What On Earth Is A Tripleguard Warranty?

April 22, 2024

Free Yourself Of All Roofing Worries
With Our TripleGuard™ Warranty

Get Serenity And Satisfaction –
It’s Like Roof Repair Heaven

When you want exceptional roofing service in Seattle, you may worry whether the contractor you hire is capable, qualified, affordable, and trustworthy. However, you might never consider the one factor that trumps all of those concerns:

The warranty.

This document, if done right, guarantees your satisfaction and protects your purchase long after the work is done.

For instance, our TripleGuard™ warranty gives you precisely the peace of mind you deserve after investing in a metal roof, composition shingle roof, or flat roofing project with RoofSmart.

Many roof replacement warranties feature limited coverage with plenty of loopholes and coverage exceptions – but not ours.

Our TripleGard warranty offers three important points of protection:

  1. A lifetime materials warranty
  2. A lifetime workmanship warranty
  3. Our Nine Commitments To Customers

Together, they provide unmatched peace of mind for homeowners.

How Do The Three Arms Of Our
TripleGuard Warranty Work?

Each arm of our warranty contributes to your tranquility for years – or even decades – after the completion of your RoofSmart project.


Let’s face it – like most homeowners, you probably have no idea what your roofing warranty truly covers. It may read “Lifetime” at the top of the page, but the fine print muddies the issue with exclusions.

At the end of the day, you may not have the protection you expected.

For example, your warranty coverage may decrease over time. You may also have to pay a “trip fee” to cover your roofer’s repair visits. Some warranties only cover the cost of materials and require you to pay for labor.

But that’s not the case with us. Our TripleGuard warranty covers exactly what it says and says exactly what it means. Period.

Lifetime Materials Warranty

Some roofing manufacturers’ warranties feature clauses in the fine print that limit their coverage and responsibilities. Since these can leave customers at risk, we don’t work with such suppliers. Instead, we work only with brands whose warranties offer genuine protection.

What does that mean?

It means they cover any fault in manufacture for as long as you own your home.

For example, we work with the “Big 3” nationally recognized composition roofing brands:

  1. GAF
  2. CertainTeed
  3. Owens Corning

Each offers warranties with comprehensive protections against material failure. And each trusts the quality of our work.

If you ever experience problems with the durability of your roofing materials, just get in touch with us. We will work with the manufacturer on your behalf until the problem is resolved. End of story.

Lifetime Workmanship Warranty

The truth is roof failures almost always occur due to installation errors rather than manufacturing problems. Some common issues include:

  • Improper nailing
  • Poor shingle layering
  • Improper flashing installation

These errors can occur no matter how careful and qualified the roofing contractor is.

Fortunately, you’ll never have to pay for someone else’s error when you work with RoofSmart. Our Lifetime Workmanship Warranty – in tandem with our “Egghead installation process,” ensures that you’ll never need to worry about your roof again.

Here’s the guarantee: If we make a mistake, we fix it. We don’t care how long it’s been since we installed your roof – we’ll make it right and at ZERO cost to you.

Our Nine Commitments To Customers

The third arm of the TripleGuard warranty consists of nine commitments we make to customers.

1. Immediate Action

When you hire us, we take immediate steps to prevent further damage to your house. For instance, we’ll take urgent action to stop the problem temporarily. Only once any leaks are stopped will we work toward a permanent roofing solution. Your insurance company will never be able to say you did not take steps to remediate further problems.

2. Lifetime Support

Our commitment to you doesn’t end when the roof is installed. It lasts a lifetime. We stand by our work, and you can call us as long as the roof is in place to address your concerns.

3. Respectful Service

We know roofers can make a lot of commotion, so we are careful to be courteous and quiet while we work on your project. We treat you and your family with enormous respect.

4. We Respect Your Property, Too

We also respect your home and premises. We take steps to avoid dents and dings while we’re climbing ladders, We protect your yard, and we clean up after ourselves before we leave. Your safety is crucial to us.

5. A TRUE Needs Analysis

Our SmartMatch™ needs analysis is designed to identify the EXACTLY-right roof for your home. It takes into consideration your budget, your preferences, your HOA covenants, the amount of damage to your roof, and other important factors.

6. Egghead Installation

We’re obsessed with fixing problems that other roofings might not catch. We investigate below the top layer to make sure the roof looks great and is built to last.

7. The Price Smart Guarantee

We guarantee that we offer the greatest value for the price. If you suspect you’ve found a better deal with a competitor, compare it with our price and what we offer. When comparing apples to apples, you’ll find we offer extremely competitive pricing..

8. We’re Available. Always.

We offer 24/7 emergency services for issues that simply cannot wait. This doesn’t include cosmetic work, but if your roof is leaking into the living room, we’ll be there on the double.

9. TRUE Needs Analysis

Our SmartMatch™ needs analysis is designed to identify the EXACTLY-right roof for your home. It takes into consideration your budget, your preferences, your HOA covenants, the amount of damage to your roof, and other important factors.

So, if you need a new roof for your Seattle area home and want to work with a roofing contractor who guarantees their work with a true lifetime warranty, contact us at RoofSmart for a free consultation.

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