We’re Perfectionist Before, During, And AFTER Your Roof Install

March 22, 2024

Why Our Post-Installation Inspections Are So Meticulous

Other Roofing Companies Roll Their Eyes At Our Perfectionist
Nature… BUT We Wouldn’t Do Things ANY Other Way

You’ve heard how important pre-installation inspections are. An inspection is designed to determine the condition of your roof and what needs to be done to ensure it’s up to snuff. Ultimately, it forms your roof replacement quote.

But you may be less familiar with the importance of POST-installation inspections. And, unfortunately, many roofing companies in Greater Seattle don’t realize how important they are, either. WE do realize they’re important. And we check EVERY detail, from small to large, AFTER your new roof is pristinely installed.

After Your Roof Installation Comes Our Super Talented
Second To None Post-Installation Inspector, Nestor

After your roofing system is entirely installed, in comes NESTOR.

Now, let us tell you a little about Nestor — he is the ULTIMATE roofing “nerd.” Where other roofing companies might categorize Nestor as “overly finicky,” we LOVE his OCD-level commitment to the details.

He checks EVERYTHING, and he misses nothing. Nailing patterns, flashing details, work around skylights… you name it, he checks it.

And if he spots anything that’s not perfect? We fix it until your roof is perfect.

We VERIFY Your Roof Is PERFECT — No Exceptions

“Good enough” is not good enough. At least, not at RoofSmart. You see, we use premium materials that are pristinely installed by full-time employees (not subcontractors). And this minimizes mistakes.

But here’s the thing — as talented and experienced as they are, our installers are still human. So, once in a blue moon, it’s possible they make a mistake.

If we’re to install your roof PERFECTLY, we need a dang-near-perfect quality assurance process — and we have it. Here are some (not all) of the steps we take AFTER your roof is installed:

  • We ensure your attic ventilation is pristinely optimized for your home
  • We verify that all of your shingles are properly installed with the correct amount of nails and the correct nail pattern
  • We SHOW you everything and ensure you’re 100% satisfied with the end result before we call the project complete

We Ensure NOTHING Is Left Behind…
No Nails. No Scraps. No Debris.

Making YOU clean up after us is unacceptable, and it won’t happen. Although many other roofing companies leave nails and debris behind, it won’t happen here at RoofSmart. We guarantee it.

And to ensure we hold true to our guarantee, we check meticulously for any stray nails, debris, or scraps that may lie in your lawn, along your home’s foundation, etc. We check. Check. And then check some more. ONLY when we are 100% certain the work area is flawless do we call it quits.

We Offer An Unbeatable LIFETIME Warranty

We offer a 100% reliable warranty if there are any issues with materials or labor — for life. That’s right, it doesn’t matter when the issue occurs, we fix the problem. All you have to pay is $0.00… we handle the rest. You won’t find many, if any, roofing companies that will match this offer.

So, how can we offer a non-pro-rated lifetime warranty where others can’t? It’s simple… our flawless installation followed by our detailed post-installation inspections ensures mistakes don’t happen. In fact, thanks to our meticulous inspections, we’ve NEVER had to use our money-back guarantee.

If you want a roof replacement contractor in Greater Seattle that conducts thorough post-installation inspections, contact us today to schedule a free roof inspection.

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