Don’t Fret… Our Quotes Are ACTUALLY Accurate

March 20, 2024

We’ve Perfected The Art Of Accurate Quoting

Shoddy Inspections Lead To Inaccurate Quotes…
And You May Find Yourself Paying MORE

Your roof replacement project begins with an inspection. And your QUOTE depends upon what the roofer finds during the inspection.

Needless to say, it’s important to choose a Greater Seattle roofing company that gets your inspection (and subsequently your quote) right. Otherwise, you could find yourself paying MORE than what you’re originally quoted — not good.

We say all that to say this… you want a “pro’s pro” performing your roofing quote. You want RoofSmart. We have dedicated ourselves to PERFECTING the art of accurate quoting. And yes, getting quotes right THE FIRST TIME is an art. It requires developed skills that form from YEARS of experience.

Our SmartMatch Needs Analysis™ Ensures Your
Quote Is Always Accurate And Personalized

If you want a cookie-cutter approach to roof replacement, we aren’t the roofing company for you. But if you want a personalized roof that works for YOUR home, budget, and style preference, then RoofSmart has you covered.

You see, we say this because of our SmartMatch Needs Analysis. It’s a proprietary method that allows us to properly assess your roof’s condition. But it includes MUCH more, including:

  • Roof Assessment — How old is your roof and in what condition is it in? Also, how is your roof underlayment? Are there moisture problems or mold? We answer these questions and more when we assess your roof.
  • Cost Assessment — What’s your budget? We’ll design a roofing system that fits your needs. And we offer financing options, so you can easily fit your roof replacement within your regular budget.
  • Attic Ventilation Analysis — How is your attic ventilation? More to the point, how can we ENSURE moisture adequately escapes your attic and prevents water damage?
  • Bathroom Ventilation Analysis — As you might imagine, water damage often results when bathroom ventilation isn’t perfect. If there’s a need to improve your bathroom ventilation, we know BEFORE the project begins.
  • Chimney Evaluation (If Applicable) — How is your chimney’s integrity? How is the flashing inside your chimney? Is there rot inside the chimney walls? By working through these questions, we ensure we have the perfect plan to ensure perfect chimney integrity.

All of this information combines to give us everything we need to formulate an accurate and detailed quote based on YOUR needs, preferences, and goals.

And we offer a range of roofing solutions, including composition roofing, metal roofing, flat & low sloped roofing, and specialty roofing. So, the possibilities for your personalized roof are nearly endless.

RoofSmart Quotes Vs. “The Other Guys:” Why Accurate
Quoting MATTERS (And Why It’s So Rare)

It may seem like accurate quoting should be the standard, bare minimum expectation from a roofing company — and we’d agree. Unfortunately, it’s not the standard. Unfortunately, it’s quite rare.

You see, quotes are made to be changed in the roofing industry. And they do often change… again, unfortunately.

Now, why do they change? Well, it’s not always that the company is dishonest. In some cases, they’re trying to save time. After all, cookie-cutter quotes that they prepare BEFORE they even arrive at your home are much easier and faster for them.

In other cases, they’re a combination of lazy and inexperienced. You need to see hundreds of roofs before you’re able to tell what’s truly going on and what needs to be done. And you need to LISTEN to the customer. Both the former and the latter are (unfortunately) hard for many estimators.

That’s where RoofSmart comes in… and we provide much more genuinely ACCURATE quotes. Our Meticulous Roofing Nerds are full-time and boy, are they experienced. We know how to quote properly thanks to the policies and processes we implement… combined with the hundreds and hundreds of roofs we’ve inspected.

Do you want an accurate roofing quote in Greater Seattle? If so, then contact our experienced team at RoofSmart to schedule a free roof inspection.

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