Why We Photo-Document Your Roof Replacement

March 28, 2022

Snap-Happy: Why We Photo-Document Your Roof Replacement In Greater Seattle

It’s Not Just About Roofing Smartly.

It’s About Roofing Accountably.


Ninety percent of roof replacement occurs in places you, the homeowner, can’t see.

Once your roof is done, you won’t see the roof deck… or the underlayment… or the flashing… or a half-dozen other things. All that’ll be visible are those beautiful new composition shingles or metal panels.

This lack of visibility has never sat well with me. It’s like when you take your vehicle to the mechanic. Even if you trust them, there is ALWAYS that nagging question in the back of your mind…

Did they really fix my problem?

It’s only natural. After all, you can’t watch a mechanic work on your vehicle. And you can’t watch a roofer while they work on your home.

Roof replacement’s lack of transparency is why we take Before, During, and After photos of your job. This shows you actual proof of what’s wrong… and what we did to make it RIGHT.

Photos of a customer’s roofing job. (Click to enlarge.)

As we take the pictures, a special program automatically uploads them to our office. We place the pictures on a private webpage for your project. We provide you with the link to the page so you can view the images whenever you’d like.

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During the initial inspection and certain parts of the job, we review the most important photos with you in person. These can include, but are certainly not limited to, the following:

  • Attic Condition: The condition of your attic tells us a lot about your ventilation situation.
  • Shingle Integrity: You probably don’t climb on your roof very often to inspect your shingles. That’s why we show you pictures of your old shingles before we remove them.
  • Issues We Find After Tear-Off: A lot of problems hide UNDER your shingles. Once we remove your old roof, we snap photos of any and all underlying damage.

Why We Let You “Behind The Scenes”

Our transparency provides you with two big benefits:

A) Since you actually see the issues, you gain a better understanding of the solution we’ve recommended.
B) You get picture-proof of problems… AND visual documentation that we corrected those problems.

Bottom line: We replace your roof RIGHT, so we’ve got nothing to hide.

We believe you should be as informed as possible. After all, it’s YOUR roof, YOUR money, and YOUR home. Why shouldn’t you know everything about the project?

Want Examples? Check Out Our SmartSeries Case Studies

If you’d like to see our transparency and accountability in action, explore some of our SmartSeries Case Studies.

After that, feel free to reach out for a no-cost, no-obligation roof inspection. We would be honored to inspect your roof—and show you HARD PROOF of what we find.

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