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A technician installing a solar roof in Mercer Island, WA for RoofSmart

Residential Solar Roofing Installation
Services For Mercer Island, WA

Saving The Environment And Your Wallet
In The King County Area

We offer our RoofSmart customers Residential Solar Roofing Installation in Mercer Island, WA. As solar technology moves into the spotlight, more homeowners are turning to solar panels for residential roofs in the King County area.

There are a number of benefits that come from installing residential solar roofing systems on your home. Not only are they great for the environment and your bank account, but solar panels can increase your home’s value and your energy independence. And you could even get government incentives!

We Install Residential Roof Solar Panels
On Mercer Island, WA Homes

A RoofSmart roofing professional is installing solar panels on a roof in Mercer Island, WA

Residential Solar Roofing Installation

At RoofSmart, we understand the benefits of installing residential solar roof panels on your home. Residential solar roofing brings huge potential savings for your family. Not only can your utility bill drop, but you could qualify for government incentives such as a 30% tax credit.

The value of your home could go up as well. Many buyers look for houses that already have residential solar roofing systems installed. That’s because they are aware of the potential savings and government incentives available to homeowners with solar power.

You’ll never have to worry about losing power during an outage to take a hot shower, cook meals for your family, listen to radio storm broadcasts, charge your phone, or use medical equipment. No more need for loud generators, candles, or kerosene lamps!

A solar-powered home also leaves a much smaller carbon footprint.


A roofer installing solar panels on a roof in Mercer Island, WA for RoofSmart

Why Call RoofSmart For Home Improvements?

What Brings Customers Back Again & Again

#1: We Pay Attention

When it comes to home improvement, it is vital to pay close attention to detail, especially when roofing is the project. We approach every job at RoofSmart with precision and attention to detail.

#2: Roofing Expertise

At RoofSmart, we are proud of our extensive knowledge and expertise in the roofing industry. Our skilled professionals have years of experience in all things roofing and have developed our own way of matching you with your best options.

#3: Unrivaled Quality And Craftsmanship

We complete every roofing project with unrivaled quality and craftsmanship. We are committed to delivering exceptional results, and we aren’t afraid to back that promise up with a warranty.

#4: We Put YOU First

At RoofSmart, our customers are the top priority. While home improvement jobs can be stressful, we work to bring you a hassle-free and seamless experience. We aim to install a roof tailored to your family’s specific needs. Experience RoofSmart’s customer-first approach to roofing.

RoofSmart Reviews For Services Rendered

Straight From The Customers

“We are extremely pleased with the work of Roof Smart and would highly recommend using them for your roofing needs. They set up a first visit promptly, and Jim did a good job explaining what work needed to be done and how to do it. They did not try to oversell us, and the quoted price was reasonable, given the other quotes we received. We filled out paperwork for financing (they have a 12-month, good-as-cash plan), and had us approved that evening! They were able to start work within a relatively short time frame.
The crew was efficient, professional, highly skilled, and worked hard and diligently. They even brought their own portable bathroom facility for the crew. The grounds were left extraordinarily neat, and the landscaping remained fully intact. When we had a few questions afterward, they sent someone immediately to our house to answer them.
About two weeks later, we noticed a watermark on our bedroom ceiling along one of the seams. We wrote to Roof Smart, and we had a crew at our house within several hours! They thoroughly inspected the roof, removed some, and then replaced the shingles and assured us they found nothing that would cause it. We decided mutually that we would wait and see if anything got worse.
Then, unexpectedly, four days later, another crew from Roof Smart came to our door to fix the ceiling (we thought we would just need to paint it ourselves). They were very neat and covered everything in plastic; they fixed a bit of the wallboard and repainted that part of the ceiling. Overall, we were extremely impressed with the very quick responsiveness and helpfulness of the company and the care the crew took.”
-Bruce SR


“John was the first bidder that I met. He walked me through the process of how the new roof is being done. He showed me how to check the company background to make sure the company was good before I chose which company to go with. He is a caring, nice, and sincere person. I met a few more bidders from other companies. None of them is like John. They were very pushy. All they wanted me to do was to sign a contract with them.
My mother got sick during the time that I needed a new roof. I told John that I needed to take care of my mom. I need to put my project on hold. He was very understanding and patient. I knew that John was a very nice person, so I chose his company.
I got to talk to Heidi (John’s wife) and Katie about the payment plan. They were very nice, helpful and friendly. I got to meet the five roofers on the day the new roof was being installed. They were so nice. They told me that they would finish my roof in 1 day, which I didn’t really believe. I thought it would take 2 days to finish the roof. I came home from work, and I was so surprised that they finished the work.
I got my new roof, which I absolutely love, and they cleaned up everything. There was no mess around the house. They even cleaned my gutters for me. I absolutely love this company, and I will recommend Roof Smart to my families and friends.”
-Lam Dang

5 Questions Homeowners
Ask About Us

Where Can I Find Out More About RoofSmart?

You might enjoy our Smart Series Case Studies, which share more information. They explain how we work as a team and brainstorm the best home remodeling and roofing solutions for customers like you.

How Much Does Your Residential Solar Roofing Cost?

Our residential solar roofing services are priced so that almost every homeowner can afford them. At your initial consultation, we will learn what your expectations are and what your family and home needs. Then we can give a better estimate of what it will cost.

For those worried about meeting the upfront costs, we offer financing options that feature comfortable payment plans and terms to easily fit into most budgets. We also offer specials.

What’s The Timeline For Solar Roofing Installation?

There are several factors that play into how long a solar roofing installation will take. Of course, the size of the job is a major factor. What type of roof you currently have also weighs in since solar roofing installs better over metal roofing. We can answer this question better at your first meeting.

Where Are Your Roofing Services Available?

We provide residential solar roofing for Seattle, Redmond, Mercer Island, and more of the Greater Seattle area. You can also visit our service area page.

Where Can I Learn More About Your Team?

There is more information about the RoofSmart team, our reputation, our awards, and more on our reputation page. You may also want to read Jim’s Journal.

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