See Our Approach To Accountability In Action Through This Review

December 7, 2023

This Review From A Seattle Homeowner Really
Spells Out Our Approach To Accountability

See What Bruce And His Family Experienced When An Issue
Popped Up After Their New Roof Was Installed.

Every single solitary roofing company in the greater Seattle CLAIMS to be fully accountable…because what roofer’s going to tell you, “No, once we finish your roofing project, that’s it! Don’t bother calling us back with questions or issues.

They all SAY they’re accountable, but when hiccups or hurdles come, they tend to skedaddle.

So, who’s telling the truth? As a homeowner who’s never had your roof replaced before, how can you tell the difference between a crew trying to pull one over on you and the REAL DEAL?

A great place to start is either roofing Case Studies or customer reviews. Below, we’ll use some feedback from a Seattle homeowner we worked with named Bruce. He does a fantastic job explaining the RoofSmart approach to accountability (one of our Core Values).

Part One: Initial Parts Of The Roofing Process

RoofSmart promptly set up an initial visit and did a good job explaining what work needed to be done and how to do it. They did not try to oversell us, and the quoted price was reasonable, given the other quotes we received. We filled out paperwork for financing, and they had us approved that evening!

Throughout our Customer Reviews from people across Seattle and King County, you’ll see that a) we’re not typically going to be your lowest bid because we’re being honest with you about Roof Replacement, and b) we bend over backward to be transparent about pricing.

We also go above and beyond with our inspections so you know EXACTLY what’s what. We call this our SmartMatch Needs Analysis, which essentially guarantees you get the right roof for your situation – your tastes, the needs of your home itself, and your budget.

They were able to start work within a relatively short timeframe. The crew was efficient, professional, highly skilled, and worked hard and diligently. They even brought their own portable bathroom facility for the crew. The grounds were left extraordinarily neat, and the landscaping remained fully intact.

The moment our roof replacement crews show up, people know we’re serious. We have a rhino-like attitude—we’re hard-working, thick-skinned, and tough. In terms of installation, you can expect it to be done by honest-to-goodness Seattle roofing ‘eggheads.

Part Two: When Questions & Issues Pop Up

When we had a few questions afterward, they sent someone immediately to our house to answer them.”

Boom. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not two months from now. Immediately. RoofSmart doesn’t leave homeowners in the dark with questions or concerns. It’s really that simple.

About two weeks later, we noticed a watermark on our bedroom ceiling along one of the seams. We wrote to RoofSmart, and we had a crew at our house within several hours!

And again, not sometime down the road when we can fit your issue into our schedule…but today! Now, we’re really starting to see our company’s take on accountability in action.

They thoroughly inspected my roof, removed some, and then replaced the shingles and assured us they found nothing that would cause it. We decided mutually that we would wait and see if anything got worse. Then, unexpectedly, 4 days later, another crew from RoofSmart came to our door to fix the ceiling (we thought we would just need to paint it ourselves).

You bet! When we tell people we’re going to take care of them…we MEAN it. Of course, Bruce didn’t expect us to be back to fix the ceiling (or be back so soon), despite the fact our crew didn’t find anything amiss on the roof.

But the truth is, these little acts of professionalism really matter.

They were very neat and covered everything in plastic. They fixed some of the wallboards and repainted that part of the ceiling. Overall, we were extremely impressed with the very quick responsiveness and helpfulness of the company and the care the crew took.

Details. Details. Details. RoofSmart roofing crews know each one like they know their work boots. From the initial parts of the process through setup, installation, and beyond, we hold ourselves accountable to that higher standard we know homeowners deeply appreciate.

We’re extremely pleased with RoofSmart and highly recommend them for your roofing needs.

Looking For A Core-Value-Driven Seattle Roofer?

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