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Side of solar roof of suburban home in Issaquah, WA

Energize Your Home In Issaquah, WA With
Our Residential Solar Roofing Services

Create Your Own Energy And Make
Your Home More Sustainable

From reducing your carbon footprint to enjoying long-term savings, there are many reasons why homeowners may want to invest in residential solar roofing in Issaquah, WA.

Bring your home one step closer to being energy-independent with our residential solar roofing services. We’ll install powerful, long-lasting solar panels onto your roof that allow you to generate your own energy and rely less on conventional forms of power.

If you’re looking for the freedom that comes with generating your own energy while having solar panels installed in your home that have a unique aesthetic appeal, contact our team at RoofSmart today.

We Offer Premium Residential Solar Roofing
For Homeowners In Issaquah, WA

Solar roof of white home in Issaquah, WA

Residential Solar Roofing

Enjoy a greener future with our premium residential solar roofing services in Issaquah, WA. We specialize in integrating solar energy into your home’s roof and providing you with the resources needed to become more energy-independent. Let us help you invest in a brighter, cleaner future for your planet and home.

Residential solar roofing for asphalt roof of home in Issaquah, WA

RoofSmart’s Residential Solar Roofing Process

How We Make Homes More Energy-Independent
With Premium Solar Roofing Panels

#1: Dedicated To Core Values

At RoofSmart, our core values are a key reason why our projects are successful. We pay incredibly close attention to every aspect of our projects, working hard not to miss any important details. Through our values, we’ve become the most trusted roofing company in the area.

#2: A Dedicated Team Of Professionals

Since 2011, RoofSmart has worked towards assembling a team of knowledgeable professionals for every project. Whether it’s roof replacements or mold remediation, we have a team perfect for the job. Since our beginning, we’ve strived to be the most reliable resource in the area.

#3: Leaving No Stone Unturned

We take a long, meticulous approach to every project we undertake. We understand how important technical accuracy is for residential solar roofing. That’s why we handle every task with precision.

RoofSmart Mold Prevention Reviews

See How We’ve Helped Our Customers

“Everything from beginning to end of our project was handled totally to our satisfaction. We are extremely pleased with the customer service, quality craftsmanship, and professionalism we received throughout the entire process. Very responsive. Thank you.”
-Virginia M.


“I would highly recommend this business for your roof repairs or replacement. All of the employees were very courteous and willing to go above and beyond for their customers. The gentleman who inspected my roof and made suggestions was very gracious. The crew who worked on my property were efficient, extremely fast, friendly, and on time. Each night before they went home, the crew ensured my property was protected from the rain and that all garbage had been picked up from their daily work. There were a couple of times where they stayed and worked until late to ensure the safety of my home came first. The project manager was awesome! If I ever needed anything or had any questions, he was quick to find out and call me back. Whenever I contacted the office, Katie was very cordial and went out of her way to find the answers to my questions.”
-Marina M.


“Omar & the crew were great. From start to finish, they were professional & dedicated to the job. They cleaned up each night & took care of our plants. They addressed each concern or question we had & even pointed out issues other companies did not. We would definitely recommend this crew to our friends. When we’re ready for more exterior work, they will be our first call.”
-Karen H.

5 Questions Asked About Residential Solar
Roofing In The King County Area

Q: How Does Residential Solar Roofing Work?

A: Solar roofing works through the installation of solar panels that capture sunlight and convert it into electricity. The electricity generated by your solar roof can be used to power your home. There are some instances where you can even return energy to the grid and earn credits or reduce your utility bill.

Q: How Long Does Residential Solar Roofing Last?

A: Residential solar roofing can last around 25 to 30 years. However, regular maintenance and service can ensure that your solar roofing can last and produce electricity for your home as long as possible.

Q: Do Solar Roofs Require A Lot Of Maintenance?

A: A solar roof typically requires very little maintenance. Regular inspections for your roof are only needed to make sure they are clean and free of debris. You can clean your panels with water or a light cleaning solution when necessary.

Q: Can Solar Roofs Handle Inclement Weather?

A: Yes, solar roofs are far from fragile. They can handle inclement weather, such as heavy rain, snow, and even hail.

Q: How Can I Learn More About Your Solar Roofing Services?

A: Here are other pages of our website where you can learn more about our company and what we offer:

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