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3 Of The Best Shingles You Can Get For
Your Kent, WA Roof Replacement

RoofSmart™ Carries Superior Composition Roofing Brands
Installed With Superior Expertise

The roof replacement industry has many buzzwords, fancy trademarked names for product lines, and no shortage of different colors and styles. These terms can confuse the average Kent, WA homeowner, leaving them confused and uncertain of what to decide for their roof.

How do you cut through all of the confusing jargon? Keep it simple.This is precisely what we do at RoofSmart™, especially when it comes to composition roofing.

That’s why we only carry the top three composition roofing brands – any more would just be too much. This gives our customers plenty of options without the stress of sorting through unnecessary inferior composition roofing manufacturers.

We Have Trusted Relationships With The Top Three In
Composition Roofing

Other roofing contractors in Kent, WA, will be pretty polar in their roofing material selections – either offering too many or too few options.

We’ve managed to strike the perfect balance – by only offering the top three composition roofing manufacturers – we give our valued Kent, WA customers a wide selection without worrying about the quality.

In reality, the differences between our three manufacturers are slight – they’re even similar in price. That said, they all have their own unique style and different types of product lines.

Let’s take a closer look at each.

1. Owens Corning Composition Roofing

Since the financial world created the Fortune 500 list in 1955, Owens corning has been on it yearly – employing more than 19,000 people globally.

With Owens Corning’s Total Protection Roofing System™, some features you can expect for your Kent, WA home’s new composition roof are:

A Water-Tight Seal

This includes a two-part system of moisture protection:

  • Ice & Water Barrier – protection against slower-moving water such as runoffs.
  • Synthetic Underlayment – protection against fast-moving wind-generated moisture and water.

Total Protection

Believe us when we say Owens Corning protects as if their lives depended on it – you’re getting three layers of shingle protection! These include:

  • Starter Shingles
  • The Main Composition Shingles
  • Hip & Ridge Shingles

Maximum Ventilation

Did you know that there are strict ventilation codes in Kent, WA? With Owens Corning, you won’t need to worry about it because their materials are built with maximum ventilation in mind. With their Total Protection Roofing System™, you can expect excellent intake and exhaust ventilation.

Maximum Comfort

With blow-in insulation, the entirety of your roof will be expertly filled corner to corner, giving it excellent energy efficiency and a money-saving advantage.

2. GAF Composition Roofing

Founded in 1886 as The Standard Paint Company, GAF has come a long way in manufacturing – from providing the film for Disney in the 1970s to now being a global leader in composition roofing materials.

With GAF, here are some of the benefits you can expect to see for your Kent, WA roof:

  • Leak Barrier – many barrier options for leak prevention, including a fiberglass-reinforced underlayment.
  • Roof Deck Protection – their Tiger Paw™ polypropylene underlayment is a cut above the rest for specialized UV protection.
  • Starter Strip Shingles – the pre-applied Dura Grip™ adhesive locks shingles into place before they see any gust of wind.
  • Lifetime Shingles – from their famous Timberline® roofing shingle to their designer shingles, they withstand all elements with beauty.
  • Attic Ventilation – top-of-the-line and plentiful in selection, their ventilation solutions are vast.
  • Hip & Ridge Cap Shingles – not only do these supplemental shingles protect vulnerable areas of your roof, but they also do it with the utmost style.

3. CertainTeed Composition Roofing

Arguably the top authority in Kent, WA, and the country at large – CertainTeed is quality, excellence, history, and world-renowned rolled into one company.

Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect with CertainTeed’s Integrity Roof System®:

  • Waterproof and water-resistant underlayments – their WinterGuard® underlayment provides superior protection alongside their second layer of defense, DiamondDeck®, working together as an impenetrable team.
  • Starter Shingles – bring on the hurricane-level winds. These shingles provide superior wind protection and elevate the beauty of your roof’s appearance.
  • Attic Ventilation – whether it’s ridge vents, rolled ridge vents, or intake vents, CertainTeed ensures that ventilation is a top priority for your Kent, WA, home.
  • Hip & Ridge Cap Shingles – with over six gorgeous lines of hip and ridge caps – dimensionality, protection, and top-of-the-line leak protection are a guarantee.

The Best Architectural Shingles On The Market

We had to make a special section to write about just this because of CertainTeed’s impressive and comprehensive architectural shingles. Not only are they the heaviest on the market, but they also come in several famous lines, including:

  • Grand Manor®
  • Highland Slate®
  • The Landmark® Series – the most popular line of all

CertainTeed’s architectural shingles are so good that they border on luxury or premium shingles!

You Can Trust Us Because We’re
Roof Replacement Eggheads

You read that right – we provide “egghead” installation – every time. This means that instead of making a roof just “look good,” we care about the brains on the inside. 

We’re an “under-the-hood” type of roofing contractor – meaning we aren’t completely satisfied until we know that your roof is in the best shape possible to last as long or longer than any advertised timespan. 

Our fully-employed crew and Master Installer will ensure everything about your roof is in stellar condition – not just surface-level aesthetic beauty.

Contact Us Today For Your Kent, WA Composition Roof

If you’re ready to experience the best Kent, WA, roofing customer experience with guaranteed results  – we’re ready when you are. 

Just know that when you contact us, there is no sales pressure whatsoever – we only perfectly match each customer with exactly what they need – based on their communicated needs. 

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