What Makes Our SmartMatch™ Needs Analysis So Smart? It’s Personal.

April 8, 2024

What Makes Our SmartMatch™ Needs
Analysis So Smart? It’s Personal.

Don’t Settle For One-Size-Fits-All
Roofing Solutions. Get Matched!

When homeowners in the King County area turn to us for roofing services, we recommend a SmartMatch™ Needs Analysis. We don’t show up with a cookie-cutter solution based on our own brand and material preferences.

Sure, we could have the quick fix in mind before we even knock on your door. But what would that have to do with your roof?

The truth is nothing.

Not so smart.

At RoofSmart, we don’t limit our expertise to one material or style of roofing. We know that every homeowner has their own unique taste, roofing needs, and budget.

We also know that the only way to offer the right roofing solutions for your home is to evaluate its current state properly.

That’s where SmartMatch™ Needs Analysis comes in. This trademarked method goes over every relevant area of your home to ensure the best possible outcome for your roof.

We Look Beyond The Surface

Whether finding hidden layers of mismatched shingles or discovering the source of a mysterious mold, we prioritize attention to detail. We believe in giving you the straight facts to get the roof you deserve. Here’s what you can expect from your SmartMatch™ Needs Analysis:

  • Ultra-comprehensive inspection of your roof’s current condition so you’ll know what you’re working with.
  • Design consultation with a helpful, knowledgeable project consultant so you can pick out the style of roof that fits your home and taste.
  • Cost assessment to determine the best course of action for your budget and discuss possible financing options.
  • Attic insulation and ventilation analysis to check for proper moisture control, temperature regulation, energy efficiency, warranty compliance, and more.
  • Bathroom ventilation analysis to evaluate the amount of moisture migration on the underside of your roof. This helps you ensure healthy indoor air quality and prevent roof deterioration.
  • If applicable, a chimney evaluation to identify possible roof leaks, roof integration, roofing material compatibility, structural integrity, proper ventilation, code compliance, and safety.
  • Outdoor yard evaluation to catch any drainage issues, overhanging tree branches, debris accumulation, moss and algae growth, disruptive wildlife activity and more.

We’ve helped homeowners all across the King County area, and our raving reviews prove our commitment to transparency and personalized roofing services. Here’s what some of our customers experienced when they teamed up with RoofSmart.

Sam’s Shingle Sandwich

Our client Sam had no idea that his roof had a whopping five layers of old shingles to remove. Why so many layers? Sam’s old roofing contractor hid the old layers by cutting them back at the edges.

And all his previous roofers? They also decided to take shortcuts by not removing the old shingles. As a result, Sam’s roof had significant water damage — and the weight of all the extra shingles was causing the ceiling to sag.

Thankfully, Sam called RoofSmart for a SmartMatch™ Needs Analysis. We could correctly identify theroot causes of his roofing problems and fix them properly without compromising quality or taking shortcuts. Now Sam has a roof he can enjoy for years to come.

Greg’s Mismatched Materials

Our client, Greg, had to replace his roof an astonishing 3 times in just 20 years. Unfortunately, he was never informed that architectural shingles and low-sloped and flat roofs are not a match made in heaven (or anywhere else).

As a result, water was trapped – causing the shingles to curl and scoop. The moisture levels also caused severe problems, including a sagging roof deck, broken trusses, a drooping ceiling, and mildew under the shingles.

Had Greg discovered the SmartMatch™ Needs Analysis by RoofSmart sooner, he would have never had to go through the ordeal of replacing his roof more times in 20 years than most homeowners do in their entire lives.

A Family’s Mysterious Roof Leaks

A family in our area called us to figure out why their roof, with its perfectly intact shingles, was leaking. Thanks to our extensive roofing experience, we were able to bet that previous contractors had not addressed their attic ventilation.

We found a shocking amount of humidity and nightmarish mold growth. The problem was that the insulation blocked the ventilation, and there wasn’t enough intake ventilation. Not good.

Thankfully, we were able to fix the mysterious leaks by starting off on the right foot with a SmartMatch™ Needs Analysis.

Let’s Get Started!

As you can see, it’s all about knowing what you’re dealing with. Without this critical knowledge, you could encounter much worse, more costly roofing problems down the line.

So, if you’re in the King County area and ready to take proactive action to protect your investment, call RoofSmart for a free roof inspection. We’ll tell you the honest truth and help you install a beautiful, functional, and long-lasting roof.

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