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The back deck of a house with many glass windows and glass sliding doors. Also has outdoor seating

There’s No Better Time Than Now For New
Exterior Additions In Renton, WA

It’s Time For That New
Porch Or Deck

Who doesn’t want a new exterior addition in Renton, WA upgrading their curb appeal? How about a new porch or deck in your backyard for grilling or sitting out watching the sunset?

With RoofSmart you’ll be in excellent hands.

Get that porch or deck now!

Your Exterior Additions Services In Renton, WA

A large back deck in the backyard of a house

Exterior Addition Services

You may just be looking to upgrade your curb appeal, or you might be looking to have an outdoor space built to enjoy with your family in King County.

Roofsmart can install a new gorgeous, durable deck addition for your home. Your outdoor living space will never be the same.

Our covered porch additions will add character and functionality to your home, making your outdoor living space even better.

A wooden front porch of a house with two white columns and a brown door.

Why Choose RoofSmart In Renton, WA
For Your Next Exterior Additions?

Our Decks Are Built To Last

For over a decade, RoofSmart has been picking up the slack in the roofing industry. Doing what other roofing contractors wouldn’t, or couldn’t do.

We have a dedication to offering our customers a better roofing company, and that comes from a top-down passion for what we do.

Core Values

Our core values are the heart of our company. It’s who we are and how we treat each customer. We want to provide value not just to our client’s homes but to their lives.

Attention to detail, transparency, and accountability are not only how we operate but are why our customers recommend us to their friends, their families, and to their neighbors.

“Egghead” Installation

Your installation will be done by experts. We know that because we hired them.

We don’t do subcontractors. We offer skilled craftsmen whom we trust because you put your trust in us.

TripleGuard™ Warranty

Our TripleGuard™ Warranty offers real protection for our customers. Giving them peace of mind knowing that their purchase will stand the test of time.

Materials. Workmanship. For Life, or your money back.

SmartMatch™ Needs Analysis

During your free consultation, we will perform analysis and inspections on your home. Then we will offer you specific and unique solutions.

We don’t show up with a solution already in mind for a problem we don’t know exists. Every house is different, and we treat them that way.

SmartSeries Case Studies

Look into our case studies to discover just how Roofsmart is an upgrade over your average home improvement company.

Reviews Of RoofSmart In Renton, WA

Our Community Speaks Out

“I had a wonderful experience with this company. I received several quotes and they were the most reasonable. They were able to complete the work in a quick amount of time and the staff/workers were very considerate and did a wonderful job. Their quality control director came out later that day to inspect everything and provide pictures of the work. I would highly recommend them!”
-Missy B.

“Crew did a great job. The job was completed in just a couple of days.”
-Miley S.

“Customer service was EXCELLENT. Called to schedule an appointment and got one the next day. Scheduling was easy. Rick was very knowledgeable and helpful. A few minor things were needed and he repaired them with no charge. He could have easily tried to push some unnecessary repairs but didn’t. I greatly appreciated his honesty. Thank you! I will be calling RoofSmart next year.”
-Amy A.

5 Questions Renton, WA Homeowners
Ask About RoofSmart

Q: Why Choose RoofSmart?

A: Choose Roofsmart because we offer you a better home improvement contractor.

If you want the exterior additions done right by professionals who respect your home, then RoofSmart is the company for you.

Q: What Do Your Exterior Additions Cost?

A: Our exterior addition costs will vary based on the individual home and the uniqueness of the project.

We also offer financing options to assist you with your exterior additions.

Q: How Long Do Exterior Additons in Renton, WA Take?

A: Call us today at (206) 487–4877 to schedule a free consultation. Once we assess your specific project we’ll be able to give you an idea on a timeline.

Q: What Areas Of King County Do You Serve?

A: RoofSmart services many areas including Renton, WA. For a detailed list of areas we service, visit our service areas page.

Q: Where Can I Find More Info About RoofSmart?

A: Find more information about RoofSmart here:

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