You… Yes, YOU Can Be A Licensed Roofer For $124.70!

January 26, 2024

Why Being A ‘Licensed’ Roofer In
Greater Seattle Is Meaningless

A Washington State Contractor’s License Costs $124.70
… And There’s NO Test!

Don’t get me wrong — as a Seattle resident, you should still look to hire a local licensed roofer in Greater Seattle despite that terrifying license fact listed above.

But if a roofer dodges the question or can’t show you that they are licensed, then DON’T let them anywhere near your roof.

But a “licensed roofer” doesn’t mean much these days, and having a license doesn’t prove they know what they are doing.

In fact, it doesn’t ensure you’re covered financially if they screw up the job.


Well, first, there’s no test. If you pay a fee, you’re legit. You’re licensed. And the application fee to become a licensed roofer in the state of Washington? $124.70.

In other words, essentially ANYONE can obtain a roofing license in the Greater Seattle area.

Most “Licensed Roofers” Are NOT Real Companies

When you hear “company,” you expect an ACTUAL company. You know, one that has employees, capital, inventory, etc.

Many roofers in Greater Seattle aren’t established companies. They’re (more or less) shell companies:

  • They don’t have employees — they use subcontractors.
  • They don’t have inventory — they purchase as needed on a per-project basis.
  • They don’t have enough insurance coverage — they have the bare minimum to stay legal.

In other words, they have very few tangible assets to their name. But they DO have a license, so they are “legitimate.”

The problem is you can’t always tell the difference between a legitimate roofing company and a contractor running things from their basement.

They may have a nice website and say all the right things. And, honestly, many of them have good intentions. But they aren’t an experienced company that you should fully trust.

You Don’t Know Who You’re Allowing Onto
YOUR Property And Roof

Many licensed roofers DON’T have actual full-time crew members. Instead, they use subcontractors that they hire on a per-project basis. You don’t know who these subcontractors are, and you certainly don’t know if they do good work.

Since you don’t know them and can’t trust them, you SHOULDN’T hire them.

At RoofSmart, our crew members are full-time. They’re all an integral part of our RoofSmart family.

They’re not a group of random Joes that we picked up off the street, either. Our team members are vetted, do great work, and are ALWAYS friendly and respectful.

The Roofer May Use Cheap Materials That Need To Be Replaced

Cheap quotes equals cheap materials and lazy, time-saving install efforts. In many cases, expensive quotes also involve cheap materials if you don’t choose an established roofing company.

Why is this the case? The issue with many small roofing companies is that they have very little inventory (if any at all).

What does this mean?

That means they don’t hold any materials in a warehouse. Instead, they are buying what they need for your roof AFTER you place your order. This costs more.

At RoofSmart, we install THE BEST materials only:

  • GAF
  • CertainTeed
  • Owens Corning

We offer ALL THREE BRANDS because your roof is not your neighbor’s roof (or the same as any of our clients).

You deserve a personalized roof that meets YOUR preferences and needs. With numerous quality options to choose from, we deliver EXACTLY that — a personalized roofing system that is unique for YOUR home.

You May Only Get Shingles — NOT An Entire Roofing System

You have to know what you’re getting when you hire a roofer in Greater Seattle. Are you getting an ENTIRE roofing system with underlayment, shingle, flashing, ventilation, gutters, and ridge caps?

Or are you getting only shingles?

In far too many cases, homeowners pay for a full roofing system and end up with shingles replacement.

If they detect mold will they fix it or ignore it? Would you notice if they did ignore it? Probably not. At least, not until it spreads and considerably damages your roof.

Instead, you need an honest and proven roofer you can trust. That’s what you get with RoofSmart. In fact, we provide a Lifetime Workmanship and Materials Warranty. So, if anything goes wrong, you KNOW your roof is covered.

And The General Contractor Is Likely Not Properly Trained, Either

Properly trained roofers are few and far between these days. That goes for many ‘licensed’ roofers.

Now, it seems there are more crews made up of a guy seeking a fun venture with his buddies than there are serious roofers who take the time to perfect their craftsmanship.

Since they undergo very little training, many licensed roofers think what they do is perfect — they simply don’t know any better. They might not have a permit, and nobody checks their work. By the time your roof (inevitably) fails in five years or so, they have likely closed up shop.

If this sounds like a bad experience, it is. The good news is there is a simple solution. Choose an established roofing company that has faithfully and reliably served the Greater Seattle area for more than a decade — choose RooSmart.

Don’t Fall For The Licensed And Insured Sales Pitch

At RoofSmart, we are licensed, bonded, and insured. But we’re MORE than that. We have dozens upon dozens of five-star reviews and a pristine local reputation.

So if your Seattle roof needs a little R&R from not just a licensed but EGGHEAD roofing NERD, call us today at (206) 487-4877 for a free project estimate.

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