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Issaquah, WA’s Metal Roofing Expert Is Ready To Take Your Home To The Next Level

With Limitless Metal Roofing Options And Styles Available

If your Issaquah, WA, home requires a roofing makeover, consider a metal roof from one of Greater Seattle’s top roofers – RoofSmart™.

Metal roofing offers many advantages over traditional shingle roofing – not least being longevity. Here’s the catch, however – for a metal roof to last a literal lifetime, it must be from an excellent manufacturer and installed by a truly knowledgeable professional.

That’s why at RoofSmart™, we take professionalism to another level – we’re “eggheads” about roofing.

We’re The Roofing Nerds Of Issaquah, WA

Many Issaquah, WA, roofing contractors get by with the bare minimum – they make the outermost layer of a new roof look aesthetically pleasing. But what about under the hood?

A roof has many components – too many to mention in one article. That said, we have broken it down into a six-point system to ensure your roof will be 100% sound after its replacement. 

    1. Attic Ventilation ensures there is sufficient airflow in your attic.
    2. Roof-Gutter Handoff inspection will detect any potential leaking down the side of your home from poor gutter placement.  
    3. Bathroom Ventilation ensures no lazy past contractors simply left the ventilation pipe in the attic without installing it to blow outside of your home.
    4. Chimney Integrity looks for decay and if the flashing is in good working order. 
    5. Reframing is not always necessary as it adds time and labor. We will inspect the frame for rot and other unsavory conditions with experienced decision-making before suggesting a reframe or not. 
    6. Under-Shingle Components are always of 5-star quality and only from the best manufacturers. For metal roofing, the same holds true – we only use the best of the best in all of our manufactured materials.

When you have your roof cared for by RoofSmart™ of Issaquah, WA, you’ll know that the entire roofing system – including the frame has been adequately surveyed.

That’s our Egghead Promise to you.

The RoofSmart™ Metal Roofing Catalog

Metal roofing in Issaquah, WA is an excellent alternative to composition roofing as it, too, offers a wide selection of styles, colors, and materials.

At RoofSmart™, we excel in our excellent catalog of top metal roofing styles – following the latest trends in material and style.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Our most popular style of metal roofing, standing seam, is sleek, beautiful, aesthetically pleasing, and will last a lifetime.

With our standing seam metal roofing, you can expect the following exceptional benefits:

  • Guaranteed protection – fire, rust, and rot will never be an issue.   
  • Peak weather resistance – gale force winds don’t stand a chance.
  • UV-reflective coating – bring on those sparse but intense Issaquah, WA, sunny summer days.

Replica-Shake Steel Roofing Shingles

Wood will never be an obsolete material – especially for aesthetics. The rustic, warm, and woodsy feel from traditional shake roofing are easy to fall in love with. The downside, however, is that shake roofing is very prone to the elements – unlike metal roofing.

But what if you could combine shake shingles and metal to give the best of both worlds? With RoofSmart™, mixing looks and materials is easy.

Our stunning replica-shake steel roofing is photorealistic to actual cedar shake shingles, with none of the hassles of natural wood

Replica-Slate Steel Roofing Shingles

Slate shingles are considered luxurious, having been applied to countless Victorian-era homes and mansions throughout the centuries. These gorgeous natural stone-sources shingles are an authority in curb appeal.

The issue with natural slate is that it is quite expensive, requires a specialized team to install, and is very heavy – this puts higher-than-average stress on a roof’s frame.

Yet again, RoofSmart™ offers an intelligent solution to this dilemma with our specialized replica-steel roofing shingles.

This product is for you if you want the elegance and curb appeal of real slate but at a significantly lower cost and without sacrificing looks.

Copper Metal Roofing

Copper roofing gives the elegance of slate roofing a run for its money by being the king of opulence and curb appeal. Copper has been utilized for thousands of years throughout history – it’s also the material used on some of the world’s most prominent structures standing today.

Other benefits of our copper metal roofing include the following:

  • Lasting not just for a lifetime – but for generations to come. 
  • Top-tier fire and weather resistance.
  • Soldering for 100% guaranteed leak prevention.
  • Being extremely energy efficient.
  • Being, hands down, the king of curb appeal.

Contact RoofSmart™ Of Issaquah, WA, To Begin Your Breathtaking Metal Roof Today!

More than being egghead smart, we’re loved by our customer base – providing an excellent track record since 2011. Our team is composed of true experts who have given love and dedication to the craft of roofing for years.

With us, you will receive honesty, integrity, and generous options throughout the entire roofing process. 

Contact RoofSmart™ at (206)487-4877 or fill out our simple online contact form today!

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