Heard Us on The Radio?

September 11, 2022

You’ve Found Us!

Any of these sound familiar?

As the Puget Sound’s most Meticulous Roofing Nerds, we’re trying to spread the word!

Do you care about the details, because you know that it’s the nitty gritty mistakes that are the weakest link? So many of our customers chose us because we are fanatical about getting everything exactly right, every single time. We do all types of roofing, we are the Puget Sound’s #1 metal roof installer and we love doing solar roofs.

And we’ve been established since 2011 (in the last recession). So you know we’ve been through some tough stretches, as well as the good times of the last 10 years.

A wealth of experience here.

We guarantee our work for life, and we do roughly 8-10 roofs every single week.

RoofSmart Nailed It!

RoofSmart Nailed It!

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