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A worker in white hazard gear inspecting mold in the corner of a wall

Mold Prevention & Remediation Can Save You
From Problems Down The Road In Kent, WA

Don’t Let Mold Growth Sneak Up On You

Are you ready to have mold prevention & mold remediation done in Kent, WA? It can be a nasty thing to deal with, but sometimes we must.

You want to do everything you can to prevent mold from growing in your home but when it does you’re going to want professional help.

That’s comes in the form of us here at RoofSmart. We’ll take care of your mold problem and set you up to prevent its return.

Mold Prevention & Remediation Services In Kent, WA

Mold in the lower corner of an orange wall in a house

Mold Prevention & Mold Remediation

Preventing mold is one thing. Remediation is taking it to the next level. We here at RoofSmart will remove the affected areas from the home.

Anything affected will be addressed to guarantee your home is safe.

As deep as the problem goes is as deep as we’ll go remove the issue from your home and work to ensure it doesn’t return.

Mold in the top corner of a white door

Why Choose RoofSmart In Kent, WA For
Mold Prevention & Remediation?

The Right Choice Is RoofSmart

Being in business since 2011 has allowed us to grow in this industry. Pulling ahead of our competition through our excellent service and dedication to our customers.

We decided a long time ago to be better than our competitors. To offer the homeowners of King County more if they chose us.

And we did.

Core Values

We don’t do shortcuts. We don’t cut corners. We’re professional to the letter and we respect your home like it’s our own.

We’re honest with our customers and offer them true solutions. What’s best for them, not what would make us the most money.

That’s just who we are.

“Egghead” Installation

We’re not in the business of hiring subcontractors. All of the work being done on your home will be done by the experts we hired ourselves.

That’s right. All RoofSmart employees. All RoofSmart experts who love the details of their craft.

Some would say they’re obsessed.

TripleGuard™ Warranty

What you want with a warranty is protection. Just in case something happens or a mistake is made you want to be sure it doesn’t come out of your pocket.

With our TripleGuard™ warranty, you can be sure of that. A lifetime warranty on workmanship and the materials we use.

A 100% money-back on top of that.

Now that’s protection.

SmartMatch™ Needs Analysis

SmartMatch™ needs analysis is where we get to the heart of your house’s unique situation before we comprise a solution for you.

Through thorough inspection, during our consultation with you, we fit your house’s needs with your wants and develop a plan to accomplish both.

SmartSeries Case Studies

Our case studies allow us to take you inside some of the specific projects we’ve worked on.

Giving you a unique perspective on how we approach each home and develop solutions for problems that arise.

RoofSmart Customer Reviews In Kent, WA

Our Customers Talk About Their Experiences

“They were timely, prices were fair, and there were no surprises.”


“They were very professional giving the estimate. The walkthrough of each step was appreciated. They were quick getting done with an effective cleanup after.”
-Susan M.


“What sold me was the detailed description of the work to be completed and the price.”
-Mark D.

5 Questions Kent, WA Homeowners
Ask About RoofSmart

Q: Why Choose RoofSmart?

A: Between our core values, our “Egghead” installation, and our TripleGuard™ warranty, we here at RoofSmart aim to set our customers up for a great home remodeling experience.

We’re looking to build relationships with the people of our community that lead to customers returning to us time and time again.

Q: What Do Mold Prevention & Mold Remediation Services Cost?

A: We won’t be able to determine the cost of your mold prevention & remediation until we inspect the affected areas.

Look into our financing options for assistance with your mold prevention & remediation costs.

Q: How Long Do Mold Prevention & Mold Remediation Services in Kent, WA Take?

A: To fully assess and determine how long mold prevention & remediation will take we would need to do an inspection and consult with you.

Contact us today to schedule your free consultation. You can call us at (206) 487–4877.

Q: What Areas Of King County Do You Serve?

A: RoofSmart operates in numerous locations including Kent, WA. For more locations we service, visit our service areas page.

Q: Where Can I Find More Info About RoofSmart?

A: Find out more information about RoofSmart here:

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