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Our Metal Roofing Installation
Services For Redmond, WA

Roofing Solutions For Your Home
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Have you ever wondered if metal roofing in Redmond, WA, is the right choice for your home? RoofSmart is the area’s go-to authority for metal roofing. Our team has no shortage of experience since we install a metal roof practically every day.

Our metal roofs are customized to your home, made to blend seamlessly with the architectural design and match the tastes of you and your family. Every aspect of your metal roof will be custom-ordered just for you.

We Offer Metal Roofing Installations
On Redmond, WA Homes

Silver metal roofing panels on a roof in Redmond, WA for RoofSmart

Metal Roofing Installation

Our metal roofing is a durable, stylish, and effective way to protect your home from the elements. Modern metal roofing panels are made to resist rust, UV rays, insects, rot, and fire. It stands up to hailstorms, downpours, and strong winds.

We offer standing seam metal roofing, replica-shake steel roofing shingles, replica-slate steel roofing shingles, and copper roofing. They are all built to last a lifetime, and they require very little maintenance.

A roof of brown metal roofing panels in Redmond, WA for RoofSmart

What Sets Us Apart From Other
Metal Roofing Companies?

Why We Are Number One
In-Home Improvements

#1: Details Are Everything

RoofSmart understands that in the home improvement industry, it is crucial to pay close attention to detail. Since the roof protects the entire home, this focus on details is especially necessary when working on a roofing job. Every job at RoofSmart is done with that same precision and attention to detail.

#2: Experience And Expertise

At RoofSmart, our extensive knowledge and experience in the roofing industry is something we are proud of. Our highly skilled professionals have the expertise to be the best from their years of experience in all types of roofing. We have also developed our very own way of matching the customer with your best options.

#3: Expert Craftsmanship And Top Quality Materials

Every roofing project that we do is done with expert craftsmanship and top-quality materials. We are dedicated to bringing you exceptional results. We are so sure of our promise that we back it up with a warranty.

#4: YOU Are Number Onet

At RoofSmart, we make our customers the top priority. We know that on some jobs, home improvement can be stressful, but we are committed to bringing you a hassle-free experience from start to finish. Everything about your roofing project is custom-made to your needs.

Reviews Of Our RoofSmart Services

Straight From The Customers

“I highly recommend Roof Smart,
A huge maple tree fell on our house. Roof Smart came to the rescue! Every step of the way in the roofing process was done as promised. My family and I felt we were cared for as friends. Jim and his entire crew were more than professional. Jim had no problems answering our many questions and mentoring us through the insurance maze and its callousness. The efficient way all at Roof Smart worked was wonderful, and they even asked us how we were holding up with having had thousands of pounds of tree fall on our house. The scope of the job: remove and replace the entire roof of our 2,700 sq. foot home, replace two crank skylights, rain gutters, rain gutter’s leaf removal system, and downspouts.
Thank you,”
-Richard Heller


“Absolutely LOVE IT! And thanks so much for getting the project moved up, exceeding my expectations. The appearance & quality of this roof will undoubtedly add value to my home, but most importantly, it will provide us with aesthetic beauty for years to come.
The Solatube is GREAT! We Were able to work with Gabriel to get it installed right where we wanted it. We’re really enjoying it.
Thanks so much for helping turn our dreams into reality. Excellent work!”
-Dave Guinn

5 Questions Homeowners
Ask About Us

Where Is More Information About RoofSmart?

There is more information in our Smart Series Case Studies. This is where you can read about how we work as a team to brainstorm solutions for the best metal roofing options for customers like you.

How Much Does Your Metal Roofing Cost?

Our metal roofing installation services are priced so that almost any homeowner can fit it into their budget. When we come for your free consultation, we will discuss your expectations and learn what your family and home needs. That will give us a better idea of the cost.

If you don’t think you can meet the upfront costs, we offer financing options with comfortable payment plans. Our terms fit easily into most budgets. We also offer specials.

What’s The Timeline For Metal Roofing Installation?

There are several things that can affect the length of time needed for a metal roofing installation. First, the size of the job will be a major factor. Your current roof type also weighs in.

Where Are Your Metal Roofing Services Available?

We provide metal roofing installation for Seattle, Redmond, Mercer Island, and more of the Greater Seattle area. You can also visit our service area page.

Where Can I Learn More?

Jim’s Journal is a good place to start. Our reputation page also has more information about the RoofSmart team, our reputation, our awards, and more.

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