Core Values

Roofsmart Core Values

RoofSmart’s Company Core Values

Our Unwavering Principles That Guarantee YOU Top Quality.

It’s no accident that we’ve become one of Greater Seattle’s most chosen and most trusted roofing companies. Since we opened in 2011, we’ve RESOLUTELY adhered to the same set of customer-first, customer-always core values.

Here are our Core Values and how they translate into a great experience and outcome for YOU…

Attention To Detail

Shortcuts, corner-cutting, and sloppy workmanship are BANNED at RoofSmart. We painstakingly consider every installation detail—down to the small, technical details other roofers don’t consider. We pay our guys better so we retain the best talent, and they’re happy to work for us. And for you!

For proof that we “walk the talk,” explore our Egghead Installation page and our SmartSeries Case Studies.


The RoofSmart team is a well-oiled machine. Everyone knows their role… as well as everyone else’s role.

This synergy allows us to function with maximum efficiency during your roof installation. At RoofSmart, we understand that premium-quality roof replacement is a TEAM effort through and through.


We’re the type of roofer that’s refreshingly honest. We always give you 100% candid answers, and we always do what’s in your best interest… even if it’s not what’s best for our bottom line.

Have a question? Just ask. We’re an open book!

True Solutions

We recommend what’s best for you… not for our bottom line. Our SmartMatch™ Needs Analysis ensures that you get the perfect roof for your needs and budget.

We won’t twist your arm or try to squeeze every last penny out of you—that’s just not our style. You can expect a relaxed, no-pressure conversation and a fair, rock-solid quote.


We provide maximum value for your hard-earned dollars. That means using ONLY the best products. Hiring ONLY the best people. Providing ONLY the best, most attentive customer service.

Are we the cheapest roofing company in Greater Seattle? No. Do we deliver peak quality for your investment? ABSOLUTELY.


We have a rhino-like attitude—we’re hard working, thick-skinned, and tough. We don’t let obstacles stand in our way. We work hard to deliver the best experience regardless of hiccups or hurdles.

In the rare instance we do make a mistake? We don’t rest until we’ve made things better than right. No excuses. No finger-pointing. Period.

These Core Values Are Our “Laws Of The Land”

When you choose us for your roof replacement, you can be certain we’ll adhere to our core values to the letter. They have been our guiding philosophies on every job we’ve performed since 2011… and YOUR project will be no exception.