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Durable, Flexible, And Long-Lasting Options For Your Roof

If you have a flat or low-sloped roof, you’re one of very few homeowners in the Mercer Island area that do. This type of roof takes a lot of brainpower and skill to install and is very frequently installed incorrectly. That’s why you need a specialist skilled in the art of flat and low-sloped roof installations when you need yours replaced.

Here at RoofSmart, we love solving the problems associated with these types of roofs. We ensure that water will shed properly, not building up underneath the roofing material. We specialize in designing completely waterproof TPO and PVC roofing that is built to last.

PVC Roofing

Polyvinyl chloride or PVC roofing is made of a single-ply membrane, is extremely durable, and resists fire, chemicals, and high winds. This type of roofing is very low maintenance and will last you for decades to come. Additionally, PVC roofing offers very high energy efficiency.

TPO Roofing

Thermoplastic polyolefin or TPO is another single-ply roofing membrane. Not only does it offer high-end performance, but it comes at a very reasonable price. TPO roofing is resistant to heat, UV-rays, fungus buildup, and weathering. It’s not as flexible as PVC, but it is still extremely pliable, making it an excellent option for flat and low-sloped roofs.

Walkable Roofing

If you have a walkout roof deck or patio, we have excellent walkable roofing that offers both incredible performance and amazing looks. This type of roofing is made of a special waterproof vinyl membrane that will replicate the most stylish roof deck materials like wood planks, stone, poured concrete, and marble. Our walkable roofing options also require minimal maintenance.

Check Out Our Previous Jobs

While there may not be that many flat or low-sloped roofs in the Mercer Island area, we still have extensive experience with these types of installations. If you have one of these roofs and are interested in seeing exactly what we can do, have a look at our previous projects.

Our Core Values Guarantee You Top Quality

Since we opened our doors in 2011, we have stuck by the same set of core values that have shaped our business into what it is today. These values translate into an excellent experience for you.

Attention To Detail

We don’t allow anything resembling shortcuts, corner-cutting, or sloppy workmanship at RoofSmart. When we consider the details, we look all the way down into the finest aspects of an installation that other roofing contractors often miss. We also pay our installers more than the competition to ensure that we retain the best talent the Mercer Island area has to offer!


We function best as a team through and through. We know that a roofing installation is not a one-person job and that it takes a team working cohesively to get the project completed the right way. Every member of our team knows their role as well as the role of everyone else, which enables us to all work together perfectly.


Here at RoofSmart, we’re going to be upfront and honest with you no matter what, even if that means hurting our bottom line.

True Solutions

Our SmartMatch Needs Analysis ensures that the roof you have installed is perfect for your needs and your budget. We don’t participate in any arm-twisting, offering you a relaxed conversation with no pressure and a rock-solid quote instead.


If you want maximum value for your dollar, then look no further. We use only the best products, hire the best people, and provide the best customer service. While we may not be the cheapest roofing contractor in the Mercer Island area, we deliver peak quality for your investment.


We rarely make a mistake, but when we do, we make things better than right. We jump right on the problem with no finger-pointing and no blaming anyone else.

Trust The Company With An A+ BBB Rating

At RoofSmart, we have officially received accreditation with the Better Business Bureau, but even better, we have an A+ rating! This means we have zero complaints and follow a secondary set of criteria to maintain our accreditation. We build trust with our customers, keep our promises, remain responsive, protect customer privacy, and exemplify integrity.

Do You Need To Replace Your Flat Or Low-Sloped Roof?
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When it’s time to replace your flat or low-sloped roof on your Mercer Island home, you need a specialist who is going to do the job right. You need the experts at RoofSmart!

We specialize in this type of roof replacement and will ensure that you have a beautiful, durable roof that is built to last. You won’t find this type of quality anywhere else!

Call us today at (206) 487-4877 or contact us for your free estimate.

We service Mercer Island and the surrounding areas.

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