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October 24, 2023
Case Study

The Frankenstein Rooftop Deck That Once
Had A Garage Door For A Sunshade

Until We Transformed It
Into A Skyline Oasis

A certain allure comes with Seattle rooftop decks. Sweeping views, entertaining guests in an impressive fashion, and the unique aesthetic that makes any property a prized feature on Puget Sound Area homes. And for a house like this: maximizing the view.

However, when installed improperly, these spaces can become constant sources of trouble – a reality that one homeowner in Seattle had been grappling with for years.

This is the tale of transforming Steve’s roof, which once sported a garage door as a roof. (Yes, really. Here’s the proof):

Garage As Rooftop Deck Roof | Seattle | RoofSmart

But once we got our hands on this project, we set things straight. From fixing the quirky architecture… ‘garageness?’ To restoring the rotting wood from years of water leaks.

Don’t get us wrong… this was NOT an easy job. In fact, it was downright dangerous at times. From special footers needing to be installed to one of the owners hanging off the side of the building!

Things got dicey… but we got the job done with our characteristic style and quality nonetheless.


The Garage Deck.

Rotting Wood On Roof | Seattle | RoofSmart

The Challenges As A Result Of The Past

The deck on this Seattle home had been leaking for years, with water seeping into the wooden structure underneath. Also, with this – shall we say – eclectic garage door installed at the top of a three-story stairwell as a sunshade, an unintended consequence came about. The whole house would get unbearably hot during the summers from the greenhouse effect on the glass. Then it was completely uninsulated all winter!

An additional issue lay in the access to the rooftop deck. The hatch had no support rail, making it a hazard for anyone struggling with stairs.

All in all, the poor original installation had left the homeowners with a bunch of issues to deal with – but this was all about to change with the arrival of the RoofSmart Eggheads.

The Deck That Took Precision, Expertise, And
A Little Bit Of ‘Roofer Badassery’

The task at hand was monumental.

And yet the RoofSmart team, armed with experience and a relentless drive for excellence, embraced the challenge with gusto.

Scaffolding For New Seattle Deck | Seattle | RoofSmart The first step involved creating a safe working environment, erecting scaffolding around the area leading to the rooftop and the outer wall. It was an intense process that even required us to pour footings on the slope below to ensure adequate footholds for the pump jacks. Because, four stories is a long way down.

With the scaffold in place on the cliffside, our first order of business was to tackle the sunshade problem at the top of the three-story stairwell.

We removed the goofy garage door and all the glass, before framing, insulating, and installing two CertainTeed solar-powered opening skylights. Then finished it off with drywall and paint.

Grand Manor Shingles | CertainTeed | RoofSmart The area was then roofed with CertainTeed Grand Manor premium shingles to match the rest of the home, ensuring a seamless blend of the old and new.

Next, we turned our attention to the rooftop deck. This involved a thorough process of stripping down the old deck and membrane underneath and cutting off the outer parapet wall. Then, we installed a custom glass railing that offered safety and allowed for an unobstructed view of Lake Washington.

From there, we

  • Added foam insulation.
  • Built a new custom skylight well to replace the old plexiglass structure.
  • Fabricated a new custom hatch door in stainless steel, equipped with a helper piston.

To finish off the deck, we built rails, roofed with a membrane that had tapers to drain water effectively, and installed our custom IPE ironwood deck tiles over pedestals that leveled it all off on the deck surface.

This wasn’t just a transformation but a metamorphosis that elevated the space to a whole new level of aesthetics and functionality.

Did somebody say, ‘Rooftop Party?’

In all seriousness, this job tested our fortitude to deliver nothing but exceptional results delivered with precise expertise.

What was once a problematic rooftop deck and sunroom is now a stunning, comfortable space that offers magnificent views of the city.

Steve can now enjoy his reimagined space, free from worry about leaks or heat issues, and take in the panoramic views from the comfort of his upgraded rooftop deck and sunroom.

The transformation at this Seattle home is a shining example of RoofSmart’s commitment to delivering unparalleled service and exceptional results.

Rooftop Deck Installation | CertainTeed | RoofSmart

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