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Port Orchard’s Passionate, Detail-Obsessed Roofing Nerds

Want Roof Replacement Done Right? We’re The Company For You.

Anyone with access to a hammer and nice-looking materials can give you a pretty roof for your Port Orchard home. But RoofSmart is about more—MUCH more—than that.

We want to give you a roof system that performs as amazingly as it looks… AND lasts for decades. How do we do that? By roofing the right way.

Here’s what that means…

The RoofSmart Difference

RoofSmart isn’t just a catchy phrase; it’s a 100% accurate description of what we do. When it comes to your roof, we look hard at what you have, think about what you should have had all along, and present you with the perfect solution.

We’ll ensure there are no hidden problems in the structure, figure out PRECISELY what you need, and replace your roof with “down-to-the-smallest-detail” accuracy. Our customers choose us because of the following…

  • Unsurpassed Selection: We don’t have “pet” manufacturers. We offer you a choice of the best roofing brands available. That means you get the roof that YOU need and YOU want.
  • “Egghead” Installation: Pretty is nice, and we do deliver pretty. But we understand that roofing is more than “skin deep.” That’s why we focus on all the technical details you can’t see—the ones that ensure maximum performance and longevity.
  • SmartMatch™ Needs Analysis: During our first meeting, your project consultant will learn your needs, taste, and budget to match you with your perfect roof. You get exactly what you want within YOUR budget.
  • TripleGuard™ Warranty: Every RoofSmart roof comes with a Lifetime Labor Warranty, a lifetime material warranty, and a 100% money-back guarantee for decades of worry-free ownership.
  • We’re Your Reliable Roofer: Yes, every contractor says that they’re the best, but how many can prove it? That’s why we let our past customers do the talking.

SmartSeries Case Studies

It isn’t just beauty that’s skin deep. Nine times out of ten, your roof’s problems lie within the structure–NOT the shingles. Here are a few examples of how our deep knowledge of roofing systems helps us to solve—and FIX—what other roofers miss.

Solving This Issaquah Home’s “Mysterious” Water Damage Issues

A perfect-looking roof with a NIGHTMARE underneath. Here’s how paying attention to the little things can save the day.


The Bellevue Farmhouse With A 5-Layer “Roof Sandwich”

Roofing contractors kept laying new layers of shingles over the old on this historic farmhouse. Here’s a prime example of how roofers’ “good enough” attitudes hurt homeowners.


The Renton Man Who Had To Reroof 3 Times In 20 Years

There’s a word for doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Luckily, this homeowner found the cure when he called RoofSmart.

Choose Your Roof

Composition Shingle Roofing

Many roofing contractors force you to buy from their sole shingle manufacturer. We think that’s wrong, so we offer shingles from the top three composition shingle manufacturers: Owens Corning, GAF, and CertainTeed. That way, you get a roof that you’ll LOVE.


Custom Metal Roofing

Nobody knows metal roofs better than we do. PERIOD.

Our installation team has decades of combined experience strictly in metal roofing. They’ve seen every complication imaginable when it comes to metal roofing… and have conquered them all. That means that when we install your new metal roof, you can rest assured that NOTHING will be missed.


Flat/Low-Sloped Roofing

Is your roof flat or built with a low slope? We’ve got you covered!

We offer you a choice of premium PVC (polyvinyl chloride) roofing or TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) roofing. Both are resilient, flexible single-ply membranes with highly reflective surfaces. They’ll keep the sun’s heat away from your home and provide leak-free service for decades.

Get In Touch For A Free Roof Inspection In Port Orchard

If you want your roof assessed by the “roof-obsessed,” contact us today. We’d be happy to give your roof a free inspection and a quote for any work it needs.

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