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When it’s time to replace the roof on your Mercer Island home, you might end up very disappointed when you find out that most of the local roofing contractors only specialize in one or two types of installations. When you want options, you need a company that can deliver.

Here at RoofSmart, you’re not limited to just a couple of choices. If you have a roof in mind, chances are we can install it. We have extensive experience in the installation of wood, metal, stone, and walkable roofs. If you can dream it up, we can install it.

Wood Roofing

When it comes to wood roofing, we offer cedar shake and cedar shingle, both of which provide a classical, elegant style. However, installing this type of roof is very difficult, due to the sheer number of shingles required for the job. To make things even more difficult, every piece must fit together perfectly like in a jigsaw puzzle. This is why you need to contact the professionals to get the job done right!

Metal Roofing

We can install any metal roofing style you’re interested in. This includes standing seam, copper, replica-shake, and replica-slate metal roofing types. We are unrivaled in the Mercer Island area when it comes to expertise in the installation of metal roofs.

Tile Roofing

While many roofing companies have stopped offering authentic clay, stone, and cement tile roofing options, we have not. This is simply because many homeowners are not satisfied with anything but the real deal when it comes to these materials.

Composite Roofing

Our composite roofing is from the DaVinci brand, which has such a great reputation that it’s used all over Disney World. It offers the beautiful look of shake or slate without the hassles of regular maintenance. Composite roofing doesn’t rot, split, warp, or crack and isn’t exceptionally heavy.

Walkable Roofing

We offer walkable roofing options for rooftop balconies, patios, and walkways. They are made of an ultra-durable vinyl waterproof membrane that you can select a specific design for, such as wood planks, marble, and stone, among many others.

Get The Roof That’s Perfect For Your Needs And Budget

With all the options available when you choose us at RoofSmart, your head might be spinning. Don’t worry; we offer a SmartMatch Needs Analysis that will help you identify exactly what roof is the best match for your needs as well as your budget.

During your in-home consultation, our project consultant will start by analyzing the condition of your current roof. Next, they will analyze your attic ventilation, attic insulation, and bathroom ventilation. Also, if you have a chimney, that will be evaluated. Finally, your yard will be inspected to see what kind and how many trees you have.

Once all the evaluations and analyses are completed, we will then begin our cost assessment to find the best solution for your budget. At RoofSmart, our goal is to provide you with the roof that you deserve, and our SmartMatch Needs Analysis will guarantee that the roof you receive is the perfect match for you.

Simple Financing Solutions

During your SmartMatch Needs Analysis, we can also explore the different financing options we have available for you. There are several reasons why our customers choose to finance with us:

  • We have options to suit virtually everyone’s needs
  • Financing is available for less than perfect credit scores (starting at 580)
  • Pre-approval is nearly instantaneous
  • We use a soft pull on your credit
  • There is no obligation to commit if you are pre-approved

We Take Our Jobs Very Seriously

We are so serious about roofing that if a crew doesn’t perform to the RoofSmart standards, we have no problem removing them from their positions. We’ve done it before, and if we have to, we’ll do it again.

There was one time that we had a crew who installed a roof on their first solo project that was poorly put together and not completed the RoofSmart way. The Project Manager walked them through the mistakes and explained every last detail that was wrong, making them correct everything. We believed that the problem was solved.

When it came time to review their second project, the Project Manager found an even worse job! At the time, there was a severe labor shortage, but it didn’t matter. We fired them on the spot. We could not have them installing our roofs with such terrible craftsmanship.

We tore off that roof and completely replaced it so that the customer would receive the high quality they expected.

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