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The wooden back deck of a house with blue siding

The Time For Exterior Additions
In Kent, WA, Is Now

Don’t Put Off That
New Deck Again

You’ve been planning that next exterior addition in Kent, WA, for a while. Is it the new deck in the backyard you’ve been waiting for since last summer?

What about that new porch so you can sit out and enjoy the sunset with a loved one?

RoofSmart can build your next exterior addition with the right materials and superior quality.

What are you waiting for?

Exterior Addition Services In Kent, WA

A red brick porch of a house with white siding and a white door. Two white columns stand at the entrance of the porch steps

Exterior Addition Services

That new deck or porch is right around the corner. We build beautiful additions to your home that will change the way you use your outdoor living space.

RoofSmart will design and build the deck or porch of your dreams so you can enjoy the outdoors with your loved ones and friends.

The porch of a white house with seating under a window. The house has a bright red door

Why Choose RoofSmart In Kent, WA
For Exterior Additions?

Your Outdoor Living Space
Is About To Be Upgraded

We’re closing in on a decade and a half of driving change in the roofing industry. Offering a better roofing company for the people of King County and the surrounding areas.

Maybe it’s our values or the fact that we don’t use subcontractors that tips the scale on you choosing us.

Just know that we’ll strive to make it a decision you’re proud of.

Core Values

While other companies cut corners, RoofSmart does things the right way.

While other companies try to add in things you don’t need, RoofSmart is transparent.

You want a home remodeling company that treats its customers with respect, and we are that company.

“Egghead” Installation

Our installers are detail-oriented roofing enthusiasts. They diagnose and fix problems. They’re skilled craftsmen and friendly professionals.

There’s not much they can’t do.

TripleGuard™ Warranty

We’re not like other roofing companies. We actually care that our customers are satisfied and happy with our work.

We want our customers to feel protected and confident in their decision to choose RoofSmart as their contractor.

That’s why we offer our TripleGuard™ warranty.

SmartMatch™ Needs Analysis

These “eggheads” of ours obsess over every detail and that means your project will be gone over with a fine-tooth comb.

This process involves matching the correct and unique solution to your home. Nothing that you don’t need.

The right solution for your home.

SmartSeries Case Studies

If you’d like to know how we handle difficult jobs check out our case studies.

You’ll better understand how we handle the jobs other companies botch or decline.

RoofSmart Reviews In Kent, WA

Clients Share Their Experiences

“Jim was extremely professional, thorough, and helpful. I highly recommend RoofSmart to anyone looking for honesty and integrity.”
-Eric C.


“Brought materials in advance to maximize working time, brought in larger crew with diverse experience first day, smaller, more experienced crew the second day to finish. Nice project!”
-Scott S.


“They do great work from start to finish. Never had any issues with them.”
-Josh J.

5 Questions Kent, WA Homeowners
Ask About RoofSmart

Q: Why Choose RoofSmart?

A: Know that when from the first time we step into our customer’s homes we are determined to ensure a great outcome for them.

It’s our drive to offer our customers a better home improvement company that sets us apart.

Q: What Do Exterior Additions Cost?

A: Exterior additions to your home will vary in cost. After consulting with you and designing a plan for your home we can more accurately estimate the cost.

Take a look at our financing options which may aid you in your exterior addition financing.

Q: How Long Do Exterior Additions In Kent, WA Take?

A: Your new deck or porch’s timetable for completion is based on factors we would have to consider during your consultation.

Give us a call at (206) 487–4877 and let’s schedule a free consultation.

Q: What Areas Of King County Do You Serve?

A: RoofSmart operates in many locations including Kent, WA. For other locations we service, visit our service areas page.

Q: Where Can I Find More Info About RoofSmart?

A: More information about RoofSmart here:

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