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Roofing in Gig Harbor, WA, doesn’t need to be complicated. RoofSmart™ has been solving any customer request and dream roof aspiration since 2011.

Many roofing contractors will offer only one manufacturer of shingles. But we understand that it’s nice to have as many options as possible, so you know you’re getting the exact roofing system you desire.

That said, too much selection can confuse a homeowner and make them wonder if they made the right choice.

While we offer many options compared to our competitors in terms of material, we only carry the top three manufacturers in the country. That way, no matter who you choose, you know you’re getting the best material when you decide to work with RoofSmart™.

Meet Our Dedicated Team

Unlike other roofing companies in our area, we love what we do and are not afraid to say it. Many other Gig Harbor, WA, roofing contractors won’t put a name and face to their work because they can’t be one hundred percent proud of it – but we are. We’re dedicated to serving our area’s families, and we won’t rest until you are completely satisfied.

Here’s a little bit about our leadership team and why we’re the best roofing contractor in the area.

Jim Singleterry – CEO

Jim is a self-proclaimed nerd – a fantastic attribute for a roofing contractor. Roofing involves having a deep knowledge of many intricate nuances that go beyond the surface of a roof. Because Jim is in love with learning, he has learned everything about roofing – inside and out.

Not only that, his family has a background in construction. As a child, he helped his father with construction projects. After stepping away for some time, he eventually returned to his love of being on the construction site.

With the founding of RoofSmart™ in 2011, he cemented his prowess by turning his nerd knowledge into reality by becoming an authority for Gig Harbor, WA’s roofing solutions.

John Campopiano – CFO

John’s father was a roofer – as a child, he promised himself he’d never become a roofer. It turns out that after high school, business school, and the corporate grind, he realized that the roofing contractor space fit his personality. He took a stint at being a restaurateur, which he was also a talent at, but in the end, roofing is where he decided he belonged.

His talents are best applied to the roofing industry, where he has shown his expertise since 2011. With over 5,000 roofing projects under his belt, he can confidently say that he’s an expert in the field.

Nestor Martinez – Master Installer

Nestor has run the gamut in construction. He’s worked on foundations, framing, carpentry, and of course roofing.

Doing the job not just right but with excellence is the foundation of who he is. He aims for a remarkable job done – every time.

Our Composition Roofing Options

We offer a wide variety of Gig Harbor, WA composition roofing solutions – three of which are excellent choices for any composition roofing project.

Regarding composition roofing, we highly recommend going with one of these three manufacturing options, as all others fall short in comparison.

1. Owens Corning

Owens Corning has been a force in the roofing materials world for over 50 years

Their Total Protection Roofing System™ is, hands down, one of the best investments any Gig Harbor, WA, resident could make for their roof.

Here are the key features of this famous roofing system.

Famous For Water Tightness

A dual protection system for water tightness guarantees a dry roof interior.

  • Ice & water barrier – Protects against runoffs and secondary water.
  • Synthetic underlayment – Protects against more punishing water from the winds.

Owens Corning shingles come with three layers of total protection:

  • Starter shingles
  • Main composition shingles
  • Hip & ridge shingles

Add in the fact that they have some of the best ventilation systems in the game, and your roof is sure to be well off for years to come.

2. GAF Composition Roofing

Founded in 1886 as the Standard Paint Company, GAF has been a global powerhouse in composition roofing, providing solutions for some of the biggest companies in the world.

Here are some of the key benefits you can expect with your GAF roof for your Gig Harbor, WA, roof:

  • Leak barrier with fiberglass reinforcement.
  • Roof deck protection with Tiger Paw™ – a specialized polypropylene underlayment.
  • Starter strip shingles firmly hold shingles into place with pre-applied Dura Grip™ tech.
  • Lifetime shingles such as the renowned Timberline® roofing shingle give the ultimate beauty.

3. CertainTeed Composition Roofing

Here are just some of the fantastic benefits you get with CertainTeed’s Integrity Roof System®:

  • Waterproof and water-resistant underlayments – WinterGuard® underlayment and DiamondDeck® function together for superior moisture protection.
  • Starter shingles – Don’t let the word “starter” fool you. CertainTeed’s shingles can stand up to a hurricane.
  • Attic ventilation – Ridge vents, rolled ridge vents, and more are all comprehensive ventilation systems that ensure a healthy inner roof.
  • Hip & ridge cap shingles – Six gorgeous hip and ridge cap styles make the total protection from moisture of your roof done in style.

Contact Us For Your Composition Roof Today

Our case studies and pleased customers don’t lie – RoofSmart™ is the real deal when it comes to composition roofing. Our leadership team is dedicated, talented, and all-around “roofing nerdy,” and our boots-on-the-ground crew is incredibly professional.

Our case studies prove our work, as a picture tells a thousand words.

To get started with your composition roof, contact RoofSmart™ at (206) 487-4877 or fill out our online contact form today!

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