Avoid Attic Ventilation Botches With RoofSmart

January 30, 2024

Attic Ventilation BOTCHES – How We Fix
What The Other Guys Don’t Get Right

Some Roofers Would Have You Believe
A Roofing Job Well Done Is Just Some
Pretty Shingles… NOT EVEN CLOSE.

Too many Greater Seattle area roofing companies skip attic ventilation or install it improperly. The problem is, you, the homeowner, might never know the attic ventilation was botched until it’s too late.

This means you might risk:

  • Your home insurance claim being denied.
  • Having the manufacturer warranty voided.
  • Or having to call ANOTHER roofer to fix even GREATER issues the original botched ventilation caused.

That’s why as the roofing EGGHEADS at RoofSmart, we install your attic ventilation the right way on the first try.

Our entire roofing system installations involve optimizing your attic ventilation. So you’ll NEVER have to worry about hiring someone else to fix easily avoidable mistakes due to poor ventilation.

Like A Car On A Sweltering Summer Day…
Your Attic Gets H-H-HOT!

Attic Ventilation 101: allow heat to escape through exhaust vents, which removes heat and moisture and protects your roofing system.

Easy enough, right? Well… kind of. 

Imagine your car is parked outside on a hot, blistering summer day – with the windows up, naturally, your car is gonna get BLISTERINGLY hot. 

If you crack just one window an inch, some heat gets out… but not NEARLY enough (obviously).

Okay… so then you crack TWO windows open… that should solve the issue, right? Not necessarily. If you happen to open the driver’s side window and the passenger’s side window behind it… still far from optimal.

But when you open the two front windows, NOW you have the RIGHT type of airflow that allows excess heat to escape.

In other words, you have proper ventilation via a path for air to flow through.

Your attic is no different.

Just like our simple car experiment of your car on a brutal summer’s day, you need to ensure the ventilation in your roof ALSO makes sense. 

That’s why at RoofSmart, we engineer attic ventilation design to make SENSE. We’ll never botch a job that leads to roof damage in the short or long term. 

Instead, you get excellent ventilation that PROTECTS your roof for decades. 

Otherwise, without attic ventilation done right, the results can be disastrous…

Improper Ventilation Causes MAJOR Problems

When attic ventilation is handled by inexperienced roofing contractors, it runs the risk of being done the wrong way. 

Let’s take a look at just a FEW of the many errors inexperienced roofers might commit:

  • Make up some random, unresearched number for adding exhaust vents.
  • Not properly measure all penetrations for an ideal attic fan fit.
  • Simply install vents (or not install vents) based on THEIR convenience and not YOUR needs (i.e., laziness).
  • Never actually look INSIDE the attic to see which ventilation design will work the best.

So, although the concept of attic ventilation is simple, the execution… not so guaranteed.

An ENTIRE Roofing System — NOT Just Shingles

Attic ventilation is a part of your ROOFING SYSTEM.

Unfortunately, many roofing contractors don’t understand this or ignore the ventilation to save money and time.

At RoofSmart, we do things differently — we install roofing systems, NOT just shingles, like many other roofing contractors in the area. 

Building Codes Matter — And We Follow Them!

Most homes in the Greater Seattle area are more than 15 years old. The building codes — which CONSTANTLY change — aren’t the same as they were a couple of decades ago. Unfortunately, many roofers don’t stay up to date with current codes for roofing, especially when it comes to attic ventilation.

RoofSmart stays up to code at all times.

We design attic ventilation systems that keep your warranty intact and help ensure your home insurance claims aren’t denied.

On the other hand, violation of modern building codes in Greater Seattle COULD lead to denied insurance claims and warranty coverages. 

RoofSmart — The PREMIER Roofing Installers

If you need your Seattle attic to breathe easy, made possible by a local Seattle roofer who never skips on the details, call RoofSmart today at (206) 487-4877 and receive a free project estimate.

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