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April 1, 2024

We’re Roofing Nerds, So You Don’t Have To Be

We Eat, Sleep, and Breathe Roofing So
We Can Provide A+ Roofing Results

When you need a Seattle-area roofing contractor, you have many to choose from. And they all say they can repair or replace a roof in a hurry. So, why should you work with us at RoofSmart?

Because we’re unapologetic roofing nerds – and we sure do know our business.

We’ve spent decades studying every aspect of the industry – from roofing material quality and proper attic ventilation to the best ways to install flashing and shingles. It may seem crazy, but we love it. It’s all we talk about. It’s all we do.

And that’s why we’re the best.

Why Should You Hire Roofing Nerds?

Throughout our decades working in the roofing industry, we’ve been fixated on learning absolutely everything about the subject. We realized that many common practices are unsound.

They don’t always result in the most successful outcomes, and that was unacceptable to us. So, we adjusted our methods to achieve the absolute best results.

When you eat, sleep, and breathe a topic like we have, you love to talk about it, so we are always happy to answer all your questions.

Moreover, excellence becomes a matter of pride. We simply can’t submit work of only middling – or, heaven forbid, substandard – quality.

We’d curl up in shame.

Top-Quality Components

We insist on only using the finest quality components for your roofing project. This means everywhere, whether you can see them or not. Even if the materials are not visible, they are nevertheless essential to the structural integrity of the roof.

So we offer the best.

All our shingle roofing materials are officially branded. Our metal roofs feature high-strength custom steel with premium finishes that resist fading. For roofs with no or low slopes, we recommend premium PVC and TPO materials with expected lifespans of decades.

Given our reputation for pickiness, you can be sure that whatever products we install on your roof will be first-rate.

A Focus On Ventilation

As roofers, we have to walk a tightrope to achieve the ideal amount of attic ventilation. If we lean too far one way, your home won’t vent enough moisture, and you’ll experience humidity, mold, mildew, and wood rot.

If we lean too far in the other direction, your home will vent too much, wasting energy and causing higher heating bills than necessary.

Since nearly 90% of the roofs we inspect feature problems with attic ventilation, we devote a lot of time and effort to solving these issues and achieving the perfect balance. That way, you stay comfortable, prevent mold, and save money.

Optimal bathroom ventilation is also important. Moist air blown from the washroom after a bath or shower is a major cause of attic mold. We make sure that humid air is vented through the roof and outdoors – not into the attic. This limits the risk of a potential mold infestation.

Structural Changes

Sometimes, such as after a long-term, undetected roof leak, the support structure of a roof may be so compromised that simply installing new shingles won’t cut it. Wooden roof joists and plywood roof decking absorb water and can weaken or rot. The roof may start to sag, putting the structure at risk of collapse.

Please note that if you ignore the signs of water damage and the roof begins to cave in, your insurance company may decide not to pay out on your claim.

That’s why we are so particular about inspecting all materials beneath the shingles on every job we do.

When we find such damage, we can reframe your rotted roof to prevent sagging and eliminate the possibility of collapse. We have the expertise and experience to handle this level of repair, while this is beyond the skill of many less-proven roofers.

So, if you want to work with confirmed roofing nerds who are driven by pride to provide the best products and handiwork possible, contact us at RoofSmart in Greater Seattle. Reach out to us today to schedule a free consultation.

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