Why Local Roofers ROCK (Except When They REALLY Drop The Ball)

January 23, 2024

There Are Local Roofers, And Then There Are
Roofers Who Are A Little Too Local

It’s Hard To Spot At First But Once You
See The “Local Roofer Red Flags,”
You Can Never Unsee Them

“Do I really need a local roofer for my Seattle roof replacement?”

Short answer: Yes.

Longer answer: You want a roofer who’s from the Seattle area AND who has a pristine reputation within your community – not some buffoons running their ‘roofing’ company out of their apartment!

We get it… everyone has to start somewhere, but YOU shouldn’t have to be a local roofer’s guinea pig and pay for THEIR costly rookie mistakes.

Instead, choose a local roofer with experience and unmatched knowledge.

And, sure, while we might be biased in saying this… if you choose RoofSmart, you WILL, 100% unequivocally, get the local roofing treatment you deserve.

A Fully Licensed Roofer For ONLY
$124.70? (And NO Test?)!?

The sad reality in Seattle is… it’s incredibly easy to become a ‘licensed’ roofer in Washington State. There’s no test, and roofers have to pay ONLY a $124.70 license fee – allowing just about any Joe Schmo to become a “local roofer.”

So, while you certainly DO want someone from your area, beware of the contractors who are too small and local. Although they may advertise great rates, you could end up paying MORE in the long run.

Hold up… how is this even possible?

Well… it’s not that the roofer is necessarily trying to be cheap or do a bad job. It’s that their low quote doesn’t allow them the ability to purchase quality materials. And since they are small (sometimes one-man band small), they probably don’t have any inventory.

This means they purchase materials as needed at a MUCH HIGHER cost than they would receive when they purchase in bulk.

Remember… Full Roofing Systems Is The
Industry Standard. Not Just Shingles.

So, what’s the problem with hiring a small and unproven roofing company in Seattle? A roof is a roof is a roof, right?

Not exactly.

If you accept a low quote from a small and local roofer who seems legitimate, then you can expect a low-quality roof. In many cases, you can expect shingles. NOT A FULL ROOFING SYSTEM, just shingles.

In addition, you will probably have lower-quality shingles, at that.

You see, local roofers without experience may skip important details such as:

  • Flashing around tricky areas.
  • Properly-balanced ventilation.
  • Picking the RIGHT roofing materials that best fit your home’s needs.

Additionally, they may not have the proper knowledge and experience necessary to install your roof properly. This can void manufacturer warranties and leave you on the hook for HIGH repair and replacement costs down the road.

But at RoofSmart, we give you an entirely new roofing system — not just shingles. This means if we detect any issues ANYWHERE on your roof, we address them right away and with proper care and expertise.

Undetected Roofing Problems Are Downright
Costly Over Time

When you hire a Seattle roofer, you put your faith in them that they’ll tell you the TRUTH about your roof.

For example, imagine your underlayment (the layer of your roof underneath your shingles) is filled with mold. You need to trust that your roofer will be able to spot the mold with a keen eye and address it properly. Otherwise, you’re looking headlong at a serious issue down the road that will cause major roofing issues.

Unfortunately, many local roofers don’t notify homeowners of major concerns that must be addressed. They either don’t notice, feel as if it’s not a big deal, or just plain don’t conduct themselves with true honesty.

Beyond just mold, there are MANY things that must be checked during a roof repair or replacement. Without a quality inspection, issues go undetected.

The best way to avoid this? Hire a local roofer you can trust to tell you the truth, and that will fix problems the right way on the first try.

Ready To Upgrade Your Greater Seattle Roof?

If you want a local Seattle hometown experience with incredibly friendly service and a roofing partner for LIFE, call the true roofing NERDS at RoofSmart today at (206) 487-4877 to receive a free quote

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