Why We Refuse to Go Cheap On Our Gutter Guards

September 6, 2022

Why We Refuse To Go Cheap When Installing
Gutter Guards For Seattle Homeowners

RoofSmart Of Seattle Only Installs
The Highest Quality Gutters!

When it’s the right fit, one of the first things we mention to our Seattle customers is the quality of RoofSmart’s Gutter Guards. Seattle residents are under a persistent drizzle, plus we get rain almost half of the year, so your roof’s drainage system is not something we’re willing to compromise on.

Without a proper system in place to get water from your roof to the ground and away from your home, your roof and foundation can suffer serious damage. From rotting wood to cracking cement, water is the biggest enemy your home will ever see.

If you think you need gutter guards for your home, here are some reasons we chose PlyGem’s Leaf Relief® as the best value in gutter guards for our customers.

The Dangers Of Clogged Gutters
And Cheap Gutter Guards

Cheap Gutter Guard Poor Installation Means Roofedge Water Damage Seattle Roofsmart

When gutter guards go bad, they can cause some serious damage. And Gutter guards that are not installed correctly can start damaging your home from day one.

When gutters aren’t functioning correctly, water can overflow and seep into your fascia, your soffit, even your walls and siding.

If the problem is left to sit long enough, water can dig holes in the ground and then seep into your home’s foundation, which can cost you tens of thousands to repair.

Overflowing gutters can invite mold, mildew, and fungus. PlyGem’s Leaf Relief® gutter guards are less prone to leaks due to the special design of the covers, and the way they fit without disturbing the roof’s edge.

Seattle Homeowners: Inspect Your
Gutters With These Tips

Fall Cleanup Leaves In Gutter

We’ve already established why you should care about your gutters, and why we care so much about the quality of our gutter guards. Now let’s look at some ways that you can inspect your gutter system to make sure they’re functioning properly.

Tiger Striping Stains And Damage Old Gutters Unprotected Seattle Roofsmart

Check Gutters For Tiger Striping

Walk around the outside of your home and inspect your gutters for streaking dirty watermarks (above). If it looks like dirty water is dripping from the tops of your gutters and down the sides, that’s called “tiger striping.” It means that your gutters are full of leaves and debris and they are overflowing instead of draining.

Check Flower Beds And Siding

You also want to take a look at your siding and your flower beds around the house. Check to see if there’s mulch or dirt that has splashed up on the side of the house about a foot high. If you can see this around your house, or if you notice pools of water or craters in the flowerbeds, this means that your gutters are overflowing.

Why Ply Gem’s Leaf Relief® Gutter Guards
Are Perfect for Your Home

The gutter guards that we choose are ideal for either new or existing gutters. This has a lot to do with the way we install them. Our gutter guards make a permanent solution for clogged gutters and downspouts.

PlyGem LeafRelief® gutter guards offer superior water protection, and can handle even the heaviest rainfalls. Plus, they come with some great features.

Design Directive:

Superior Water Protection

PlyGem LeafRelief® gutter guards are designed with your home’s safety in mind. Our gutters can drain over 29 inches of rain per hour. That’s more than double the highest rainfall ever recorded—more than enough to accommodate even the heaviest of rainfalls.

Superior Damage Resistance

Our gutter guards are resistant to high winds, snow, and ice, and able to support the weight of pests, twigs, and sticks with no problem. They are mounted securely and designed to stay in place, even in the toughest conditions.

Low Profile Design

Ply Gem Leaf Relief® gutter guards are mounted flush with the top of the gutters using internal structural hangers. They are designed to fit snugly on top of your gutters so that they are not visible from the ground.

Low Maintenance

Ply Gem Leaf Relief® gutter guards use our Aluma-Perf™ Technology designed to keep leaves, twigs, and other debris out of the gutters so that your gutters can do their job and protect your home.

Why RoofSmart Gutter Guards Are
Best For Seattle Homeowners

At RoofSmart we want you to get good value for your money. We know that your home is a big deal. We all have budgets. So, we ensure that your hard-earned dollar gets as much value as possible. This is why we refuse to go cheap on our gutter guards.

That said, this is not the only product that could work for you. There are dozens of gutter guards in this market, some work well. Some don’t. We do not offer the “best gutter guard money can buy.” That’s a specialty product, and it’s not LeafGuard.

The best performing gutter guard you can get in the Seattle market is called MasterShield. It’s expensive, but pretty impressive. We work with them but it’s an exclusive product through its own dealer network.

If you think your Seattle area home might have a gutter problem and want to make certain it will never come back, just contact us at RoofSmart for a free estimate. We can walk you through what the best fit for your home would be.

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