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Superior TPO And PVC Roofing Options For Your Home

Because flat and low-sloped roofs are so rare in the North Seattle area, finding a contractor who specializes in their installation can be a struggle. Luckily you found us. Here at RoofSmart, we offer several options for flat and low-sloped roofing, and we know how to expertly install them.

Flat and low-sloped roofing is the most frequently messed-up type of roof installation. What happens is that water sheds very slowly from these roofs and has the potential to build up and flow under them if they aren’t installed properly. What you end up with is mold, rot, and decay.

As roofing nerds, we know how to avoid all of these problems by providing you with a properly installed roof that will be completely waterproof and perfectly designed.

Types Of Flat And Low-Sloped Roofing We Offer

We install three main types of flat and low-sloped roofing. All of these selections are flexible, durable, and long-lasting.

PVC Roofing

Low-maintenance and extremely durable, PVC roofing is resistant to fire, chemicals, and high wind speeds. It features high UV resistance to provide you with increased energy efficiency. Your PVC roof will be beautiful and last you for years to come.

TPO Roofing

A newer flat-roofing technology, TPO does not include plasticizers in its formulation, making it cheaper and experimental. TPO roofing is resistant to fungus buildup, heat, weathering, and UV rays. It will last for decades with almost no maintenance.

Walkable Roofing

Our walkable roofing can be selected to replicate any number of roof materials, including marble, stone, and wood planks. It has a special finish to encourage the shedding of water, and its lifespan is extended through the use of UV and mold inhibitors. Because of the increased foot traffic, our walkable roofs have a tread-like surface to make it easier to walk on without slipping.

Egghead Installation: Smarter Roofing For Your Home

Anyone in North Seattle can install a visually appealing roof, but what about the areas that you can’t see? Many roofing contractors in the area either don’t know what they’re doing when it comes to these areas, or they just gloss over them. Here at RoofSmart, we focus on the big picture and therefore don’t miss any of the small details.

Unlike most of the competition, we use employees, not subcontractors, meaning we have total control over the craftsmanship of your roof. When it comes to who we employ, we are extremely picky. These individuals must have a passion for delivering high-quality roofing for all of our North Seattle customers.

Our Egghead Installation guarantees that your roof will be installed perfectly. We ensure that your attic ventilation is perfectly balanced for the needs of your roof as well as making sure the roof-gutter handoff is even so that the water doesn’t have to climb up into the gutters.

We also track the bathroom ventilation to be sure it actually exists in your home instead of just stopping in the middle of your insulation. If you have a chimney, we’ll ensure that your flashing is in good condition and that there is no rotting. If there is any structural damage to your roof, we will be glad to fix it with reframing as needed.

You won’t have to worry about any of the parts of your roof that you can’t see because we will take care of everything.

A TripleGuard Warranty Backs Up Your Expertly Installed Roof

Not only do we make sure everything is perfect with the installation of your roof, but we back it up with the best warranty there is to offer in North Seattle. Our TripleGuard Warranty is a three-part warranty that will keep you reassured long after we’re gone from your home.

Not only do we offer premium products, but we back them up with a lifetime warranty. As long as you live in your house, your products are covered.

In addition, if we did actually do something wrong, we will fix it no matter when the problem occurs. You will be supported by a lifetime workmanship warranty.

Finally, if there is a material fault or a problem with the workmanship that triggers this warranty, we will refund all of your money, no questions asked.

However, you can rest assured knowing that in all the years we have been in business, we have never had to act on our money-back guarantee.

Our SmartMatch Needs Analysis Will Pair You With
The Perfect Roof

You might be wondering how on earth you are supposed to choose which type of roof is the best for your home. You don’t have to worry one bit because we have a SmartMatch Needs Analysis that will match you up with the exact roof meant for you.

All homes have different requirements, and we’ll get down to the bottom of exactly what yours are. We also know that you don’t have the same tastes as our other customers and we’ll consider that as well. What you’ll end up with is a roof that is custom-tailored to your specific home, your tastes, and your budget.

Does Your Flat Or Low-Sloped Roof Need To Be Replaced?
Call RoofSmart Today

If your North Seattle home has a flat or low-sloped roof, you don’t want just any random contractor to replace it. You need someone who specializes in this type of roof so that you get a perfect installation, someone like the nerds at RoofSmart.

Your roof will be perfectly installed and watertight. You won’t have a thing to worry about especially knowing it’s backed by our TripleGuard Warranty.

Call us today at (206) 487-4877 or schedule your free estimate.

We service North Seattle and the surrounding areas.

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