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Proper Attic Ventilation Can Save You From
Problems Down The Road In Kent, WA

There’s No Better Time Than Now
For Attic Ventilation Services

Are you considering attic ventilation services in Kent, WA? It’s one of those things we know we should look into or have checked out but always seem to procrastinate about.

It’s worth taking the time to add to (if not at the top of) your home improvement list.

Improving air quality, reducing the chance of mold, and reducing energy consumption are all benefits of having our team at RoofSmart come out to consult on your attic’s ventilation.

Attic Ventilation Services In Kent, WA

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Attic Ventilation

Proper attic ventilation is extremely important to your home in King County. From airflow to the reduction of moisture to prevent mold improper attic ventilation can cause a host of problems.

Let our “Eggheads” take a look and do an inspection. We’ll design a foolproof plan to improve your attic ventilation.

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Why Choose RoofSmart In Kent, WA
For Attic Ventilation?

Your Attic Needs The
Right Care

With over a decade of success, we’re looking forward to improving everything about the service we offer our customers as we upgrade roofs and lives throughout our second decade in business.

We looked to break the mold on what a better roofing contractor could offer its clients and that’s what we’ve done.

See for yourself.

Core Values

There aren’t many things people value more than their homes. Choosing a company to enter your home and renovate it can feel overwhelming at times.

We here at RoofSmart know that. We understand the level of trust that goes into hiring a home improvement contractor.

It means the world to us and we strive to never let a single customer down.

“Egghead” Installation

No subcontractors mean one thing. It means every craftsman who works on your home works directly for us here at RoofSmart.

We only offer the highest-quality installations performed by experienced hand-chosen professionals. We’re experts in home improvement and we prove it every day.

TripleGuard™ Warranty

TripleGuard™ offers three layers of protection for you. Our valued customer.

A lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship. This comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

This is how much we believe in the work we do.

SmartMatch™ Needs Analysis

Your home is one of a kind, and what it may need will differ from what any other home needs.

Our SmartMatch™ needs analysis involves thoroughly inspecting and evaluating your roof or other parts of the home we service to design a plan specifically for your situation.

SmartSeries Case Studies

Within our case studies, you’ll find in-depth looks at different roofing projects and how we here at RoofSmart handled them.

Customer Reviews Of RoofSmart In Kent, WA

Our Customers Let Us Know Why They Choose Us

“These guys were great from start to finish—I’m a project manager in construction so I am pretty particular with quality— I have zero complaints; they were on time, hard-working, and they did a fantastic job. I will be using them again on any future project(s).”
-Ryan S

“Jim was very knowledgeable and personable. He worked hard to get our project started before the rains came. Despite the universal issues with supply right now, he was able to get us done before the rain! His knowledge helped us with some other projects we were deciding on as well. This is a company we would gladly work with again and will recommend to friends.”
-Denell W.

“RoofSmart workers were fast, efficient, and courteous. They did great work even in the rain and wind so they could complete the work on schedule. Plus they cleaned up all the debris and nails at the end of the day. I’m very grateful to them and cannot recommend them enough! A special thank you to Jim for being there from start to finish!”
-Ybòn deQ

5 Questions Kent, WA Homeowners
Ask About RoofSmart

Q: Why Choose RoofSmart?

A: We here at RoofSmart are dedicated to your satisfaction. From start to finish, we want to deliver an experience and a product you’ll be raving about for years to come.

Q: What Do Attic Ventilation Services Cost?

A: Our attic ventilation services prices are based on the specific job and therefore can’t be pinned down without consulting with you.

We also offer financing options to aid you in the attic ventilation process if needed.

Q: How Long Do Attic Ventilation
Services In Kent, WA Take?

A: Attic ventilation timetables can vary. Many factors go into how long it can take.

Call us and schedule a free consultation at (206) 487–4877. We’ll be able to give you a timetable for the completion of the project once we have discussed it with you.

Q: What Areas Of King County Do You Serve?

A: RoofSmart services many areas including Kent, WA. For more areas we service, visit our service areas page.

Q: Where Can I Find More Info About RoofSmart?

A: Learn more about RoofSmart here:

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