What Do We Mean By Egghead Roofing Installs?

December 12, 2023

What Does RoofSmart Mean By “Egghead”
Roofing Installs For King County Area Homes?

For Folks With No Roof Replacement Experience,
Who May Not Understand The Many Details Involved…

You may have heard that here in the King County area, RoofSmart is known for our “Egghead Roofing Installations,” but what does that mean…exactly? If you’ve never had a roof replaced or have any experience with roofing yourself, you might not really understand what we mean.

First, let’s start with a basic definition.


Noun: Informal

a person who is highly academic or studious; an intellectual.

What we mean is we’re seasoned (experienced with this work and these products), detailed, and meticulous. While almost anyone can get up on a roof and put some pretty new shingles on, there’s a HUGE difference between low-quality-to-average workmanship and what WE do.

For example, when it comes to Composite Roofing, we work with three well-known national brands: Owens Corning, GAF, and Certainteed. And, as local King County area eggheads, we go above and beyond minimum manufacturer requirements. There’s often more to be done with replacement roofing than just ensuring these systems are installed properly.

Take this feedback from a customer of ours named Trent (you can read more through our Reviews page).

From the first phone call to the final inspection, RoofSmart took great care in my project. I had my entire roof redone, including new plywood and around the chimney, new vents installed, fixed my bathroom vents, and a tear down for a sunroom. The quote they gave me was spot on, and the job was done quickly and cleaned up very well. I’ll definitely be using them again in the future for other projects.

New plywood, reframing around the chimney. New ventilation designs. Carpentry and repairs. Even a tear down for a sunroom or building a new porch. This is egghead-level service, whereas your average King County roofer will either steer clear of these projects because they take more care, time, and professionalism or try and surprise you with additional costs because they left these details out of their initial quote.

We get pretty “poindexter-like” when it comes to our quotes.

We aim for zero surprises.

Instead, it’s about honesty, transparency, and being open with our professional insights and suggestions.

Tip: Only Choose Eggheads For Specialty Roofing!

Now let’s talk about more custom or Specialty Roofing vs. getting a mainstream manufacturer product line. With RoofSmart eggheads…almost ANYTHING is possible. Want a wood roof? As specialists, we focus on cedar shake and cedar shingle.

Why? Well, besides the fact wood roofing is a big, complex undertaking and requires a small mountain of specialty shingles that have to be installed like a puzzle…the results are spectacular (when done by roofing nerds who CARE).

How about metal roofing with lots of bells and whistles? Or, how about roofing with authentic cement, clay, and stone tiles – almost a lost art these days. How about a walkable roof so you can create an outdoor living space?

We can help.

The RoofSmart team eats, sleeps, and breathes roof replacements of all kinds!

We got quotes from four different Seattle roofing companies. Though most seemed competent, RoofSmart stood out in terms of technical knowledge, product quality, project management, and price. The roof is now two months installed, and we couldn’t be happier. I can’t recall the last time I saw a crew work that hard – they’re machines! They took care of all the little details. They did a great job cleaning up after and making sure everything was done right. Great Job!

We’re not machines, we’re just eggheads. We’re nerdy about roofing. We’re geeky. Take a look at our roofing galleries, like our Specialty Roofing Gallery, to SEE what we’re talking about here.

Bottom Line: Looking For An Egghead-Level Roof Install?

If you live in the King County area and you’ll settle for nothing less than egghead-level treatment and results, RoofSmart would appreciate your consideration. Ask us about our SmartMatch™ Needs Analysis that guarantees you get the picture-perfect roof. Simply call (206) 487-4877 or use our website’s easy-breezy Contact Us form, and we’ll get you the help you need. Thanks!

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