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Quick And Effective Mold Remediation
Services In Bellevue, WA

RoofSmart Will Protect Your Home And Family Against Mold

The humid climate of Bellevue, WA, along with the presence of water sources, makes it an ideal environment for mold spores. Left unchecked, it can cause serious health issues for you and your family and should be addressed immediately.

At RoofSmart, we provide quick and effective residential mold remediation services in Bellevue, WA, and the surrounding King County area. Our certified technicians use state-of-the-art equipment and chemicals to safely and effectively eliminate mold spores from your home. We also provide preventative solutions to stop mold growth before it starts.

We will inspect your property and accurately assess the extent of the problem, then provide a comprehensive service plan.

A Hassle-Free Process That Keeps Your Family Safe

Our mold remediation specialists have the knowledge and expertise to identify signs of such growth in your home before it’s too late. They will accurately determine its type and source and select the most effective remediation method to counter the aftermath.

We isolate the affected area before the remediation process to prevent the spread of mold spores through the air. Depending on the type of material involved – removal may sometimes be necessary. After removing the infested materials, we ensure that all salvageable items are meticulously cleaned.

Lastly, our experienced roofing professionals will provide smart recommendations on preventing mold in a house with better roofing installation and ventilation.

Comprehensive Attic Ventilation To Prevent
Future Mold Growth

Our attic mold remediation specialists will assess your roof and provide recommendations for effective ventilation that helps reduce the chances of future growth. They will help you select and install a variety of high-efficiency attic vents like ridge vents, soffit vents, and gable end vents to reduce moisture in the attic.

We also provide preventative treatments like coating your roof with specialized products, sealing around windows and doors, and removing dead leaves from gutters to keep them clear of debris.

SmartMatch Analysis To Find The Right Solution

Our detailed analysis evaluates your home for mold-prone areas and identifies the most effective solutions to control it. We prioritize your safety and ensure that the solutions selected are tailored to your needs and budget.

Our mold remediation contractors will also provide a comprehensive report of their findings and the best solutions for an informed decision about how to proceed with the remediation process.

Additionally, we take a meticulous approach, ensuring no errors or gaps in coverage. Dedicated project managers will guide you through every step, addressing your concerns and providing personalized support.

Core Values That Define Our Commitment To Quality

Our company has gained a reputation as a reliable and trusted roofing and home mold remediation service provider. We’ve been operating since 2011, and we always emphasize the following customer-oriented core values:


Our team pays attention to every detail, even those that other roofers often overlook. We invest in our workers and offer them competitive compensation, leading to high-quality workmanship.


Each person understands their role – as well as the roles of their colleagues. This teamwork maximizes efficiency during every job.


We keep our clients informed about the progress of the project. We also ensure that our customers are aware of all the options available to them before deciding.


We offer competitive prices and flexible financing to ensure you get the services you need without breaking the bank.


We stay focused on the task at hand and are committed to successfully completing each job. We always stay true to our word, no matter what.

RoofSmart Offers Quality Mold Prevention & Remediation
Services In Bellevue, WA

With RCAW-licensed roofing specialists and reliable customer service, RoofSmart is a top choice for mold prevention and remediation. We’re a BBB A+ rated company that uses the latest techniques and quality materials to ensure you get the best results.

Call RoofSmart at (206) 487-4877 today to schedule a free consultation.

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