Solar Panels and Roofing: What Do I Need To Know

October 25, 2022

What You Need To Know Before Installing
Solar Panels On Your Seattle Roof

When Considering Solar Panels, Seattle Homeowners
Sometimes Forget These Key Considerations

Solar panels are a generally positive and well-received product now widely available on the consumer market. Not only do they help homeowners avoid sharply rising energy costs, but they also benefit the environment with clean, renewable energy. Saving thousands of dollars while simultaneously helping the environment seems like a dream come true, right?

Yes and no – if technology seems too good to be true, there is often a downside many homeowners avoid thinking about before it’s too late. That one major downside is – roofing considerations and circumstances.

Before searching for solar panels, you should also consider searching for roof replacement in Seattle – here’s why.

What Roofing Circumstances And Timing Are Ideal
When Considering Solar Panels?

Three simple conditions concerning the status and timing of your roof replacement in Seattle can easily indicate if solar panels are a green light or a no-go.

1. You Recently Installed A Roof On Your Seattle Home

If you want solar panels for your home but recently got a roof replacement in Seattle, this is just bad timing for a solar panel installation. If your new roof is made from asphalt shingles – we don’t recommend solar panels.

However, if the new roof you recently replaced is not made of asphalt shingles, you may be in luck.

2. If Your New Roof Is Made Of Metal

If your roof replacement in Seattle is made of metal, you’re in a great position to get solar panels.

There are countless reasons why this is above and beyond the best choice for solar panels – from non-invasive bracketing systems to the prevention of mold.

3. Your Roof Is Old And Needs To Be Replaced

If your roof is old and due for a replacement, this is the perfect opportunity to shop around for a roof replacement in Seattle with solar panels in mind.

Take your time, and realize that considering solar panels complicates your roof replacement process. In this scenario, it’s best to consider a roofing expert with solid advice.

That said – there is one type of roofing you should immediately know is unsuitable for solar panel installation. 

Some Solar Panel Companies Say Asphalt Shingles Are
Fine – But The Roofing Experts Disagree

Unlike other companies, we tell it how it is – asphalt shingles are the weaker choice for your roof replacement in Seattle when also planning for a solar panel installation. It’s an option, but not the better option.

Here’s why true roofing experts don’t recommend asphalt.

Extra Holes In Your Roof

It’s already rainy and wet enough in Seattle to put homeowners on edge about leakage in their roof – now add to that concern dozens if not hundreds of holes drilled through the roof to mount solar panels.

There is no guarantee water will stay out, even with proper installation on an aging asphalt shingle roof.

What Happens When You Need To Replace
Your Roof In The Future?

Many roofers are not responsible or trained to deal with solar panels for asphalt shingle roof replacements. What if, in the future, you need to replace your shingled roof and have solar panels installed? It means two companies will likely be involved in taking the solar panels off, replacing the roof, and then reinstalling the panels on the new roof again.

Roof replacement in Seattle is already enough of an investment without the complication of removing and reinstalling solar panels. In the end, it will be extremely costly and time-consuming.

Underneath Solar Panels Is A Dream Habitat For Moss

Let’s face it – Seattle is famous for the amount of rainfall it receives. When you add to that the shaded, moist, and cool environment under your solar panels – it’s almost guaranteed growth will occur there.

This is a concerning fact because moss is one of the main culprits in roofing degradation. Access will not be easy if you plan on cleaning the moss growth underneath your solar panels mounted on your asphalt shingle roof.

Metal Roofs Are Hands Down The Superior Roof Material
For Flawless Solar Panel Installation And Lifespan

Solid and expertly installed metal roofing is the superior and obvious choice for a roof replacement in Seattle preceding a solar panel installation.

Here are three reasons why metal roofs beat out all others by a landslide for flawless solar panel installation and maintenance. 

1. Panel Mounts

The standing seams of the metal roof allow for direct attachment of extremely durable brackets, many of which are rated for winds above 130 mph.

This means that the dozens or hundreds of holes that would have been drilled in your roof go down to only one – for simple wiring.

2. Metal Roofs Repel Moss

Moss, algae, and other highly destructive organisms have a hard time growing on a metal roof, meaning that the under-panel habitat is a non-issue.

3. Metal Never Needs Replacement

It may be hard to believe, but metal roofing lasts for life. With the advancements in anti-rust coating and their inherently low-to-no maintenance, metal roofs should last a lifetime.

That means when you get a metal roof replacement in Seattle alongside a solar panel installation, you don’t have to mess with it again.

4. Solar Panels Look Way Better On Metal Roofs

While this may be considered subjective, we find solar panels sleek, high-tech, and shiny, which clashes with the classic look of asphalt shingles. Metal roofing solves this by perfectly complimenting solar panels’ elegant look and aesthetic

Contact Seattle’s Metal Roofing Authority Before Your
Solar Panel Installation

With a better understanding of why metal roofs are superior to shingled roofs for solar panels – you’re better equipped to go about a successful roof replacement in Seattle that plans for the future.

If you have more questions regarding solar panels and roofing, RoofSmart™ is a highly-recommended Seattle roofing company that can help with honest, integrity-filled guidance!

Contact RoofSmart™ at (206)487-4877 or fill out their convenient online contact form to get in touch to learn more about the best options for solar panel roofing today!

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