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Flat & Low-Sloped Roofing Solutions From The Experts In Gig Harbor, WA

Gig Harbor, WA residents can all look forward to innovative flat & low-sloped roofing solutions – with the professionals at RoofSmart™. We specialize in flat & low-sloped roofing material and installation techniques, protecting your unique roof for years to come.

We specialize in excellent material and installation and offer walkable roofing, which makes use of your otherwise unused flat roof. So no matter your needs, we have the solution and experience to do the job.

Working with flat & low-sloped roofs proves the need for specialized workers and materials. We are equipped to handle this, as our in-house crew is specially trained for it.

PVC-Based Roofing

PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, a type of roofing with one membrane and excellent fire resistance. In fact, it’s known to be highly durable against all of nature’s most harsh elements, such as the extreme rain of Gig Harbor, WA.

This type of roofing is easy to maintain and has outstanding longevity. Not only that, it’s environmentally friendly as well as energy efficient. It offers all of the curb appeal that you could want in a roof and the following great benefits:

  • It’s flexible so that it will expand and contract no matter how drastic the temperature swings may get.
  • It’s resistant to anything you can think of – various chemicals, fire, physical damage, and water.
  • With PVC, the seams can be welded with hot air, meaning that they will be stronger than rubber and be entirely watertight.
  • It requires very little maintenance, despite its long life span going well into two decades.
  • It’s resistant to UV, meaning that it will help your home’s energy efficiency.

PVC Roofing is perfect for both commercial and residential roofing, and our experts at RoofSmart™ can most certainly install it with the needed expertise.

TPO-Based Roofing

TPO is a thermoplastic polyurethane and a single-ply membrane that performs exceptionally well. Because it’s a newer technology, having been developed since the 1990s, no plasticizers are used. As with PVC roofing, it is resistant to many of nature’s most harsh elements, as well as UV.

While it isn’t as flexible as PVC, it can still easily withstand the ebb and flow of temperature changes. Given Gig Harbor, WA’s relatively mild yearly temperatures, TPO is an excellent solution and at a lower cost than PVC.

Walkable Roofing

Our walkable Roofing Solutions in Gig Harbor, WA are genuinely unique. Not only is it an intelligent use of space, but the special material we use also makes for the most comfortable experience possible. Here are some of the benefits of our specialized walkable roofing solutions:

  • Hydrophobic polycarbonate is the top finish we use to shed water, thus making cleaning easier.
  • Cool step technology can reduce heat by up to 50% during hot summer days.
  • It can resist temperature changes of extreme nature.
  • It repels both extreme UV and mold.
  • We can manufacture it in almost any style and color you wish.

If you’re on the fence about making your flat roof into a walkable roof, don’t hesitate to get a SmartMatch™ Needs Analysis to find out more.

Flat & Low-Sloped Roofing Requires True Professionals – Here’s Why RoofSmart™ Are The Ones To Do It

We have a dedicated leadership team and crew specifically trained and knowledgeable for flat & low-slope roofing. This guarantees that all of our Gig Harbor, WA customers get the best of the best for this special type of roofing.

Some highlights of our team include:

  • A deep background with gutters
  • Family background in the roofing and contracting industry
  • A lifetime of experience in construction
  • Master installers and crew
  • A successful standing and high reputation since 2011

We would love the opportunity to showcase our work on your flat & low-sloped roof!

RoofSmart™ Awaits Your Flat & Low-Sloped Roofing Request For Expert Installation!

Our SmartMatch™ Needs Analysis will ensure that every customer is getting exactly what they need— no more, no less. More so, our TripleGuard™ Warranty guarantees you are making a safe investment with us.

Our customer reviews and case studies speak for themselves – our customers are highly pleased and have been for over ten years!

Contact RoofSmart™ at (206) 487-4877 to get started on your flat & low-sloped roof today!

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