 100% waterproof, require very little maintenance, and last up to 30 years!

Why Work With The “Nerds”

Do you want to work with someone that is truly knowledgeable in all aspects of roofing? Who loves their job and all that roofing entails? Then you are in the right place!

Established in 2011, RoofSmart was started in response to the high percentage of roofs that were seen installed incorrectly. With a background in construction, our CEO saw issues like roofs that were not lasting nearly as long as they should and contractors using the wrong materials for roofs.

RoofSmart aims to stop this misinformation and ensure that West Seattle, WA homeowners have a choice of who to turn to for quality roof replacement done right.

Every. Single. Time.

Our company’s principals speak strongly to the “nerds” that we are.

Core Values

Our unvarying set of core values ensures each and every customer is 100% satisfied with their new roof, no matter what.

  • Attention To Detail: Our thoroughly-vetted crew members scrutinize each detail of the installation process to ensure we never skip a step. Our team is paid higher wages to keep motivation high and incentivize exceptional work.
  • Teamwork: We work together as a team with the customer to make sure everyone is on the same page. Assigning each person a role keeps expectations in check while providing a fast productivity rate.
  • Transparency: We are as transparent as a pane of glass. We never sweep problems under the rug or try to upsell clients on products or services that aren’t the best solutions. How many home contractors can say that?
  • True Solutions: When you choose RoofSmart for your roofing installation, you are guaranteed true solutions to your outstanding issues. We find the exact root cause of damage and suggest long-term solutions to prevent the same thing from happening in the future.
  • Value: We may not be the cheapest roofing contractor in West Seattle, but we by far provide the best value for your hard-earned dollar. Top-tier services and products do not come cheap, and if they do come cheap then they are not top-tier. If a deal seems too good to be true, it often is.
  • Accountability: Not satisfied with your new roof or our handiwork? Don’t fret! We take full accountability for our mistakes and are more than happy to continue working on your home until you are 100% satisfied. No exceptions.

Read more about our company’s Core Values.

“Egghead” Installation

If the contracting company you hire doesn’t truly have a passion for their work, the results will show on your home. We are very picky about who we decide is qualified enough to join our crew to ensure everyone has the same level of passion.

This passion carries through the entire home remodeling project, and the end result is nothing short of perfection.

Read more about our “Egghead” Installation.

TripleGuard™ Warranty

Long gone are the days of hard-to-understand warranty options that end up costing you money in the long run. That is, at least, when you choose RoofSmart for your roof installation project. We cover our clients thrice to make sure every project has a positive, and affordable, outcome.

  • Lifetime Material Warranty: We feel so confident in our quiver of materials here at RoofSmart that we extend a complimentary Lifetime Material Warranty for all of our customers. So as long as you are living in your home, we will continue to replace faulty materials for your entire life.
  • Lifetime Workmanship Warranty: Not only are you protected in case your roof fails, but we will also undergo all additional repairs completely free of charge for the homeowner. No gimmicks. No games. No loopholes.
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee: Not satisfied with the work we have done on your home? We will keep at it until you are! In the case that we cannot find a reasonable long-term solution to your qualms, we guarantee to refund you 100% of the initial cost of your roofing installation.

Find out more about our TripleGuard™ Warranty for West Seattle homeowners.

SmartMatch™ Needs Analysis

Upon initial consultation, our highly-trained crew will perform a SmartMatch™ Needs Analysis to determine which exact services and products will work best for your home. Unlike other home contractors who just spew the same rhetoric that the only brand they carry is the end-all-be-all option, which is just untrue.

At RoofSMart, we let you and your home do all the talking. We may suggest a route that we feel is best for your situation, but we never push you to purchase a more expensive roofing option. The proof is in the pudding.

Find out more about our SmartMatch™ Needs Analysis.

FAQ About West Seattle, WA Roof Replacement

Do We Offer A Roofing Warranty?

Yes, we do! Our warranty is just one more reason to choose us for your roof replacement needs. We offer a lifetime guarantee on materials and labor with a 100% money-back guarantee on these aspects.

Can We Help Homeowners To Finance Their Roofs?

Yes. We realize that replacing a roof can be a costly venture, and that is why we offer financing options. Our financing options make it easier than ever to get an affordable monthly rate for the roof that will protect your home since a damaged roof can cause future issues to the home and needs to be replaced immediately.

Can We Work With Insurance Companies?

You bet we can! We have helped tons of homeowners get the roof they need while working directly with their adjuster to get the project completed in a timely manner. This has proven to be a huge burden lifted from our customers’ shoulders.

Why Do We Call Ourselves Roofing “Nerds”?

Because we are knowledgeable and always have the needs of our customers in mind when doing any type of roof. We want to be the “nerds” of roofing that everyone comes to for information they can trust.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“These guys were great from start to finish! They hit the mark on the estimate and managed the project flawlessly. Very helpful with helping navigate the storm damage and insurance nuances – we will definitely recommend RoofSmart to our neighbors!”
– Grant B.

“I’ve used Josh and RoofSmart for my personal home and for properties we manage in our property management company, The Goldin Group. I highly recommend Josh and RoofSmart. He does a very professional job each and every time we hire him. We’re happy, our clients are happy, and I trust you will be happy, too.”
– Marc B.

Free Estimates For Your West Seattle, WA Home

The biggest complaint we hear from our West Seattle customers regarding past roofing services is one you can probably imagine, overcharging for mediocre services. At RoofSmart, we ONLY charge our customers exactly what our services are worth and NEVER try to push clients towards more expensive services or build materials.

Our free roofing consultation is the first and foremost way we implement this core value. Why pay for someone to just IDENTIFY if your roof has a problem? It’s a waste of your hard-earned money!

If you are ready to get started with the best roofers in the game, contact us today! Let the roofing nerds handle the dirty work knowing deep down in your heart that our crew at RoofSmart always has your best intentions in mind.

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