Our EMPLOYEES Outperform Subcontractors

March 26, 2024

3 Dangers Of Allowing Subcontractors On Your Roof

At RoofSmart, We Use High-Character, Hard-Working,
And Accountable EMPLOYEES, Not Subcontractors

Many Greater Seattle roofing companies use subcontractors. Now, what does this mean? A subcontractor is simply a roofer who is not employed by the company. Instead, the company hires them to perform work for a specific project.

And since they aren’t employees, it’s really hard to screen them and know with 100% certainty that they’re honest, hard-working roofers who perform great work.

For that reason, we don’t use subcontractors — ever. If we send a roofer to your home, they’re employed by RoofSmart and are full-time members of our RoofSmart family. Most of our employees have been with us for years and are the BEST in the area at what they do.

And by choosing us, you avoid the dangers of allowing subcontractors on your roof, such as:

  • Poor Character
  • Subpar Work Quality
  • Lack Of Accountability

Your Roofer’s Character MATTERS

When a RoofSmart roofer shows up to your home, you KNOW they’ve been properly vetted with background checks, interviews, and months of training. And they share our company-wide core values.

On the other hand, you don’t know that subcontractors who work with OTHER roofing companies have been vetted to the same extent. And, in many cases, they’re not vetted AT ALL.

The simple fact is you’re letting these roofers onto your property. And, naturally, you should ask: “Can they be trusted?”

And while we’re not saying all subcontractors are bad, you can’t know with 100% certainty that they will show you respect, work in the quietest manner possible, and treat your property as if it were their own.

With RoofSmart, you CAN know that your roofers are thoroughly vetted and demonstrate A+ character at ALL times.

RoofSmart And High-Quality Craftsmanship Are Synonymous

A respectful roofer is important. And it’s important to finish on time and within budget. But NOTHING is more important than the final quality of your roof. A poorly installed roof may look great after installation. And it may hold up relatively well with no noticeable issues for a year… or even five years. But it won’t last as long as it should.

For example, if the roofer botches the attic ventilation, you’ll likely experience mold and water damage sooner rather than later, compromising your roof. If the roofer uses less than 4 nails per shingle, you may find yourself repairing your roof sooner than you should.

The good news is our full-time roofers don’t cut corners. Specifically, we:

  • Ensure a flawless roof-gutter handoff
  • We ensure your chimney’s integrity is up to snuff
  • We reframe your roof when doing so is necessary
  • Install your ventilation the right way on the FIRST try
  • Use the manufacturer specification for nailing, every time

To sum it up, we install roofs the RIGHT way. No cut corners. No half-efforts. Instead, we install entire roofing systems that will last for decades. And we have no one other than our dedicated RoofSmart pros to thank for it.

Accountability Is A Key CORE VALUE At RoofSmart

At the end of the day, would you know if your roofer skimped on small details? We can tell you unequivocally that you would NOT know. We understand this, and subcontractors definitely understand this.

So, what’s to keep subcontractors from using fewer nails, ignoring water damage to your roof’s underlayment, or lazily installing your ventilation? After all, they can save money, time, and effort by skipping steps.

The answer: accountability.

And we mean personal accountability AND accountability from their employer. But the problem is subcontractors don’t really answer to anyone in the same way a RoofSmart employee must. Sure, there are honest subcontractors who are personally accountable. But there are also many who get away with as many cut corners as they can.

Well, at RoofSmart, accountability is ingrained in our core values. We ensure flawless results. But if we’re wrong and something goes awry with materials or our installation efforts, we fix it FOR FREE.

Are you searching for a roof replacement contractor in Greater Seattle that uses only full-time roofers (not subcontractors)? If so, contact us today to schedule a free roof inspection.

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