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Specialized Roofing Needs Are Easily Solved By RoofSmart™ Of Issaquah, WA

Whether It’s Wood, Tile, Metal, Or A Walkable Deck– We Can Make It Happen

When searching for a roof replacement in Issaquah, WA the first image that comes to mind might be asphalt shingles. This is the most common roofing material, after all. But what if you want to do something more unique with your roof?

There is an assortment of roofing options for those who want to stand out. However, the only problem with unique roofing is finding a roofing contractor with the material and experience to install it correctly.

If you’re in Issaquah, WA, and require unconventional roofing, you’re in luck – because RoofSmart™ can do it all.

Unique Roofing Options For Issaquah, WA

At RoofSmart™, we understand that breaking the cookie-cutter mold of their subdivision is a must for some Issaquah, WA, homeowners.

Whether it’s wood, metal, or tile, we cover it all for our Issaquah, WA, customers seeking the more exotic roofing materials. Best of all, we only use materials from top manufacturers, meaning that no matter what material you choose, you can be confident it will look gorgeous and last for years.

Here is a look at our catalog of unique roofing options and some background information on each material, as you may not have heard of some!

Wood Roofing

Wood roofing offers stunning beauty – plain and simple. Nothing quite beats wood when looking natural, authentic, outdoorsy, and having an overall tasteful aesthetic. We offer Issaquah, WA, both cedar shake and cedar shingles to bring out the best in their home.

Cedar Shake And Cedar Shingles

Both of these materials are made from cedar wood of cedar trees – a great aesthetic choice for the Pacific Northwest. They look stunning about anywhere they’re installed in Issaquah, WA, and surrounding areas.

The difference between the two lies in the precision of cut – with cedar shake, it is a less precise and thus natural look. Whereas with cedar shingles, it has a straighter and more uniform look.

Other benefits of wood roofing include the following:

  • Amazing energy efficiency
  • Simple to repair
  • Substantial lifespan

Given the location and look of Issaquah, WA itself – you’re bound to love a new wood roof for your home.

It’s important to note that while we offer replica-looking metal roofing for both cedar-shake and cedar-shingles, we understand that for some homeowners, having the real experience of wood is paramount.

That and our effort to offer unlimited options is why we not only carry genuine wood roofing but can install it like the master craftsmen we are.

Metal Roofing

At RoofSmart™, we’re proud to be an Issaquah, WA, leader in metal roofing. As with other types of roofing, there are quite a few sub-categories to consider.

Here are some of our favorite metal roofing systems that our craftsmen can expertly install.


You know you’re looking at a standing-seam metal roof when you see long, parallel vertical lines running down its length. These raised hills and valleys are the characteristic trademarks of this classic roof.

One of the best benefits of our standing-seam metal roofs is that they’re perfect for solar panel installation.

Replica -Shake And Replica-Slate

If you want all of the beauty and appeal of wooden shingles but not some of the downsides that come with them, we also offer replica versions made with metal.

These can effectively mimic the real thing and are best suited for those who are okay with sacrificing the genuine wood product with a cost-effective, lightweight alternative.


Two words come to mind when thinking of copper roofing – curb appeal.

Copper roofing has been used atop famous structures for centuries, if not millennia. Many world-famous landmarks and sites worldwide still sport copper to this day.

Not only does it assert luxury and curb appeal, it’s exceptionally durable to all adversarial conditions and will last not just a lifetime but for generations to come.

Tile Roofing

Curb appeal isn’t just about glitz and glam – paying homage to history and classical styles of architecture is a tasteful way to show off your home to the neighborhood.

Tile has stood the test of time – so why not add a bit of that history to your home!

Plus, we know how to finesse old-school techniques into a flawless modern roof. We can do everything from stone to cement and even clay roofing – we’re a crew of master craftsmen and have the specialized training to get the job done.

Composite Roofing

A fan favorite among our Issaquah, WA clients is DaVinci composite roofing. It can appear just as gorgeous and stylish as slate and shake shingles but with the added benefit of the latest roofing technology.

We consider this a SmartPick when looking for a “best of both worlds” style of roofing.

Walkable Roofing

For the multi-taskers and resourceful Issaquah, WA, homeowners who like to waste no space, why not make your flat roof livable?

RoofSmart™ specializes in walkable roofing, outfitting an otherwise wasted space into the terrace or deck of your dreams with high-tech surfaces that repel UV and even stay cool or warm to bare feet with temperature control!

Contact The Pros At RoofSmart Today For Your Unique And Perfect Roof!

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You can expect to get only what you need from a detailed SmartMatch Needs Analysis. Our experts will guide you on the next steps after hearing about your roof’s situation and intelligently match you with the proper course of action.

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