We Replaced This North Bend, WA Roof With An ‘Artist’s Touch’

January 14, 2024
Case Study

A North Bend Area Roof Where We Designed
For Artistry And Built For Durability

Can Metal Roofing Really Provide
For Both Of These Needs?

Spoiler alert – yes, metal roofing can absolutely provide for both form and function. Or, in Barb’s case, artistry and function.

Here’s the thing, though. Without a roofer committed to excellence to do the roof replacement, taking in nuanced customer needs might not be possible.

But when RoofSmart is tasked with a job like this, going above and beyond is just par for the course.

We ensured Barb had a roof incorporating elements of her artistic vibe that gave the roof some unique style. But not at the cost of installing a vulnerable roof, given the heavily-forested area surrounding her home.

The solution?

Metal roofing.

But not just any metal roofing – as standing seam, while sleek, modern, and gorgeous, proved to be a little too modern for the rustic North Bend, WA area.
So, with us being the bonafide Roofing NERDS that we are, we already had a great solution in mind. But not only for the roof. We customized even more aspects of her roof to give it superior durability against all elements.

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A Fairytale In Fiction. A Challenge In Reality.

Barb’s home was cloaked under a canopy of towering trees – great for a fairytale novel but a nightmare for the roof. The tree cover caused her original composition (asphalt shingle) roof to decay quite rapidly.

Another issue? No gable overhangs, which put a beating on her windows and siding.

And to top it all off, because the house was set deep in the forest, it was hard for suppliers to reach her location.

Arial view of roof in Washington state

But the RoofSmart team is no stranger to complicated ‘tree scenarios,’ especially in the heavily-wooded Pacific Northwest. The job at hand was to find a solution that catered to Barb’s unique aesthetic preferences while defending against the natural elements.

A job that we welcome with open arms because it proves what we can do, and it only makes us better at what we do.

Arial view of roof in Washington state

A Roof Material That Marries
Aesthetic And Durability

It was clear that a conventional approach wouldn’t work here. Barb needed a sturdy, reliable roof that could withstand the environmental onslaught while enhancing her home’s visual appeal.

Our team proposed the idea of a metal roof – known for its impressive durability and longevity. However, Barb wasn’t keen on the contemporary aesthetic of standing seam metal roofing. Given her artistry and the rustic charm of North Bend, it was important to find a balance.

Enter stamped metal roofing.

This roofing type emulates the natural beauty of slate stone, offering a traditional and textured appearance. The stamped metal roof blended seamlessly with the surroundings and met Barb’s aesthetic requirements.

Most importantly, it offered superior durability when compared to traditional shingle roofing.

Arial view of roof in Washington state

Next Up: Extended Overhangs And A Revamped
Rooftop Deck With An ‘Artist’s Touch’

But we didn’t stop at the roof.

To counteract the rain damage to the walls, we extended the gable overhangs and covered the soffits with stunning cedar to match – harmonizing with the original aesthetic.

Roof overhang construction on roof replacement

This extension provided much-needed protection for the home’s exterior while enhancing the overall appeal. But as we progressed further, we discovered the rooftop deck was leaking. So we swiftly replaced it, adding a slope for efficient water drainage.

Roof overhang construction on roof replacement

Finally, the owner’s artistically designed custom railing was carefully preserved and reused, adding a personal touch to the refurbished rooftop deck.

The Final, STUNNING Result

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