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Why You Need Experts To Install Your New
Flat & Low-Sloped Kent, WA Roof

Other Roofing Companies Fall Flat Compared To
RoofSmart™ For Their Roofing Solutions

In Kent, WA, certain roofing jobs require special expertise – one of those jobs is flat & low-sloped roofing. Along with water collection, there are a host of other potential problems this type of roofing can present.

The chosen material and roofing contractor performing the job need to be prudent in how they go about such a job to avoid any water collection.

Here at RoofSmart™, we are specially equipped to handle these challenges. We possess a highly-experienced crew, leadership team, work ethic, and solid list of company values paired with excellent material manufacturing choices that make flat & low-sloped roofing a breeze to handle.

Common Problems Kent, WA Flat & Low-Sloped Roofs Face

We highly value transparency and clear communication – so our valued Kent, WA customers should be educated and aware of everything regarding their roofs. That said, let’s quickly go over some of the ways in which flat & low-sloped roofing can be particularly challenging:

  • Thermal Cycling refers to the constant heat and cooling cycles a roof will go through in a day. It stretches and contracts the material, which puts it to the test on a daily basis.
  • Ponding refers to a roof with an insufficient degree of slope, which results in water collecting – obviously leading to a host of issues very quickly.
  • Microbial Growth results from this ponding, and growths can quickly occur – arguably one of the most damaging factors to a roof’s integrity and overall lifespan.

How RoofSmart™ Meets The Challange Of Kent, WA
Flat & Low-Sloped Roofing Head-On

We at RoofSmart™ in Kent, WA have a series of ways in which we can ensure an excellent job done for our flat & low-sloped roofing projects – and it all starts with the superb choice of materials we choose to use.

PVC Or Polyvinyl Chloride

This single-ply material is renowned for its durability – it can handle a whopping 350 lbs per square inch of pressure. This is far above and beyond the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) rating of 200 lbs. per square inch.

Even better, remember how we mentioned the expanding and contracting issue above – or thermal cycling? PVC is an excellent choice for handling these natural movements.

Here are some other benefits you can expect with PVC roofing.

  • Resistant to almost any adversary – fire, chemicals, wind, water, mold, tears, and more.
  • Heat-welded seams – the strength of PVC can take the heat, meaning it can be sealed without the use of shotty adhesives, which makes it water-tight.
  • UV-Resistent – hello, energy efficiency!
  • Lasts decades – and with little to no upkeep.

TPO Or Thermoplastic Polyolefin

This material is a little newer to the Kent, WA area than PVC roofing – it continues to be tweaked since its inception in the 1990s. That said, the price tag is less than that of PVC as the material continues to be refined.

While it is somewhat less pliable than PVC, it still has enough flexibility to deal with those thermal changes, which for Kent, WA aren’t as extreme as in other regions.

Other benefits of TPO roofing include the following:

  • Outstanding durability against adversarial conditions.
  • ENERGY STAR® rated, with home-cooling abilities.
  • Like PVC, it also lasts for decades with little to no upkeep

The Walkable Flat Roofing Option

One final material we offer is walkable roofing for roof decks, patios, and living areas.

These are a genuinely exciting line of roofing because, unlike traditional deck or patio material, we carry and install a special waterproof vinyl membrane that is photorealistic to real wood planks, marble, stone, or concrete!

With our unique walkable roofing solutions, you can expect the following:

  • Hydrophobic polycarbonate finish, which makes cleaning a breeze.
  • Cool-step tech, keeping the deck 50% cooler than an average deck surface during those blistering summer days.
  • Resisting degradation in temperatures anywhere from -40°F to 356°F.
  • UV and mold blocking that lasts longer than the material lifespan itself.
  • Wide selections of styles and colors are available.

As mentioned earlier, these fancy materials do nothing unless the contractor installing them is highly skilled and meticulous – and here’s why RoofSmart™ fits that bill.

We’re Thorough, Dedicated, And A Bit Fanatical

When purchasing a certified pre-owned car or getting a “factory refurbished” device, don’t you always wonder what actually goes into those titles? If Kent, WA consumers knew what goes on under the hood, maybe they wouldn’t be so quick to purchase a used device.

Similarly, when choosing a roofing contractor, you want to know if the aesthetic and nuts and bolts are both being considered

Much like how most of an iceberg sits under the ocean’s surface, so do the inner workings of a roof. A roof may look good, but that doesn’t mean it’s been constructed well enough.

So how do you know if your roofing contractor is doing an excellent job in replacing and inspecting the totality of your roof, so it will last for decades to come without question of failure?

With the RoofSmart™ Eggheads of Kent, WA.

Ensuring Excellence In Roofing Standards With The Eggheads
Of RoofSmart™ In Kent, WA

No, this isn’t the name of Kent, WA’s coolest new alternative band – it’s the name of every member in the RoofSmart™ organization – because we are truly nerds when it comes to roofing the right way.

Here are six ways we Eggheads totally “geek out” over the roofs we replace:

  1. Attic Ventilation – this is a massively important thing, and many roofers don’t even care to inspect this. We are very particular about ensuring your roof is well-ventilated – especially with Kent, WA being ranked as one of the most humid cities in America!
  2. Roof-Gutter Handoff – many gutters are installed too high, which results in a “ski jump” effect that will cause leaking. 
  3. Bathroom Ventilation – we confirm the air from the bathroom is being blown outside and away from your home, not in your attic! 
  4. Chimney Assessment – because chimneys are such a problem area, we will investigate them and let you know the proper course of action if there’s an issue. 
  5. Reframing – if there is rotting or an issue with your roof’s frame, we will appropriately handle the situation.
  6. We install roofing systems – we aren’t just concerned with the outermost layer of your roof. How roofing materials work in concert is vital to their success – meaning all layers that comprise a roof must come as one package to ensure the roof’s longevity. 

As you can see from our six-point Egghead inspection system, we really are geeks regarding roofing – our name is RoofSmart™, after all. 

Contact The Trusted And Highly-Skilled Flat & Low-Sloped
Roofing Experts In Kent, WA

We perfectly match each Kent, WA customer with exactly what they need for their roof. Even better, you can rest assured that with our unrivaled TripleGuard™ warranty, you’re in good hands through and through. 

Contact RoofSmart™ at (206)487-4877 or complete this simple online contact form to start on your flat & low-sloped roof today!

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